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Chapter 54: Let Me See How Great His Reputation Is

They then drove to the Zhong Hai International Circuit.

After parking the car, the two of them got out of the car together.

“Oh my God, there are too many luxury cars here.”

Looking at the rows of supercars in the parking lot, Xia Xinyu felt that her eyes were not big enough.

When he first saw the few supercars parked next to them, Lin Yi did not notice anything at first.

Only after he took a closer look did he find that they looked familiar.

The Lamborghini seemed to be Qin Han’s.

Was he here to play again?

“Let’s go. It’s just a few supercars. Don’t make a fuss.”


Xia Xinyu smiled with narrowed eyes.

“Yi Bro, these cars don’t seem as valuable as yours, but I’ve never seen so many cars except at the Auto Show.”

Lin Yi shook his head with a smile, not saying anything else.

“Why should I leave? Unless you call the leader out here.”

“It’s the same even if you call out the leader. I’m just informing you in advance so you don’t waste your time here.”

They had not even reached the door when they heard the sound of an argument.

“Why does that sound familiar?” Xia Xinyu muttered.

“We’ll find out when we go in.”

The two followed the sound.

There were more than a dozen people standing there.

The ones arguing were a man and a woman. The rest of the people looked like assistants.

“Why are they arguing?” Xinyu asked in surprise.

Lin Yi looked up.

The girl in the lead was dressed very fashionably.

She was wearing black denim shorts, revealing her snow-white thighs.

Her looks weren’t bad either, around 85 points.

The other guy who was arguing was the same.

He was wearing a military green jacket, North Carolina Air Jordan 1’s , dyed yellow hair, and diamond earrings. He was dressed fashionably.

Seeing the two people arguing, Lin Yi found the scene a little familiar.

But that was all.

“Do you know those two?”

Xia Xinyu nodded.

“That girl’s name is Ren Zixuan. She’s one of the top outdoor streamers on DouYu.”

“That Guy’s name is Sun Rui. He’s also a big-shot outdoor streamer in DouYu. He normally takes care of me. The reason I’m here today was all because of his application.”

Lin Yi nodded. No wonder he looked familiar. They were both Douyu streamers.

He’d probably seen their live broadcasts before, but he didn’t have a deep impression of them.

“Rui Bro, what happened?”

Sun Rui turned around when he heard someone speaking.

“Xinyu’s here,” Sun Rui greeted.

“What happened? Why are you fighting?”

“What else could it be? Miss Ren said that today’s live broadcast quota has changed from three to one, and she wants to kick us both out.”

“Don’t slander me. I didn’t say that, the owner of the racetrack said that. If you don’t mind wasting time, just wait here. In any case, I don’t care. If they don’t let you in later, don’t say that I didn’t warn you,” said Ren Zixuan.

“Why did such a rule come out?”

Xia Xinyu asked,

“This event was organized by the race track’s higher-ups. Even if they changed their minds at the last minute, they should have informed us in advance. How could there be no news of this at all?”

“It was all because Miss Ren got into Young Master Qin’s good books. In the entire Zhong Hai, who would dare not give Young Master Qin respect? That’s why they made such a move,” Sun Rui replied.

“Anyway, I’m not planning to leave. Before f I do leave, I have to get an explanation from the race track’s owner.”

“Sister Xuan, the race track is so big. Won’t it be good for the three of us to broadcast live together?” Xia Xinyu said carefully.

“Hehe, what do you mean by the three of us broadcasting live?” Ren Zixuan crossed her arms in front of her chest, “With my popularity in the Douyu outdoor category, why should I broadcast with you guys? Do you guys deserve to stand in the same place as me to broadcast live? Why don’t you take a look at yourself before suggesting such a thing!”

At this moment, a girl wearing jeans and holding a few badges walked up to Ren Zixuan.

“Sister Xuan, it’s done. We can go in with these badges. Young Master Qin is waiting inside.”

“Xiao Jia, you came at the right time. These two are still waiting to go in. Tell them about the situation here.”

The girl named Xiao Jia looked at Sun Rui and Xia Xinyu with disdain.

“Don’t even think about going in.”

The girl named Xiao Jia took out a piece of paper from her pocket and took out a stamp.

“Look, this is an exclusive live broadcast license. It has nothing to do with the two of you. Go back to where you came from.”

“What right do you have? We agreed that there would be three of us, and now you’re playing this game. This is too much,” Xia Xinyu complained.

“If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for not being able to do it,” Ren Zixuan said proudly.

“If the two of you had my popularity, I would be the one left behind. It’s a pity that there are no ifs in this life.”

“Ren Zixuan, don’t think that you’re great just because you’ve latched onto Young Master Qin’s thigh!” Sun Rui snorted coldly.

He was well aware that today’s live broadcast was going to be ruined. He was just a little angry about it.

Before this, his popularity could still compete with Ren Zixuan in the outdoor category.

If she got this opportunity, she might become the true top sister of the live broadcast world. If he wanted to compete with her after this, he would not stand a chance.

“If you have the ability, go and hug her too!”

Ren Zixuan said, “I’m not afraid to tell you that I can come here for a live broadcast because of Young Master Qin. With just one sentence, I was able to deal with the senior management of the race track such that they let me do an exclusive live broadcast here. You guys could never do something like this!”


“Brother Rui, calm down,” Xia Xinyu persuaded.

“It’s already come to this. Let’s go. She has Young Master Qin’s support. We can’t compete with her.”

“Damn it!”

Sun Rui scolded, “Let’s go. I’m responsible for this. I’ll find a place to treat you and your friends to a meal later.”

“No need, no need. Brother Rui, you’ve taken care of me. Let me treat uou.”

“How can I let you treat me? Let me do it.”

“Are the two of you done? If there’s nothing else, please go out and continue talking. Not only am I going to do a live broadcast here today, but I’m also going to interview Young Master Qin alone. Don’t be an eyesore then,” Ren Zixuan said.

Xia Xinyu didn’t dare to say anything. After all, she was just a small-time streamer and had no right to say anything.

“Rui Bro, let’s go.”

“Let’s go. Don’t bother with her.”

“No need to go,” Lin Yi said lightly. “We’re already here, so let’s broadcast here today.”


Ren Zixuan looked at Lin Yi. “Who are you? You sure have a big mouth, don’t you? Don’t you know who Young Master Qin is? In Zhong Hai, the grass on the grave of someone who doesn’t show Young Master Qin respect is more than two meters tall.”

“Then call him over. Let me see how great his reputation is.”

Sun Rui sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Xin, Xinyu, isn’t your friend a little too bold? That’s the famous Young Master Qin!”

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