Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 92: Intentions!

One day later, the Sword Sect’s Inner Court Exam was held as scheduled. However, it had nothing to do with Yang Ye any longer. After he left Sky Hall that day, Yang Ye brought Little Yao with him to the Talisman Peak. Only Bao’er and her grandfather lived on Talisman Peak, so Bao’er was usually extremely bored. Now that Little Yao had come over, she’d become extremely happy, and she immediately took Little Yao as her younger sister. Moreover, she even said that whoever bullied Little Yao would be considered to have bullied her!

Yang Ye was happy as well when he saw them get along like sisters. However, Yang Ye was slightly depressed because this new Master of his had forced him to read a bunch of scrolls as soon as they returned to Talisman Peak. He swore that he almost fainted on the spot when he saw the scrolls that filled the library.

However, in order to leave a good impression on this Master of his, Yang Ye started reading in a serious manner. In the beginning, he felt slightly depressed, but as he read and read, he became immersed in them. Because these scrolls didn’t just contain a great deal of experience and techniques from Talisman Masters, there were even numerous extremely valuable Talisman Secret Techniques.

Talisman Secret Techniques were techniques that could be inscribed on Dark Treasures. In the beginning, Yang Ye thought that Talisman Masters could inscribe any technique on a Dark Treasure so long as they willed it. However, things were quite different from how he imagined it. Because it was extremely difficult to inscribe a technique onto a treasure.

Because it required a Talisman Master to record the method this technique circulated through the meridians. How numerous were the meridians in the body? So, how complicated would it be to record the method the technique circulated through the meridians? Especially when it was techniques at the Profound Rank and above, the pathways of circulation they took were extremely complicated to a horrifying degree. Moreover, even if a Talisman Master was able to record all of this, it still required countless tests before it could truly be accomplished. Because once even a trace of a mistake arose, then it might even be lethal.

In short, a Talisman Secret Technique was extremely precious, and even an ordinary Yellow Rank Talisman Secret Technique could be sold for over a million gold coins.

After he realized how precious the Talisman Secret Techniques were, Yang Ye grew even more hardworking. Just like that, Yang Ye stayed for within Lin Shan’s private library for three consecutive days.

On the fourth day, Yang Ye left the library because Su Qingshi had arrived.

The Talisman Peak was one of the seven main peaks in the Sword Sect, so he naturally couldn’t be called small. Moreover, the peak of the mountain was enshrouded by clouds and mist, and there were countless flowers of an unknown name in full bloom there. It was like an immortal paradise, but it was just too desolate. Fortunately, Yang Ye and Little Yao’s arrival had added a great deal of vitality to the desolate Talisman Peak.

There were two buildings on Talisman Peak. One was the Talisman Hall, Lin Shan’s residence. However, Lin Shan basically never stayed there. The other building was a residence that was built in extremely luxuriously. However, only Bao’er lived there by herself. No, now Yang Ye and Little Yao lived there as well.

In Yang Ye’s room, Su Qingshi gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Is it truly irreparable?”

Yang Ye understood what Su Qingshi meant, and he immediately shook his head and said with a smile, “Qingshi, this is how I do things. If others don't abandon me, then I won’t abandon them as well. I originally took the Sword Sect to be my home, I took it to be my honor. I was honored to be a disciple of the Sword Sect. But how did the Sword Sect treat me? It wasn’t wrong for those elders to act for the sake of the Sword Sect, but I don’t want to be abandoned in the future. So, you don’t have to persuade me anymore!”

Su Qingshi went silent. She understood Yang Ye’s feelings because no one would feel happy after being abandoned. However, she really didn’t wish for Yang Ye to leave the Sword Sect just like that because Yang Ye who’d comprehended Sword Intent would only be able to develop even better by staying in the Sword Sect. After all, the Sword Sect was a sect where everyone cultivated in the sword!

“Right!” Yang Ye suddenly said, “Bao’er told me that someone told her I was in danger, was that you?”

Yang Ye was slightly bewildered about why Lin Shan and Bao’er would have made an appearance at Sky Hall on that day, and he’d asked Bao’er about it after the incident. He found out that someone had notified Bao’er and told Bao’er that he was in danger, so Yang Ye thought about Su Qingshi at the first possible moment.

Su Qingshi nodded and said, “When I found out that the members of the Flower Palace had come to the Sword Sect, I knew that they’d come for you. So, I notified Bao’er so she could speak on your behalf. However, I never expected that she would bring her grandfather over, and I’d even never expected that Martial Uncle Yu Lin would make a decision immediately after sending me away.”

A warm feeling arose in Yang Ye’s heart when he heard this, and then he said in a serious manner, “Thank you!”

As if he’d thought of something, he asked. “Right, where are the members of the Flower Palace? Since the Sword Sect didn’t hand me over, they’ll definitely not let the matter rest, right!?”

Su Qingshi said, “What can they do if they don’t intend to let the matter rest? You’re Master Lin Shan’s disciple now, and you belong to the Talisman Master’s Association. Even though they’re members of the Flower Guard, they don’t dare to look for trouble with Master Lin. Not to mention Master Lin’s identity as a Talisman Master, even Master Lin’s own strength at the Exalt Realm isn’t something that they have the qualifications to look for trouble with.”

“So, that’s how it is!” Yang Ye nodded. Now, he finally understood what it meant when others said there was great shade beneath huge trees.

