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Chapter 69: When Will Your Billion Dollar Donation Arrive?


Wang Tao nearly vomited blood.

“What did you say? You want to donate 100 million?”

It was not just Wang Tao. Everyone who heard this thought that they had misheard.

If you said it was 1 million, people might still believe you.

However, was 100 million not a bit over the top?

“Yeah, what’s wrong? Is the amount too big to be donated?”


Wang Tao laughed so hard that he was about to cry.

“Stop teasing me, okay? Do you know how much 100 million is? How dare you talk nonsense? I’ve been running my own business for so many years, and I’ve never saved so much money. How can you have so much money just by driving a car? You must be dreaming.”

“Alright, Yi, it was not easy for you guys to come back. Let’s not talk about this for now. The kitchen’s done with the dishes. Let’s go eat first.”

Cuiping knew that Lin Yi was trying to protect his dignity. He must be angry.

“Aunty Wang, let’s not eat yet. We haven’t finished talking about the donation yet. I want to see how he plans to donate 100 million.”

“From your tone, it sounds like you think I can’t afford that much money.” Lin Yi said with a faint smile.

“Haha, how would I dare to doubt you?” Wang Tao laughed contemptuously, “If you can donate so much, then I’ll donate one billion. I’m a boss, after all. I earn more than you guys, so I have to donate more.”

Wang Tao’s face was neither red nor white.

Even if Lin Yi donated 10,000 dollars, he would believe it.

However, 100 million in cash was like a mountain. How could he have so much money?

He had to be spouting nonsense, trying to act cool in front of Wang Tao and his woman!

Haha, but this time, he had met a realist like himself.

He had to show Lin Yi just how big the world was today!

“Then I’ll thank you on behalf of the orphanage.”

As he spoke, Lin Yi picked up his phone and called the account manager of the construction bank.

“I’ll send you a card number later. Do transfer 100 million in cash to them.”

Lin Yi found a photo of Cuiping’s bank card in the photo album and sent it to the account manager.

All that was left was to wait.

Cuiping and Quanfu were both in disbelief.

Lin Yi never lied. Was he really going to transfer 100 million?

Cuiping’s heart was pounding, and her blood pressure was rising.


Cuiping’s phone rang. She picked it up and saw that it was a text from the bank.

She could not even stand properly when she saw the string of zeros on it.

“Yi, you really transferred 100 million?” Wang Cuiping asked.

“Yeah, I’ve been running around trying to get you guys some money.”


“How could he have so much money?!” Tao exclaimed

Lin Yi took Cuiping’s phone and said, “The message is here, take a look for yourself.”

Wang Tao was in a bad mood when he saw the string of zeros.

What kind of country was this? How could he donate 100 million in one go?

“I’ve kept my promise, Mr. Wang. When will your billion-dollar donation arrive?”

Ji Qingyan covered her mouth as she laughed. Even she was tricked twice in front of Lin Yi. Wang Tao was child’s play.


Wang Tao was extremely embarrassed. His small factory was only raking in a few million a year. How was he supposed to get a billion in cash?!

The slap on his face was like a clap of thunder!

“You can’t afford it?” Lin Yi asked.

“Weren’t you acting pretty rich just now? You’re already a factory owner, so why aren’t you as rich as me?”

Wang Tao’s forehead was covered in a cold sweat. He wanted to crawl right into the ground to hide himself.

“Well, I still have something else to do, so I’ll take my leave first.”

Wang Tao got into his car and drove off dejectedly.

“Wang Tao!” Ning Yue called.

“So be it. He doesn’t look like a good person. You won’t be happy if you stay with him,” Lin Yi said.

“Got it, Bro.”

Ning Yue didn’t dare to disobey Lin Yi, so she let Wang Tao be.

“Yi, tell mom the truth. What’s with all this money? You’ve only been in Zhong Hai for a few years. How did you get so much money?”

Cuiping felt her phone burning in her hands.

“I started a small business and made some money. You guys can spend it with peace of mind. Don’t think too much.”

“This 100 million isn’t a small amount, yet you gave it all to us. What are you going to do now?” Cuiping said.

“I can’t take this money. Zhonghai isn’t like Yangcheng, where there are plenty of places to spend it.”

“Mom, just take it. I still have enough to spend.”

Lin Yi put his arm around Cuiping’s shoulder. “Let’s go eat. I’m hungry.”

“Okay then, let’s eat first. I’ll make beef stew for you to satisfy your hunger.”

“You know me best.”

After the meal, Ji Qingyan and Guo Ningyue went to have fun with the children of the orphanage on the playground.

Lin Yi did not expect someone like Ji Qingyan to be able to jump on rubber bands.

That was pretty impressive.

“Yi, it was not easy for you to come back. Stay here for a few more days before you leave,” Cuiping said later.

“Sure, I’ll stay here for a few days.”

Lin Yi originally had other plans and was prepared to leave after dealing with it.

“I’ll go clean up your room now. You and Ningyue, stay here. Don’t leave.”

“No need. I’ve already booked a hotel, so I won’t take up any space in the premise.” Ning Yue said

Lin Yi didn’t mind. He was afraid that Ji Qingyan would not be able to get used to it.

No matter what, she’d come along with him. He had to find a place for her.

“Alright then. You’re doing well now, so I won’t force you.”

They chatted for a while longer before Lin Yi left with Ji Qingyan and found a five-star hotel to stay in.

The next morning, Ji Qingyan finished washing up and asked while having breakfast in the hotel,

“What are your plans for today?”

“I saw the news yesterday where it said that there’s a car exhibition in Yangcheng. I’m going to take a look there.”

“Don’t you have a Pagani? Why are you still buying cars?”Ji Qingyan asked.

“I mainly want to buy a few for the orphanage so that I can take the children out to play in the future.”

Ji Qingyan nodded. “That’s true.”

“What about uou? Didn’t you say you were going to the branch office? When are you going?”

“I’m not in a hurry for that small matter. I’ll focus on you first.”

After eating, the two of them took a taxi and arrived at the Yangcheng International Convention Center.

As one of China’s top four first-tier cities, although Yangcheng’s prosperity was still a little inferior to that of Zhong Hai, it was still one of the top cities in China.

The Yangcheng Auto Show was especially well-known in China and the entire world.

That was why the annual auto show attracted the attention of the rich.

Through the billboards outside, one could see the luxury car brands from all over the world participating in the show.

As long as one had money, it would be a simple matter to buy a car they liked here.

Lin Yi heard someone calling him as soon as they got out of the car.

“Yo, Lin Yi, you’re here for the car show?”

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