I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week

Chapter 17: Shen Hao Goes On a Mission Without a Blade of Grass Growing

At this time, the salesgirl walked over.

“Hello, Sir. This is your phone. Do you want to choose a case from us? They are all original products, so the quality is guaranteed.”

Lin Yi looked at the counter. “I don’t like using those things. It doesn’t feel comfortable to use.”

“Well, it’s a phone that costs more than ten thousand dollars. It’s not cheap. If you don’t get a case too, you might ruin its beauty,” the Salesgirl suggested.

Lin Yi thought for a moment before agreeing. “You’re right.”

Seeing that Lin Yi was willing to buy the case, the salesgirl beamed.

“Sir, these cases in the counter are all new models. I can give you a 20% discount of their sticker price. If you buy two at once, you can get a 30% discount.”

Seeing that Lin Yi wanted to buy the phone cases, the live broadcast room became lively with discussion again. It was filled with sour comments.

“Haha, I just saw a phone case that cost more than 1,000 yuan. If he buys it without blinking, I’ll admit that he’s rich.”

“Bullsh*t, buy the phone case that cost more than 5,000 yuan. Only then can you be considered rich.”

“You guys are thinking too low.” Someone called LemonKing said.

“The truly rich are those whose phone cases are more expensive than their phones. A few days ago, a friend of mine bought a phone case that costs more than 20,000 dollars. That’s what you call a rich person.”

Xia Xinyu was speechless when she saw the trolls in the live broadcast room. These people were hopeless.

“Sir, is there a model that you like? Let me show it to you.”

“I didn’t say I wanted to buy a phone case,” Lin Yi said.

“No? Didn’t you just say…”

“I meant I wanted to buy a few more phones. If I break one, I can just use a new one,” Lin Yi said.

“Get five of each color and pack them together.”

“Five of each color?”

The salesgirl almost lost her balance.

“Sir, there are four colors in our store for the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. We’ll have five for each color. Do you want 20 phones in total?”

Lin Yi nodded. “After that I’ll get a top-quality Mac to go with it.”

“Okay, okay. You’ll have to wait a moment.”

She watched as Lin Yi bought almost 300,000 worth of items in one go.

Xia Xinyu was in a bad mood.

This was way too extravagant.

The live stream exploded again, and there were too many comments.

“You trolls should have seen it by now, right? The real rich people don’t buy phone cases, they just replace them with new ones.”

“This is the real deal!”

“Awesome, a god-level tycoon is out there, not even a blade of grass can grow in his presence!”

“He only spent 200,000 dollars, what kind of god-level tycoon is this? Have you ever seen a real rich person? I once saw a person buy more than 500,000 dollars worth of things in one go, so this was nothing.”

Xia Xinyu was speechless when she saw the messages left by the trolls.

These losers who couldn’t afford anything was mocking Lin Yi. They were really drunk.

Lin Yi didn’t care too much. After swiping his card, he waited for the shop assistant to prepare the goods.

At this moment, those who were wandering around the shop looked at Lin Yi, intentionally or otherwise.

Those women who were slightly more beautiful in particular were suddenly filled with ulterior motives.

Soon, everything that Lin Yi wanted was packed up.

Twenty cell phones and a laptop was not a small amount. Lin Yi put them back in the car and returned to Times Square.

“Yi Bro, what are we going to buy this time?”

Xia Xinyu felt that her little heart could not take it anymore.

Would there be such a big difference between the consumption methods of a rich second generation and an ordinary person?

“I want to buy a watch.”

A woman’s diamond ring, a man’s watch.

Lin Yi had always dreamed of having a good mechanical watch, but due to his lack of money, that dream never came true.

Now, he had tens of millions in cash in his pocket. If he didn’t buy a good watch, he would be letting himself down.

“Do you know anything about watches?”

Lin Yi asked casually as he entered the mall again.

“What level of watch do you want to buy?” Xia Xinyu replied.

As an anchor, she had to know a little bit of everything in order to be able to talk to her friends. Thus, Xia Xinyu knew a little bit about this topic too.

“Something high-end.”

Seeing Lin Yi buy twenty phones in one go, Xia Xinyu felt that she wouldn’t be able to catch his eye if she recommended an average brand.

“In the watch industry, the most high-end brands are Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin.”

Lin Yi nodded. “Let’s go to these two places first.”

Xia Xinyu was speechless. She was just saying it casually, but now they were really going!

This was a luxury item in the watch industry!

“Vacheron Constantin is in front. Let’s go check them out first.”

“Okay, I’ll be right there.” Lin Yi said

A salesgirl looked up at Lin Yi and Xia Xinyu as they walked in, ready to welcome the guests.

“Where are you going?” The other salesgirl asked.

“Big Sis Li, there’s a guest here. I’m going to receive him,” the tall salesgirl replied.

“There’s no need to receive him. It’s just a waste of time.”

“Why is it a waste of time?”

“Didn’t you see that woman livestreaming on her phone? She’s probably here to have fun. I’ve seen a lot of people like her, so there’s no need to pay attention to her.” Li Jie said.

“I don’t think so. She seems to be making a lot of money as a streamer.”

“But we’re in Vacheron Constantin. Other than the super rich, most people don’t have the ability to spend money here. Go do something else. Don’t take it too seriously.” Li Jie cpmmented.

“Got it, Big Sis Li,” the tall girl said.

Lin Yi and Xia Xinyu strolled around the shop.

Upon seeing the price, Xia Xinyu felt like she was living in a slum. An unremarkable watch cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Who could afford such a thing except for those evil capitalists?

Although Lin Yi liked watches, he didn’t know much about them. He went through item by item, just checking them out.

“Can you show me this watch?” Lin Yi pointed at a leather watch.

“Sorry, the watches in our store are only displayed in the window. If you like it, we can take it out after you pay,” The female store manager, Li, said.


What kind of logic was that?

How can I buy it if I cannot even look at it?

Just then, a middle-aged couple walked in from the outside and started shopping on the other side of the store.

The female store manager walked over. “Sir, Madam, is there anything I can help you with?”

“I’m looking to get a watch. I want to choose a birthday present for my husband.”

“You can choose anything you like. These watches were all released this year.”

“I think that black watch is pretty good. Can I take it out and have a look?”

“Of course. Please wait a moment.” The female store manager opened the window below and took out the watch that the woman had her eyes on before handing it to the other party.

Lin Yi and Xia Xinyu exchanged glances.

What was going on?

They couldn’t look at it when they asked, but this woman instantly took it out when serving others. Was she looking down on them?

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