Cannon Fodder A is about To Cover the Heroine

Cannon Fodder A is about To Cover the Heroine


12 Chapters Ongoing Status


Jing Qingxia, who died in battle, made an appearance in an ABO book. She discovered that she was mere cannon fodder and a supporting character in the story and she needed to get along with the S-class Omega heroine in order to live well in that world and enjoy life.

“Zhong Mingxue, I’ll cover you at the same table,” she said.

“Zhong Mingxue, the day is sunny. Don’t forget to pack an umbrella.”

“Are you using an umbrella to cover me?” asked Zhong Mingxue.

Zhong Mingxue once believed that the accident involving her parents would be the end of all the light in her life. Her S-class Omega identity did not provide protection for her and even served as a trap, letting the darkness of the world overwhelm her.

Up until the time when the little bully from her childhood transformed into her protector. She liked Jing Qingxia’s pheromones a lot. It had a distinctive sweetness and a woody fragrance.

Most importantly, cinnamon and limoncello pair well.

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