I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week

Chapter 25: We’re both adults, we understand.”

“Are you two done?”

Antai was grinning from ear to ear when he saw Lin Yi.

“Look, wasn’t I right? Isn’t this guy so good-looking?”

“He really is. He’s half a head taller than Qingyan, and they look good together,” Song Minghui, Qingyan’s mother, said with a smile.

Ji Qingyan was stunned. “You… when did you guys come?”

“We’ve been here for more than ten minutes,”Jii Antai said. “The curtains were drawn in the room, and we were afraid of disturbing your work, so we didn’t dare to go in.”

Ji Qingyan wished she could find a hole in the ground to hide in. What she was most afraid of really came true.

“Dad, Mom, let me explain. I was changing just now, so I closed the curtains. It’s not what you think.”

“No need to explain. We’ve been through this before, and you’re a big girl now. It’s normal for things like this to happen. We understand,” Minghui said.

Lin Yi could tell from her kind eyes that her daughter had finally grown up.

“Mom, what are you thinking? It’s really not what you think. I was just changing.” Minghui said

“Okay, okay, okay. I won’t talk about it anymore. I’ll treat it as you changing your clothes.”

Ji Qingyan was helpless. She would not be able to clear her name even if she jumped into the Yellow River today.

“Okay, but why are you making that expression? I know you’re thin-skinned, so let’s not talk about this,” Song Minghui remarked.

“You’re already so grown up, so just be careful. We won’t get involved.”

At that moment, ji antai interrupted, “Old woman, I think they’re going out. Let’s not stay here anymore. If there’s anything, we can talk about it later.”

Song Minghui nodded and looked at Lin Yi kindly. “Lin, you’re with our Qingyan now, so we won’t treat you as an outsider anymore. Her grandfather’s birthday is the day after tomorrow. You have to come.”

“Okay, okay…”

Lin Yi couldn’t refuse in front of his elders, so he nodded and agreed.

As for whether he would go or not, he would decide later.

“Alright, then we won’t bother you anymore. Go out and have fun.”

After giving them some advice, Ji Antai and song Minghui got in the Audi A6 and left.

Ji Qingyan was speechless. She wanted to die.

Did the two of you come all the way here to humiliate me?

“President Ji, are you leaving or not?”

“Yes, of course I’m leaving!” Qingyan did not want to stay here any longer.

“Please place an order.”

Qingyan, “???”

Can you not comfort me so badly at a time like this?!

At the end of the day, anger was temporary, and Ji Qingyan still placed the order.

Some things were just a matter of principle, and since Lin Yi didn’t want to waive the order, she wouldn’t force him.

The order was successfully taken, and Lin Yi sent Ji Qingyan to the central hall.

“Wait for my call tonight.”

“OK, I’ll be there.”

Lin Yi was about to turn around and leave when a push message came from the app. It was a five-star review from Ji Qingyan.

“Not bad, not bad at all. You’re pretty well-behaved.”

Just then, the system’s notification sounded.

[Congratulations, host. Safe driving for 100 kilometers. Reward 200,000 experience points.]

[Job completion: 55%. Reward: 21% of Didi company shares!]

Looking at the reward displayed in his mind, Lin Yi realized that he was not just seeing things!

It was indeed 21% of the shares!

It had only been a short while!

Yet, he had actually become Didi’s boss?

21% of the shares was not humongous, but it was not a small amount either.



Yangcheng, Didi’s headquarters, CEO’s Office!

Ring, Ring, Ring…

CEO Cheng Shuang’s phone rang.

“Alright, I understand. I respect your choice and hope to have the opportunity to work together again in the future.”

“I need their contact information. Just send it to me via private email.”

After a simple call, Cheng Shuang hung up and called his secretary in.

“Director Cheng, are you looking for me?”

“Inform the executives above the level of general manager to come to the meeting room for a meeting.”

“Got it, Director Cheng. I’ll go inform them now!”

Ten minutes later, all the executives of Didi Company arrived at the meeting room.

Cheng Shuang looked at everyone and said,

“I just received a call. The two shareholders of our company have sold their 21% shares to a person named Lin Yi. I need to send someone to contact him. It would be best if he could be invited to our company as a guest.”

“They actually bought 21% of the shares in one go!”

The executives could not believe their ears.

With Didi’s current valuation, buying 21% of the shares would cost at least 10 billion!

Who was this mysterious tycoon called Lin Yi?

He bought so many shares without a peep and became Didi’s second-largest shareholder?

“That’s right, this news is absolutely true,” Cheng Shuang said.

“But I don’t have much information, because all the transactions were completed over the phone.”

“No way, such a big deal was completed over the phone? Isn’t that a bit too hasty?”

“It’s very likely that some secret consortium made a move, but that’s just my guess,”C heng Shuang said,

“Now, I only know his name is Lin Yi, from Zhonghai. Contact Number: 152 * * * * * * *

“Cheng, leave this task to me. My home is in Zhonghai, and I am familiar with the environment there.”

The speaker was a woman in her thirties, with wavy hair and a white suit, she gave off the air of a working woman.

The woman’s name was Tian Yan. She was Didi’s vice president, and Cheng Shuang thought highly of her.

“Alright, I’ll leave this task to you. Try your best to understand the situation there. It’d be best if you could invite him to Yangcheng.”

“I’ll try my best.”


Lin Yi wasn’t in a hurry to leave. Instead, he looked up Didi company situation on his phone.

The headquarter was in Yangcheng, and its market value was around 50 billion yuan.

If he sold his shares, he would be able to get at least 10 billion yuan out of it.

Lin Yi thought about it. With his current situation, there was no need for him to cash out.

He was not short of money either. He could just treat them like egg-laying hens.

Wouldn’t it be great to get a few hundred million yuan in dividends every year?

Looking at the attribute panel, Lin Yi was delighted to find that his job completion rate had reached 55%.

He only needed to complete another 35% to unlock a new job!

However, the system had clearly stated that there would be a generous reward when the job completion rate reached 100%.

It was better to wait until the completion rate reached 100% before unlocking a new job.

After making the plan, Lin Yi prepared to drive back to Jiuzhou Pavilion.

It was already his home, so he had to go there and take a look.

“I’m ready to take orders, from Starbucks to Jiuzhou Pavilion area.”

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