Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 93: Technique Talismans

No matter if it was for the Ascension Rankings or to rescue his mother, Yang Ye had no choice but to work hard on becoming stronger. So, Yang Ye had made some adjustments to the way he spent his time after this. The adjustments he made were a change from studying talismans all day and night to studying talismans in the morning while cultivating in the afternoon and night.

A month later, Yang Ye was already capable of crafting all basic talismans. Moreover, all of them were at the high-grade.

This caused both Yang Ye and Lin Shan to be extremely excited. It was exactly because of this that Lin Shan stopped being opposed to Yang Ye utilizing most of his time on cultivating. In Lin Shan’s opinion, so long as Yang Ye’s Talisman Dao could improve, then he wouldn’t care if Yang Ye utilized all of his time on cultivating.

On the other hand, in terms of the Martial Dao, Yang Ye grew more and more skilled in the techniques he possessed. Especially the Sword Control Technique and Reactive Strike. He’d expanded his previous scope of control that was 6m to an area of 30m. In other words, he was able to utilize swords like it was his arm while it remained within an area of 30m around him.

However, it was still difficult for him to control swords to supplement his attacks. After all, he had to split his concentration into two, and it wasn’t something that merely required him to slightly change the position of a sword. However, Yang Ye was confident that. Because he was already able to practice the Basic Sword Technique while he controlled a sword to execute the Basic Sword Technique as well.

As for the drawing technique of the Heavenrend Drawing Technique, Yang Ye had improved quite a bit. Presently, the sound emanated at the instant he drew his sword was like the hum of an insect, and even he was unable to hear it unless he listened carefully!

On the other hand, besides its ability to restrain and suppress his opponents, Yang Ye had figured out some other effects of the Sword Intent that he’d comprehended, and these effects came in the form of amplification. Yes, it was a form of amplification to him. If he utilized Sword Intent to envelop the sword qi he executed, then the might of that sword qi would at least double.

Moreover, Sword Intent wasn’t just able to suppress and restrain people, it worked on plants and Darkbeasts as well. Because he’d experimented on the grey wolf, and its combat strength had decreased by at least 30% beneath the suppression of his Sword Intent! However, Yang Ye was slightly bewildered by the fact that his Sword Intent seemed to be useless against the little fellow, or it should be said that its effect was extremely tiny. In any case, when he utilized his Sword Intent against the little fellow, not only had the little fellow not been suppressed, the little fellow had utilized the pressure it was capable of emanating to suppress him, and this caused Yang Ye to be at a loss for whether to laugh or cry.

Besides Yang Ye who’d improved greatly, there was someone as who was worthy of mention, Yang Ye’s younger sister, Little Yao. Little Yao’s natural talent was truly shocking, and she’d already attained the fourth rank of the Mortal Realm in a short period of a month. Of course, this couldn’t do without Lin Shan’s guidance and fostering. Because Lin Shan had agreed to Bao’er’s request for him to take Little Yao as his adopted granddaughter. In the beginning, Lin Shan was slightly unwilling, but it didn’t take a few days for him to become extremely willing.

Even though Little Yao was slightly playful, she was much better than that little she-devil, Bao’er. Moreover, Little Yao was especially filial. Besides cultivating every day, she would make a great deal of good food for Lin Shan. So, after he’d been tortured by the little she-devil for so many years, Lin Shan was overjoyed when he suddenly obtained such a filial granddaughter.

Because of Lin Shan’s fondness of Little Yao, he’d make some time every single day to guide Little Yao. As for cultivation resources, that was something Little Yao could ask for at will. With Lin Shan’s wealth, not to mention Little Yao alone, it would be nothing for him even if he had 10,000 people like her by his side.

When he noticed how fond Lin Shan was of Little Yao, Yang Ye’s feelings towards this was obvious. However, he felt slightly depressed because every time he encountered a problem in his cultivation and sought guidance from Lin Shan, Lin Shan would give him an assignment related to talismans, and Lin Shan would only provide him with guidance after he completed the assignment.

Similarly, he had to complete assignments because he could obtain the cultivation resources on Talisman Peak. This caused him to feel slightly disgruntled. After all, he was Lin Shan’s disciple!

It was precisely under such circumstances that Yang Ye’s accomplishments in both the Talismans Dao and Martial Dao had improved extremely greatly.

In Talisman Hall, Yang Ye was seated before a stone table, and he was crafting a talisman with concentration, whereas, Lin Shan, Bao’er, and Little Yao were at his side. At this moment, all three of them were staring concentratedly at the talisman Yang Ye was crafting.

After a long time, Yang Ye raised his brush and took a long breath of air. He placed the talisman brush down lightly at the side, and then he turned around to look at Lin Shan and said, “Master, I’m done!”

Lin Shan picked the Strider Talisman up and took a look at it, and he immediately nodded with satisfaction when he noticed it was a high-grade talisman again. He said, “Very good. During this period of time, Bao’er and you’ve completely grasped all the basic talismans, so I’ll start to teach Technique Talismans to the both of you. Once both of you’ve completely grasped the technique to craft Technique Talismans, both of you would be able to be considered as Earth Talisman Masters!”

“Technique Talismans?” Yang Ye’s eyes lit up, and he asked curiously. “Master, what’s a Technique Talisman?”

