Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 32: Beauty In His Embrace

Yang Ye held the white clothed woman tightly. Because the speed of their descent was too swift, the wind pressure that arose from this caused Yang Ye’s face to hurt slightly. On the other hand, the woman in his embrace was in a much better state. Even though her countenance was pale, she was extremely composed as if they weren’t falling off a cliff.

The woman’s beautiful brows knit together tightly as she gazed at Yang Ye who had his eyes closed tightly. At this moment, both of them were hugging tightly together. Especially Yang Ye who seemed to be deeply afraid that she would fall down, so his hands held tightly around her waist, causing there to be no gap between them at all. Even though it was a special situation right now, she was still slightly unaccustomed to it.

As for Yang Ye, even though there was a beauty in his embrace, how could he have the mood to think about all of this at all? He just hoped they would reach the bottom sooner because, with the strength of his body, a height of over 300m would probably be unable to make him fall to his death. At most, the bones in his entire body would fall apart!

After an unknown period of time, Yang Ye opened his eyes, and he noticed that the two of them were still falling without and hadn’t reached the bottom, causing a strand of terror and panic to instantly creep out from his heart.

“What shout we do?” Yang Ye was helpless, and he could only entrust his hopes to the woman. Since she’d asked him to jump down, she ought to have a way. Otherwise, if they arrived at the bottom now, then they would definitely become a pile of mush. Or at the very most, only his corpse would be slightly more intact.

“I don’t know.” The woman glanced at Yang Ye and spoke indifferently.

“How could you not know? How can you not know? You asked me to jump down!” Yang Ye was instantly infuriated. The woman in his embrace was truly too irresponsible. She’d asked him to jump down, yet just skipped over it by saying ‘I don’t know’? This was like treating the lives of others with utter disregard!

“If you were up there, you’d already be dead now. At the very least, you’re still alive now!” The woman glanced indifferently at Yang Ye, and then she turned her head and refused to look at Yang Ye anymore.

Yang Ye was speechless. Even though these words were sheer nonsense, he had to admit that what she said made sense.

Yang Ye took a deep breath and worked hard to calm himself down. I absolutely can’t die! If I die, then what would mother and Little Yao do? Who would protect them? Think of a way, think of a way.

“Hmm? What’s going on?” Suddenly, Yang Ye’s eyes opened wide, and he said, “Why’s the Profound Energy within my body vanishing? Eh, it’s already gone….”

The woman said indifferently, “There’s a mysterious force within Death Abyss. All those who descend it will lose their cultivations and become an ordinary person. Since the Profound Energy in your body has vanished now, then it means we’re about to arrive at the bottom.”

When she spoke up to here, the woman turned to glance at Yang Ye and said, “I never imagined that I would actually die here with you today!”

“You knew that we would die after jumping down here, right?” Yang Ye spoke in a low voice.

The corners of the woman’s mouth curved up slightly to form a wisp of a beautiful smile, and she said, “You’ve only realized now? If we died up there, then you ought to be clearly aware of what would await me, right? Of course, it wouldn’t be very good for you as well. The Ghost Sect has a secret technique called the Soul Restraint Technique. They’ll restrain our souls and make us into their slaves. At that time, we’ll never be able to be reincarnated!”

“Then I should thank you, huh?” Yang Ye ridiculed. This woman fought Bloodhand from the Ghost Sect and caused an innocent bystander like him to be implicated. Originally, they could have fled from the Ghost Sect’s pursuit, yet he’d never expected that she would actually court death and ask him to jump down Death Abyss. Even though he knew that it was mostly not this woman’s fault, but he was still displeased!

The woman smiled, and she didn’t say anything. She was able to understand the feelings of this man because no one would be in a good mood after being dragged into trouble by others.

When he saw the woman had gone silent, Yang Ye gave up on arguing with the woman. He went silent for a moment, and then his eyes lit up as he’d seemed to have thought of something.

He pushed the woman slightly further away from him, and then he patted his stomach and said, “Little Fellow, quickly get out here and save me. If you still don’t come out, then you’ll be unable to stay in there forever!”

At this moment, he couldn’t be bothered to be concerned that an outsider was here, and he could only place his hopes onto the mysterious little fellow.

As soon as he finished speaking, a violet glow flashed, and the violet mink appeared on Yang Ye’s shoulder.

When she saw this violet mink that had appeared abruptly, the white clothed woman’s eyes opened wide. Even with her indifferent and calm disposition, she was shocked by this little fellow that had suddenly made an appearance.

How did it appear here? What sort of Darkbeast is it? Why have I never seen such a Darkbeast? A string of questions instantly flashed within the woman’s mind.

After the violet mink appeared, it rubbed its head on Yang Ye’s cheek, and then it seemed to have noticed that something was wrong. Its large eyes swept the surroundings, and then it looked at Yang Ye with a dazed expression in its eyes.

“Little Fellow, do you have any way to save us?” Yang Ye spoke in an anxious voice as he gazed at the cute little fellow.

The violet mink blinked. It looked at Yang Ye, then glanced at the white clothed woman. After that, it blinked again before it nodded in the end.