“You’ve comprehended Sword Intent, so you’ll be able to develop even better by staying in the Sword Sect. As for what happened that day, I guarantee that it’ll absolutely not occur in the future. Alright?”

Su Qingshi was still slightly unwilling to give up. Yang Ye was already the most monstrous geniuses she’d laid eyes on before he’d comprehended Sword Intent, and not that he’d comprehended Sword Intent, he could be considered a genius even amongst all the members of the younger generation in the southern territory. She truly didn’t wish for Yang Ye to turn to another power in the future.

When he heard Su Qingshi trying to persuade him to join the Sword Sect again, Yang Ye didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and he said, “Qingshi, the Sword Sect is a large sect. Even if it doesn’t have me, Yang Ye, it’s still a large sect. You truly don’t have to do all of this!”

Su Qingshi sighed in her heart, and then she turned around and walked towards the door. Some things were impossible to turn around no matter how hard she tried.

“Qingshi!” Yang Ye stopped Su Qingshi.

Su Qingshi stopped, and then she turned around and looked at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye walked over to Su Qingshi and said, “Even though I’m not a disciple of the Sword Sect, I’ll still participate in the Ascension Rankings!”

“Why?” Su Qingshi was puzzled.

Yang Ye said in a serious manner, “The Sword Sect abandoned me, but you never have. If it wasn’t for you, I, Yang Ye, would have perished at the hands of the Flower Palace on that day in Southpeace City. In my opinion, you are you, and the Sword Sect is the Sword Sect. I’m participating in the Ascension Rankings for you and not for the Sword Sect.”

Su Qingshi went silent for a long time before she said, “If you really want to help me, then return to the Sword Sect, alright?”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “You have things you persist on, and so do I. Moreover, there’s no need for you to wrong yourself for the Sword Sect’s sake. If a sect intends to become strong, then it really can’t do without the hard work of the sect’s members, but it absolutely isn’t something that can be accomplished by relying on the hard work of a single person.”

A trace of a bitter expression arose on Su Qingshi’s delicate face, and she said, “How could I not understand this principle? But I have to work hard. You’ve said in the past that my status in the Sword Sect isn’t low. Indeed, my status isn’t low at all. Because I’m the daughter of the Sword Sect’s Master.”

Yang Ye was shocked, he’d originally thought that Su Qingshi was at most an elder or the daughter of an elder that held great authority. Never had he imagined that Su Qingshi would actually be the Sect Master’s daughter because this identity wasn’t inferior to the identity of Princess of the Grand Qin Empire!

Su Qingshi stared Yang Ye in the eye and said, “You said that I should give you a chance to pursue me after you ascend into the top five of the Ascension Rankings. But do you know that if you want to be together with me, then it isn’t something that can be accomplished by merely obtaining a position in the top five of the Ascension Rankings? So, you don’t have to participate in the Ascension Rankings!”

Yang Ye roared with laughter while a strand of Sword Intent was emanated from his body. He said, “Qingshi, are you trying to make me retreat in the face of difficulties? Then you’re wrong. I admit that I was shocked by your identity. But so what about it? Would I, Yang Ye, be fearful or feel inferior because of your identity? No! Your identity will only make me work even harder!”

As she sensed the fierce and sharp Sword Intent that Yang Ye emanated, Su Qingshi was visibly moved. After a long time, she sighed in a low voice and said, “I kind of understand why you were able to comprehend Sword Intent now!”

Yang Ye restrained his smile, and he gazed at Su Qingshi as he said seriously, “Qing Shi, I admit that my current strength is weak, and it’s below the standards you’ve set. But so long as you’re willing to give me time, then I’ll work hard. I’ll work hard to possess a strength that you’ll take seriously.”

In the past, Yang Ye didn’t understand what love was, and he didn’t know if what he felt for Su Qingshi in the past was love. However, he was extremely clearly aware of his feelings towards Su Qingshi now, and it wasn’t a form of desire to possess her, and he really had feelings for this woman who stood before him.

Since he had feelings for her, then he intended to fearlessly speak his mind. As for the gap between their status and strength, would a man that had ambition and was willing to work hard have to care about these two things?

He, Yang Ye, wasn’t born with the fate to be a noble, but so what about that? Were all nobles and people of authority born like that? All those years ago, the Grand Qin Empire’s Founding Emperor was able to build an empire from nothing. All those years ago, the founding ancestor of the Sword Sect reigned invincible throughout the world. So, why couldn’t he, Yang Ye, do the same?

He’s never felt that he was unworthy of Su Qingshi!

When she heard him and noticed the extremely firm expression in his eyes, a type of strange feeling flashed in Su Qingshi’s heart. She suppressed that feeling. After a long time, she turned around and said, “I’ll wait and see!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she walked towards the door. When she arrived at the door, she stopped once more and said, “According to rumor, there’s a genius in the Origin School called Yuan Ye, and he was able to kill an expert at the King Realm while at the first rank of the First Heaven Realm. Moreover, he’s only ranked at the 14th of the Outer Court Rankings in the Origin School.”

Su Qingshi didn’t stay any longer once she finished speaking, and she vanished behind the door.

He killed a King Realm expert at the First Heaven Realm! Yang Ye was stunned, and then he laughed coldly and said, “So what? Why would I, Yang Ye, fear him?”

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