Forget My Husband, I'll Go Make Money

Forget My Husband, I'll Go Make Money

I’m Done with My Husband, I’ll Go and Make Money, 남편은 됐고, 돈이나 벌렵니다

149 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 1 days ago


I became the wife of a man with a lover.

Well, should I help him keep his chastity?

“Then you can sleep on the floor.”


Ah yes, the floor is too hard. If so, then I cannot help it.

“I’ll just hold your hand and sleep. You do trust me, don’t you?”

In the end, how did they end up breaking the bed?

Princess Aristine who was confined by the Emperor’s watchful eyes. In fact, she is the owner of the ‘King’s Presence”, which can see both the future, past and present. A victim of political intrigue, she’s bound by a monstrous barbaric……

“I’ll give the most precious thing to you, my bride.”

My prospective husband who is rumored to be a monster is too sly.

But this rice cake is someone’s else rice cake.

So I will go and make my own money.

Let’s live in gold and luxury!

I’ll be my own husband.

Can Aristine do it? Can she fulfill her dream of living free on a mountain of money? Or will she catch two rabbits at one time?


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