Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 34: Unexpected Even

Yang Ye’s heart shook. He hadn’t expected that it would actually be noticed by her. He looked at the woman for a long time before he said, “No matter what, I can be considered to have rescued you. You don’t deny that right?”

“You rescued me!” The woman didn’t deny it.

Yang Ye continued and said, “I don’t have the extravagant hopes that you would feel grateful, but I don’t hope that someone I rescued is ungrateful. Your status in the Sword Sect isn’t low, and your strength is extremely formidable. Your likes and your principles in doing things are all your problems, whereas, I don’t need anyone to tell me how to act or what I should do!”

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to make a move against her, but he gave up when he noticed her teasing smile. Yang Ye didn’t believe that an expert of the woman’s level didn’t possess any life-saving abilities. Moreover, they were currently in a hopeless situation, and he didn’t want to arouse internal strife between them.

The woman went silent for a short while before she said, “You’re a disciple of the Sword Sect, so it isn’t good for you to utilize a treasure from the Ghost Sect that’s covered in the blood of the Sword Sect’s disciples!”

Yang Ye said, “I’m not a disciple of the Sword Sect. I’m just a Labor Disciple, and a Labor Disciple isn’t considered as a disciple of the Sword Sect.”

“What do you mean by that?” The woman looked at Yang Ye and said in a low voice.

Yang Ye said, “Nothing much. I just don’t want others to tell me what to do. Of course, if you don’t like that, then I’ll return to the Grand Qin Empire once we leave this place. At any rate, I’m a Talisman Master, and I don’t have to worry about my future.”

He didn’t want to leave the Sword Sect because he wanted to take vent his rage. Moreover, if he had a sect as his backing, then he would have a safeguard when he roamed the world in the future. However, if this woman before him was petty and caused trouble for him after they left, then he would have no choice but to leave.

“The punishment for betraying the sect is death!” The woman spoke in a low voice.

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “According to my knowledge, Labor Disciples are only people the Sword Sect recruited from the mortal world to clean the sect, and the names of Labor Disciples aren’t recorded in the Sword Sect’s name register. In other words, I’m not a disciple of the Sword Sect. Since I’m not a disciple of the Sword Sect, then how could I betray it?”

The woman went silent. If it was any other person, and even if it was one of those extraordinary geniuses on the Outer Court Rankings that spoke these words, she would laugh with disdain and ridicule. However, this man called Yang Ye was different. He possessed gold element Profound Energy and was a Talisman Master. Moreover, his strength was the strongest amongst the experts of the Mortal Realm that she’d seen in her lifetime. If such a disciple left the Sword Sect, it would be the Sword Sect’s loss!

When she thought up to here, the woman said, “I don’t have any interest to care about your private affairs. If you’re not afraid of the Ghost Sect chasing after you, then use that bloody blade!”

Yang Ye revealed a smile when he saw the woman make a compromise, and he said, “I never intended to utilize this bloody blade. I cultivate sword skills, so how could I possibly utilize a blade?”

When she heard him, the woman came to an understanding. This fellow at the Mortal Realm had aroused killing intent towards her and spoken about leaving the sect because she’d threatened him. When she thought up to here, the woman gazed at Yang Ye and said in her heart, I never expected that a Profounder at the Mortal Realm would actually possess such an unyielding character and resolution. I really underestimated him just now.

After dealing with the conflict between them, Yang Ye sized up the surroundings. Perhaps it was because it was almost night, the visibility in the surroundings had lowered continuously. Of course, even if it was daytime, their field of vision wouldn’t reach more than a distance of 100 steps while the red colored mist was present here.

“It definitely won’t work out if we just sit here doing nothing. Do you have any ideas?” asked Yang Ye.

“No!” The woman’s answer was extremely direct.

Yang Ye had never placed any hope that she would have an idea. He walked towards the south, yet he noticed mist still covered the area in front of him while the ground was still covered in bones. He stopped moving, and then he walked back to where he started from and said, “We don’t have food here, nor do we have water. We’ll definitely be transformed into a member of the skeletons in the surroundings if this goes on.”

Even though both of them were Profounders, they still had to eat and drink. Especially under the current circumstances where their cultivations were sealed.

“Do you have any idea?” asked the woman.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a short while, and then he said, “We’ll walk south, and we’ll continue forward and see if we’ll be able to leave this place. I don’t believe that this abyss is round.”

“Why south?” The woman frowned as she asked this question.

“The Sword Sect is in the south!” Yang Ye explained.

The woman shook her head and said, “Under the circumstances that we possessed Profound Energy, then it wouldn’t take long to travel from Death Mountain Range to Snake Forest. However, our cultivations have been sealed up at this moment. Even if we’re able to exit somewhere outside Snake Forest by walking towards the south, it’ll definitely be impossible to accomplish without over 10 days of time. Are we able to survive without eating and drinking for over 10 days of time?”

Yang Ye chuckled and said, “You don’t have to worry about that, I have a way!”

As he spoke, he commanded in his heart and summoned that ninth rank Darkbeast.

The grey wolf was extremely displeased from being summoned by Yang Ye, and it glared fiercely at Yang Ye. Because it was extremely comfortable for it while it was inside there.

The white clothed woman was shocked when she saw a ninth rank Darkbeast appear. She glanced at the Darkbeast before she glanced deeply at Yang Ye.

When he saw the grey wolf actually glared at him, Yang Ye couldn’t help but be slightly infuriated, and he said angrily, “What’re you glaring at?”