Bao’er looked at Lin Shan as well. Even though Lin Shan really doted on her, he was extremely strict with her when it came to the Dao of Talismans. If she didn’t complete her basics, then he would absolutely not teach her any further. So, she didn’t know what Technique Talismans were as well.

Lin Shan smiled and said, “What both of you’ve learned now are basic talismans, and basic talismans provide an auxiliary effect to one’s self. On the other hand, Technique Talismans aren’t the same. Technique Talismans are like combat techniques, and they can be utilized to launch attacks. However, they are attacks that can only be utilized once. Come, I’ll show both of you the might of Technique Talismans.” As soon as he finished speaking, he held Little Yao’s hand with one hand and held Bao’er’s hand with the other before he walked out of the hall.

Yang Ye hurriedly followed Lin Shan of course. Because he was extremely curious about the Technique Talismans as well!

At an empty area in the hall, Lin Shan withdrew a talisman with a flick of his wrist, and then he looked at Yang Ye and Bao’er and said, “Technique Talismans come with varying strengths. They’re divided into low-rank, mid-rank, high-rank, legend-rank, and divine-rank. The might of High-rank Technique Talisman is comparable to an Earth Rank technique that can be utilized a single type, as for the legend-rank, it’s comparable to a Heaven Rank technique. This talisman in my hand is a mid-rank low-grade technique talisman, the Lightning Damnation Talisman. Watch closely.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Shan poured Profound Energy into the talisman. As soon as Profound Energy entered it, a strand of silver light immediately erupted from the Lightning Damnation Talisman, and then Lin Shan tossed it into midair. The Lightning Damnation Talisman instantly erupted, and then a bolt of lightning that was thick as an arm descended from the talisman.


Rumbling resounded as the ground quaked. An explosion arose on the empty ground far away from them, and it caused rocks and dust to cover the sky.

When the dust dispersed, Yang Ye and the two young girls walked over, and all of them were stunned when they saw the enormous hole that was around 15m deep and 20m wide.

Yang Ye was the first to recover from his shock, and he gulped down a mouthful of saliva. The might of this mid-rank Technique Talisman was too terrifying because even if he executed the Energy Split Sword Technique with his full strength, he wouldn’t be able to create such an effect. Learn! I must learn this!

After she recovered from her shock, Bao’er instantly ran over to Lin Shan, and she held Lin Shan’s arm and shook it ceaselessly as she said, “Grandpa, teach Bao’er, quickly teach Bao’er. Once Bao’er learn this, then Bao’er will blast anyone that Bao’er dislikes!”

Lin Shan’s face darkened when he heard these words. The reason he hadn’t given talismans with such offensive might to Bao’er in the past was because he knew Bao’er’s character. She was absolutely not joking, and if anyone really offended her, then she would definitely not hesitate to toss Technique Talismans at that person. Moreover, it wouldn’t be just a single talisman!

Yang Ye broke out in cold sweat when he heard this. I have to notify Qingxue in the future and ask her to not offend Bao’er no matter what. Otherwise, the consequences will be too terrifying!Little Yao’s eyes flickered with the glow of excitement as well. However, when she thought about how she was unable to become a Talisman Master, her lively eyes instantly dimmed down, and she couldn’t help but feel slightly envious of Bao’er and her own older brother. How nice would it be if I could become a Talisman Master?

When he noticed Little Yao’s dim gaze, Yang Ye walked over to her side and rubbed her little head as he said in a gentle voice, “Silly girl, since Big Brother is a Talisman Master, isn’t it equivalent to you being a Talisman Master? Once Big Brother learns how to craft Technique Talismans, Big Brother will craft numerous formidable talismans like that one from before for Little Yao. In the future, if anyone dared to offend you, then do just as Big Sister Bao’er would do and throw a few at that person!”

Little Yao nodded happily when she heard this. She’d straightened out her thinking now because her older brother was right. Even though she wasn’t a Talisman Master, her older brother was. At any rate, anything her older brother had was hers as well while anything she had was her older brother’s as well. So, whether she was able to become a Talisman Master wasn’t important.

Yang Ye smiled as well when he saw Little Yao’s face brighten. She’d temporarily lost her mother, and he didn’t want Little Yao to feel even the slightest bit of unhappiness!

Lin Shan couldn’t endure Bao’er’s torment, and he called Yang Ye over before he said with a solemn expression, “Technique Talismans are divided into numerous types, and every single Technique Talisman is different. Even their effects are different. Moreover, the method to craft them is different as well. What I’m trying to tell both of you is the method of crafting every single Technique Talisman is extremely precious, and it’s basically only passed down to one’s own disciples. So, besides your own disciples, both of you can’t teach it to anyone else, understand?”

When he noticed Lin Shan’s solemn expression, Yang Ye nodded in a serious manner and said, “Understood!”

Bao’er hurriedly agreed as well, but her attitude was extremely casual. However, Lin Shan didn’t really expect Bao’er to obey his request. After all, when he gave Bao’er the Five Element Basic Talisman Technique that day, he’d reminded her just like he had today. But what did she do? She’d still passed it down to Yang Ye without obtaining his approval.

However, fortunately, it was a good thing!

Just like this, Yang Ye took another step forward in the Dao of Talismans.

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