Yang Ye instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the little fellow nod. At this moment, he wished for nothing more than to hug and kiss the little fellow. This little fellow is truly too… too cute!

The violet mink aimed its claws at Yang Ye and the while clothed woman, and then it waved its claws a few times in the air.

Instantly, a violet light barrier enveloped Yang Ye and the white clothed woman, and after the violet light barrier appeared, the speed of Yang Ye and the woman’s descent instantly slowed down.

Yang Ye was delighted in his heart when he sensed their speed of descent had slowed down, and his eyes glowed as he gazed at the violet mink. I truly picked up a treasure! This little fellow is definitely a huge treasure! Not only is it able to subdue Darkbeasts, it even possesses such ability! It’s truly an enormous treasure!

The white clothed woman was extremely shocked in her heart. She turned to glance at Yang Ye, and she felt that she was slightly unable to see through this man. First, he possessed five element Profound Energy, then he was a Talisman Master. Now, he actually summoned a Darkbeast, and this Darkbeast was even so mysterious to the point that even she’d never seen it in her lifetime!

Is he really a Labor Disciple? The white clothed woman had deep doubt.

After it formed a violet light barrier for Yang Ye and the woman, the little fellow entered into Yang Ye’s Vortex Dantian, and this caused the white clothed woman to be extremely shocked in her heart.

“Where did it go?” She couldn’t restrain her curiosity and asked about it.

Yang Ye glanced at the white clothed woman and said, “It’s a secret!”

The Vortex Dantian was a secret, the little fellow was a secret as well, and he didn’t want others to know about these two secrets. Especially this woman that possessed formidable strength. Because if she intended to dissect him and study the Vortex Dantian after she recovered her strength, then it would be a tragedy for him.

“Oh,” said the woman. After that, she was extremely sensible and stopped asking about it because everyone had secrets, and she understood this.

After there was no need to worry about falling and being transformed into mush, Yang Ye’s mind became active. Because the soft body of a beauty was in his embrace, and he was a normal man, so he very naturally showed certain normal reactions.

The woman in his embrace was extremely beautiful, and she could be said to be the most beautiful woman Yang Ye had seen in his lifetime. In the past, if he saw such a beautiful woman that possessed such formidable strength, he would definitely not offend her. It wasn’t because he felt a sense of inferiority, but he knew his own limitations. Women like this were extremely ambitious and proud, and if an ordinary man set his sights on her, then that person would undoubtedly be asking to be humiliated.

Just like this very moment. Even if the woman had lost her cultivation, the seemingly innate pride she possessed was still extremely obvious. Even though the woman didn’t display it intentionally, she really did possess it. For example, since the moment she’d lost her cultivation until now, she’d never asked him for anything.

Yang Ye felt that she was an extremely proud woman.

If it was at any ordinary time, Yang Ye would definitely not place his thoughts on this woman. However, at this moment, they were embraced tightly together. Even though he didn’t have any perverted thoughts, his body did!

As if she’d sensed the unusualness in Yang Ye’s body, the woman’s beautiful face turned cold, and she gazed at Yang Ye as she said in a deep voice, “Do you want to die?”

Even though it was only a sentence, the woman emanated an imposing and mighty aura that didn’t seem indignant as she spoke, and killing intent was faintly emanated from it.

When he sensed the killing intent emanated from the woman, Yang Ye felt his scalp go slightly numb, and he hurriedly shook his head and said, “Don’t act impulsively. I don’t have any intention to disrespect you. The reason it’s like this is that it’s entirely a natural reaction, it really is a natural reaction. We’re on the same boat now, and we should work together with each other. We absolutely can’t fall into conflict with each other!”

The woman didn’t speak, and she just stared at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye smiled embarrassedly and continued. “Our fate is still unknown now, so how could I possibly have such thoughts? It’s true, I didn’t do this intentionally, and it’s my body’s own natural reaction. You… you ought to be aware of it….”

Yang Ye had no choice but to guarantee all of this. Even though this woman had lost her cultivation, Yang Ye didn’t dare guarantee that she didn’t possess any trump cards. Moreover, just as he’d said, they were both on the same boat, and they shouldn’t fall into internal strife because of a tiny misunderstanding!

The woman gazed at Yang Ye for a short moment, and then she turned around and looked towards a different direction because she seemed to feel that Yang Ye was telling the truth.

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this. This woman’s cultivation has been sealed, yet her gaze and imposing aura are actually so sharp. As expected of an expert.

With that embarrassing scene from before, both of them didn’t speak another word, and only the sound of breathing resounded, causing the atmosphere within the violet light barrier to instantly become slightly heavy.

After an unknown period of time, Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes contained extremely obvious excitement and delight. Because his legs had touched solid ground. They’d arrived at the bottom!

Meanwhile, the white clothed woman opened her eyes as well. Both of them exchanged glances before their gazes immediately separated, and their gazes shot through the violet light barrier and towards the distance. After they saw the scene in the distance and beneath their feet clearly, their expressions instantly became solemn.

What did they see?

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