I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week

Chapter 7: Ten S-Squats, No Problem 5

Lin Yi got dressed and walked out of his room before driving to the building.

When he arrived, Ji Qingyan was already waiting at the door.

“Sorry for the wait, there was a bit of a traffic jam.”

“It’s fine, I just got out too.”

After getting into the car, Ji Qingyan combed through her hair, and a faint fragrance wafted over.

“President Ji, do you want to place an order first?”

“Huh? What order?” Ji Qingyan still hadn’t gotten used to it yet.

Lin Yi took out his phone. “An order on Didi. I have to support my family with this. If you don’t place an order, I won’t be able to earn any money. I’ll have to live on air in the future.”

“I really can’t help you.”

Ji Qingyan said with a smile. It seemed he was really serious about Didi.

However, Ji Qingyan was also relieved. Despite owning a luxury car worth tens of million, he had still humbled himself to become a salesperson in her company.

Now that he had been fired, it was understandable for him to come out to experience life on Didi.

Soon, Lin Yi received Ji Qingyan’s ride request on his phone, which he accepted immediately.

At that moment, the system notification sounded.

[You have received the second order successfully. You have triggered the system mission to pick up two beauties with 85 points and above. The reward is 10,000 experience points!]

[Mission completion: 1/2.]

Lin Yi could not help but frown when he saw the mission in his mind.

This mission was a little metaphysical!

What kind of beauty could be above 85 points?

What if there was a difference between his aesthetic standards and the system’s?

Even so, looking at the mission notification, there was no doubt that Ji Qingyan was a beauty worth more than 85 points.

Since the mission was already half-completed, he decided not to worry about it for now. He should just finish this order first.

“President Ji, aren’t you going back to the company?” Lin Yi asked when he saw the address on the order. It was not Chaoyang Group.

“I’m about to get off work, so I’m not going back. I have a computer at home, so I can still work from there.”

“Alright, I’ll send you back now.”

“Oh right, I’ve been wanting to ask you this for a long time. Why were you fired?” Ji Qingyan asked on the way back.

“I had some problems at work, so I got fired.”

He had the system now, and his life had taken a different path.

Lin Yi didn’t want to dwell on the trivial matters of the past anymore.

It would be as if he was speaking ill of someone behind their back. He had to be magnanimous and not be petty.

“It can’t be that bad, right? I saw your sales department’s report a few days ago. You were the champion of sales last month. What could possibly have gone wrong?” Ji Qingyan asked with a smile.

“President Ji, don’t ask. It was my fault anyway.” Lin Yi replied with a smile.

Ji Qingyan rolled her eyes, thinking that there might be something else going on. She would have to investigate the matter later.

Ring, Ring, Ring..

At that moment, Ji Qingyan’s phone rang.

“Did you ask all of them?

“I’ll think of something, but keep trying to contact your side. See if you can contact other hotels.

“Okay, that’s all for now.”

Soon, Ji Qingyan hung up the phone. Lin Yi noticed that her expression didn’t look so good, so he asked,

“What happened?”

“The company wants to hold a press conference soon, but they’ve contacted all the five-star hotels in the city, and none of them have time or space for us. They’re all full, and I’m worried about how to deal with this.”

“Can’t you just push it back a little?”

“This press conference is very important. We can’t drag it out for too long, or else I wouldn’t be in such a hurry.”

“We can go to the Peninsula Hotel. It should be appropriate,” Lin Yi suggested.

“Don’t joke around. The Peninsula Hotel is a super five-star hotel in Zhong Hai. I’m not afraid of spending money, but I can’t get a reservation at all,” Ji Qingyan shook her head.

Lin Yi found this issue easily resolvable.

Her company was considered a small fish in the industry. It could not be compared to those big companies.

With the size and level of the Peninsula Hotel, they would not even spare her company a glance. Even if she went there as the CEO, it would be useless.

“That’s not necessarily true. Life is full of surprises. You might be surprised if you go there.”

“You sure know how to talk. I’ll listen to you for once. Let’s turn around and go to the Peninsula Hotel.” Ji Qingyan said with a smile:

“But I’ll be honest with you. If we can’t come to an agreement, I won’t pay for the trip fare. It’s on you.”

“What if we can come to an agreement?” Lin Yi asked with a smile.

“If we can come to an agreement, I’ll treat you to a meal.”

“Eating is so boring. Do I look like someone who needs that meal?”

“You’re quite greedy.” Ji Qingyan smiled. “If we can really talk it out, I’ll cook a meal for you myself.”

“No way, you can cook?”


“Then is your food edible?”

Ji Qingyan rolled her eyes at Lin Yi. “That’s not the point. Since we won’t be able to negotiate it, I can promise anything I want. I know I won’t have to cook anyway.”

“Then let’s wait and see. Maybe a miracle will happen.”

“If a miracle really does happen, forget one meal, even ten meals wouldn’t be a problem.”

“You’ve never cooked before, and I don’t even want to eat a meal. I might as well ask you to do an S-squat.”


“You don’t even know what that is? That’s the standard skill of a female streamer.”

“Wait a minute, I’ll check it out.” Ji Qingyan opened Baidu and searched.

“This action is a little…”

Lin Yi smiled. “If you don’t agree, the miracle might not happen.”

Qingyan covered her mouth as she smiled. “No problem, I’ll say the same thing. Don’t worry about one, even ten won’t be a problem.”

Qing Yan was full of confidence. She had called before and told them her identity, but their manager still did not buy it.

She also told them that their schedule was booked for the next half of the month, so there was no time or space for her.

Therefore, this time, she was confident she would come back empty-handed.

She had nothing to do anyway. Since someone had offered to drive her for free, she thought of it as a way to relax.

Thus, it didn’t matter even if she offered to squat or something.

Soon, Lin Yi drove to the Peninsula Hotel.

Upon seeing Lin Yi’s car, the greeters at the door were tempted to step forward, but they were stopped by Lin Yi’s eyes.

If she found out who he was, the game wouldn’t be fun anymore.

After parking the car, the two of them walked into the hotel.

“Hello, I’m looking for your manager, Wang Tianlong.”

The waitress at the front desk looked at Ji Qingyan and then at her boss. She replied politely,

“Hello, Let’s go to the reception room first. I’ll inform manager Wang right away.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Led by the attendant at the front desk, the two of them arrived at the meeting room.

Soon, someone came over with coffee and tea.

Such a warm attitude made Ji Qingyan speechless.

She had come here once a long time ago, but she had never received such treatment.

Very soon, Wang Tianlong strode over and said with great enthusiasm,

“Hello, President Ji.”

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