As he spoke, he pointed towards the south and said, “Take us towards that direction, otherwise, just fuck the hell off! I don’t provide for freeloading people… mmm, I mean wolf.”

When it heard Yang Ye, the grey wolf hesitated for a long time, yet it compromised in the end. It didn’t want to leave that place that was filled with energy, and it didn’t want to infuriate the little fellow.

When he saw the grey wolf compromise, Yang Ye leaped up onto the grey wolf’s back, and then he looked at the woman and said, “Come on up. We don’t have to walk ourselves with it here.”

The woman glanced at the grey wolf, and then she leaped up to descend behind Yang Ye. She’d descended slightly far away from Yang Ye, and this caused Yang Ye to be slightly disappointed. He’d originally intended to make the woman sit before him, and then embrace the woman as he urged the wolf to dash forward swiftly. Unfortunately, this plan died before it could even be executed.

He patted the grey wolf, and it understood what he meant.


It transformed into a grey shadow that charged forward.

The grey wolf dashed swiftly for around two hours. All along the way, the ground was completely covered in bones. This caused the expressions of Yang Ye and the woman to become heavy. With the grey wolf’s speed, it was able to cover a distance of over 150km in two hours. However, this distance of over 150km was covered in bones. This caused both of them to be shocked in their hearts, and they wondered exactly how many lives were buried here. Moreover, this was far from the end of it.

After the grey wolf dashed swiftly for another hour, the sky had already turned completely dark, and it was an expanse of pitch black darkness ahead of them. Yang Ye was helpless towards this, and he could only ask the grey wolf to stop.

He withdrew a Moonlight Stone, and his brows knit together tightly as he looked ahead. This Death Abyss was too mysterious. The ground all along the way was covered in bones, and there was even that red mist, causing it to be fully covered in a mysterious aura. Even if, besides the bones and mist they saw all along the way, nothing that was a threat to them had appeared, but Yang Ye kept having the feeling that something bad was about to occur.

Meanwhile, the woman suddenly asked. “How did you subdue this ninth rank Darkbeast?”

She was very bewildered by this matter. After all, Darkbeasts didn’t have a good impression of humans at all, and it was practically impossible to make them submit to a human. Yet Yang Ye actually possessed two Darkbeasts, and both these Darkbeasts obeyed his every word. If she hadn’t witnessed it with her own two eyes, she would definitely not believe it.

“Charm. When I met it a Nether Wolf Gorge, it was subdued by my charm. After that, it refused to leave me. Just like this, it became attached to me.” Yang Ye sized up the surroundings as he casually made up an excuse.

“Do I look very stupid?” The woman spoke in a flat voice.

Yang Ye said, “I think you should be concerned about how we leave this place, and not about why this grey wolf is following by my side. Your strength is so formidable, and your knowledge is so vast, so could it be that you have no ideas at all? Or no thoughts about all of this at all? Could it be that you’re really unafraid of death?”

“I don’t have any ideas! And I don’t have any thoughts as well!”

“Are you really not afraid of death?” Yang Ye gazed at the woman as he asked this question. All along the way, their path was filled with danger, yet this woman hadn’t shown even a trace of nervousness or fear. Even if it was at the moment that they were falling down the abyss, the woman was still calm and composed. Needless to say, he really felt slight admiration towards her.

“The disciples of the Sword Sect can die, but they can’t have fear in their hearts.” The woman seemed to be guiding Yang Ye.

Yang Ye rolled his eyes and said, “If you want to say that I’m afraid of death, then be frank about it.”

“You aren’t afraid of death!”

“Why?” Yang Ye asked curiously.

The woman glanced indifferently at Yang Ye and said, “If you were afraid of death, then you wouldn’t have made a move to kill Bloodhand. If you were afraid of death, then you wouldn’t have brought me along as you fled. This character and disposition of yours are very suitable to cultivate in the path of the sword.” As she finished speaking, the woman’s eyes actually revealed a trace of praise.


Right when Yang Ye was about to say something, a sharp and ear piercing cry suddenly resounded above them. Along with this first cry, the second, and third cry resounded in succession, and it wasn’t long before sharp and ear piercing cries resounded throughout the surroundings.

Yang Ye’s expression changed rapidly when he heard these cries, and then he gazed up into the sky. The sky was covered in numerous pairs of green dots of light. Even though he was unable to see the appearance of these Darkbeasts clearly, Yang Ye knew that these green dots of light were definitely the eyes of those Darkbeasts!

As for the ninth rank grey wolf, it revealed a terrified expression instead, and its body shivered while it lay down on the ground and refused to move. If it had a pack of wolves with it, then it wouldn’t be afraid of these Darkbeasts that were of lower rank than it. However, the problem was that it was in their territory, so it could only wait for death to arrive.

“Eighth rank Darkbeasts, Nightbirds. They lay dormant at day and emerge at night, and they like to move in groups. Their favorite food is human brains. I never expected that such Darkbeasts were actually living within Death Abyss.” The white clothed woman muttered while she gazed at the dense green dots of light in the sky.

“Can you talk about the method for us to survive?” Yang Ye spoke angrily.

The woman shook her head and said, “Even if my cultivation wasn’t sealed, I’d have to be fearful of such Darkbeasts that moved in groups. I never expected that we would still be unable to escape death in the end.”

The woman had just finished speaking when the dense green dots of light in the sky rushed down towards Yang Ye and her.

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