I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week

Chapter 33: I Really Am a Shareholder

Yu Lili was stunned. She felt like she was hearing things.

“Manager Wang, What did you say? He’s the owner of the Peninsula Hotel?”

“That’s right. The day before yesterday, Director Lin bought the Peninsula Hotel. How dare you talk to Director Lin Like That? I think you should stop working here and pack up your things and leave.”

Everyone’s head buzzed when they found out Lin Yi’s identity.

“Oh my God, that handsome guy is the boss of the Peninsula Hotel? He’s so young and promising.”

“We’ve all misunderstood him. How can such a handsome and rich little brother be a gigolo?”

“As expected, every handsome person has an extraordinary identity. We’re all judging a gentleman’s heart based on the words of a scoundrel.”

The couple sitting at the other table had awkward expressions on their faces as well.

“That’s a slap to the face, isn’t it? He’s a good-looking guy, but you called him a gigolo. You have a problem with your mentality. Looks like I’ll have to reconsider our relationship.”

Yu Lili looked at Lin Yi in disbelief.

“Lin… Lin Yi, are you really the boss of the Peninsula Hotel?”

Yu Lili’s voice trembled as she spoke. She was obviously frightened.

“Didn’t Tianlong tell you my identity? Do you think he would lie?”

“If you really have such a background, why did you work at Chaoyang before?”

“I’m allowed to experience life, right?”

“Alright, stop talking nonsense.” Tianlong continued, “Hurry up and pack your things and get out of here. Don’t embarrass yourself further.”

“Lin Yi, listen to me. I know I did something wrong. I used to target you when I was at Chaoyang. I’ve already realized my mistake. Please give me another chance.”

“I can give you another chance, but I’ll see if Tianlong dares to keep you.”

Tianlong shivered. He was sure that if he dared to give Yu Lili another chance, he would also need to pack up and leave!

“Hurry up and stop talking nonsense. Don’t ruin Director Lin’s appetite.”

In the end, Tianlong called for security and chased Yu Lili out.

He didn’t want to drag himself down by spouting nonsense here.

“Director Lin, I’m really sorry for ruining your appetite.”

“It’s okay. Tell them to hurry up and serve the dishes. I’m hungry.”

“Okay, okay, okay. I’ll tell the kitchen to hurry up and serve the dishes.”

Lin Yi stretched after the meal and prepared to drive for Didi.

There were only two orders left, and he would get the reward from the system when he was done.


Ring, Ring, Ring…

Before Lin Yi could start taking orders, his phone rang. It was an unknown number.


“Hello, Mr. Lin. Let me introduce myself first. I’m the Senior Vice President of Didi Chuxing, Tian Yan.”

“And then? What’s the matter?”

“Well, you bought 21% of our shares yesterday. As the second largest shareholder of the group, I’d like to talk to you as the company’s representative. I’m wondering if you have the time now?”

Lin Yi wasn’t surprised to receive a call from Didi’s Chuxing.

The system had helped him buy 21% of their shares. Logically speaking, they all wanted to contact him.

However, now was not the time to meet them.

There were only two more missions to complete, so he had to finish them first.

“I have something to do now, let’s talk about it later.”

“Okay, I’ll call you later.”

Tian Yan was very polite and did not waste any time.

As an elite in the workplace, she knew that time was precious for people like Lin Yi.

Wasting a second of his time was likely to annoy him, so she hung up the phone in time.

After hanging up the phone, Tian Yan’s phone rang again.

It was the president, Cheng Shuang.

“How’s the situation? Has Chairman Lin agreed to meet with you?”

“Not really. He said he had something to do, so I hung up and prepared to call him back later.”

Cheng Shuang was silent for a few seconds on the other end of the phone.

“Do you have any other arrangements?”

“I plan to go to visit Jericho to check it out firsthand. They are Didi’s biggest agent in the coastal area. I want to see if there are any problems and take care of it at the same time. Anyway, I’m free now.”

“You can make the necessary arrangements, but the priority is on Director Lin. Don’t delay the important business.”

“Don’t worry, I know what to do.”

After leaving Peninsula Hotel, Tian Yan took her cell phone and prepared to call a taxi.

As a Didi executive, Tian Yan had already formed the habit of calling for a taxi at any time. This would help her better understand the actual operations on the ground.

In the parking lot not far away, Lin Yi had just opened Didi’s app when he found a suitable order.

“Prepare to take the order, from the Peninsula Hotel to the Jericho Company Limited.”

Lin Yi did not say anything else and directly snatched the order.

How could he let someone steal his business from right at his doorstep?

With that, Lin Yi successfully grabbed the order and drove the car to the entrance of the hotel.

Seeing the silver Pagani driving towards her, Tian Yan sighed in her heart.

Although the economic situation in Yang City was very developed, a car like Pagani Zonda wasn’t something that would be commonly seen.

Zhong Hai was indeed not ordinary.

Moreover, the driver was a little handsome.

“Are you Ms. Tian with the card number ending 6888?”

“Yes, that’s me.” Tian Yan was stunned. “You are?”

“Didn’t you call for a car just now?”

“Yes, but I called for a Didi.”

“I drive for Didi. Get in the car.”

Tian Yan was stunned for a while. “What, what did you say? You drive for Didi?”

“Doesn’t it look like it?”


Tian Yan was a little confused. When did her company become so powerful?

Were all the drivers under her company driving Paganis?

“But I do drive for Didi. Hurry up and get in the car.”


No matter what, Tian Yan was an elite in the workplace, and she quickly got used to Lin Yi’s identity.

Although she had achieved financial freedom long ago, it was her first time riding in a car of this level.

It was way more advanced than her BMW 7 Series.

“Are you using your Pagani and driving Didi to experience life?” Tian Yan asked.

“You could say that,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

The passenger was a normal one, and it would not be a problem for him to complete the order.

“Rich kids these days sure know how to have fun. They even use such a method to flirt with girls. I’m guessing many girls will say that they’re hot when they get into your car.”

Lin Yi noticed that Tian Yan’s temperament was similar to Ji Qingyan’s. Both of them had the aura of a professional woman.

However, in comparison, Ji Qingyan was more innocent.

“You make me sound like a scumbag,” Lin Yi said. “Can’t I drive for Didi If I’m driving a supercar?”

“Yes, you can, but I have to remind you to pay attention to your words and actions. If you do anything to discredit Didi, you’ll be suspended,” Tian Yan said with a smile.

“Will I be suspended just because you say so?”

“Of course.” Tian Yan smiled at Lin Yi. “I’m the Senior Vice President of Didi. Do you think I have the right to suspend you?”

“Tsk, you sure have a mouth full of lies,” Lin Yi said.

“You say you’re the Senior Vice President of Didi, and I say I’m a shareholder of Didi.”

Tian Yan laughed so hard that she fell back.

She then took out her work card from her bag and waved it in front of Lin Yi.

“This is my work card. I’m really Didi’s Vice President.”

“I’m not lying to you. I’m really Didi’s shareholder.” Lin Yi said.

“I bought 21% of your shares yesterday, and you just called me to ask me to meet you.”

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