“There’s a Porsche over there, and it looks pretty good too. Pick one and I’ll give it to you,” Lin Yi said.

“No,” Ji Qingyan said. “My Maserati is pretty good to drive around. Besides, I can call you whenever I need a car. It’s no use buying so many cars.”

“You’re right, Didi’s driver is always available.”

“But isn’t it a waste for you to buy sso many cars?” Qingyan said in a low voice.

“Isn’t that what money is for?” Lin Yi said. “What if someone dies and the money isn’t spent? It’s be such a pity.”

“You’re the one with the twisted logic.” Qingyan said with a smile. “Let’s go and eat something. I’m hungry.”

“Let’s go, I’m hungry too.”

The Bugatti staff had parked the car at the designated drop-off point.

This was due to Lin Yi’s arrangement. Going aboutYangcheng without a car was pretty inconvenient, so he picked up the Bugatti first. As for the rest, they were going to be sent back to Zhonghai.

After eating, the two went out for a while.

That afternoon, they saw the car Lin Yi bought for the orphanage.

It gave them quite a shock.

Even without the car, just the eight million dollar gas card was tough enough for them to digest.

Later, Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan returned to the hotel.

“Are you busy tomorrow?”Ji Qingyan asked in the room.

“Will you be busy?”

“I’m going to visit the branch in Yangcheng tomorrow. If you’re free, come with me.”

Lin Yi knew a little about Chaoyang Group’s Yancheng branch.

Other than the Zhong Hai branch, there was a lot of real estate in other provinces and cities. It was natural for her to occasionally go over to check on their operations.

“But I don’t think you’ll find anything.” Lin Yi said.

“The people below will definitely do a good job if they know the boss is coming. Why would they wait for you to check?”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t tell any of the executives about this. It’ll be best if there’s no problem, but if there’s something that doesn’t make sense, I won’t let it go.”

Lin Yi smiled but didn’t say anything.

Ji Qingyan still thought that these people were too naive.

If they attacked the company on the first day, the effect would definitely be good.

However, it had already been two days, so there was a high chance that this news would already have been leaked.

It would depend on luck if they could spot anything wrong.

“Then it’s settled. I’ll go with you tomorrow.”

“You have a car, so you can take me there.”Ji Qingyan said. “But, I’m going to take a shower now. Mr. Lin, do you still want to stay here?”

“What do you mean? Do you want me to wait for you in the bathroom? Do you need a back rub?”

“What back rub? Go back to your room.”

Lin Yi smiled as he got up. “Let me know if you need a back rub.”


Ji Qingyan spat and chased Lin Yi out of the room.

Lin Yi lay on the bed, unable to fall asleep for a long time.

Tomorrow was Monday, and the system would open a new class.

He did not know what new job would be waiting for him.

At midnight, the system notification rang in Lin Yi’s mind.

[New class unlocked (Yes/No)]

[Experience class: university lecturer.]

[Job completion: 0%]

[Host, please receive a big gift package, 10 million dollars, all-attribute enhancing potion, Sage’s Wisdom.]

What the f*ck!

Lin Yi exclaimed in his heart. The new class was university lecturer?!

This was a little exciting.

Lin Yi felldeep into thought as he looked at the big gift package the system had gifted him.

10 million in cash. There was nothing much to say about that.

He had been given the same amount of money to experience being a Didi driver in the beginning.

According to the system’s settings, this amount of money would be given to every new job in the future. It was a fixed reward, no more, no less.

It was not much, but it didn’t matter how small a mosquito’s leg was, it was still meat. There was no reason to dislike it.

Lin Yi knew what the all-attribute enhancing potion was since it was often detailed in web novels.

However, the Sage’s Wisdom stumped Lin Yi.

“System, what is this Sage’s Wisdom mean?”

“The Sage’s Wisdom contains the wisdom of all the top scholars in the world, helping the host to perfectly adapt to the profession of a university lecturer.”

Lin Yi understood the general meaning of the system’s explanation.

It was to fill his head with other people’s knowledge.

After all, university was a very professional place. If you did not have the ability to teach others, you would be chased out of the institution.

Lin Yi looked at the system page again and found that there was a (Yes/No) option in the new profession column.

It was probably asking if he would like to open it, meaning the choice was still in his hands.

“System, I’m only 85% complete with the Didi driver class right now. If I open a new class, won’t I lose the rewards?”

[If the host opens a new class, the old class will automatically enter the cooldown state. The cooldown state is one week. After the cooldown is over, you can reopen it.]

Lin Yi thought for a moment. “Can I activate two classes at the same time?”

[You cannot activate two classes at the same time. If you activate the old class, the new class will automatically enter the cooldown state. After one week, the host can choose to reactivate the new class.]

After hearing the system’s full explanation, Lin Yi understood.

However, the Didi Driver class was already 85% complete. The final grand prize was still very tempting.

According to the system’s habit of giving out missions, the remaining 15% completion rate could be completed with just one more mission.

That was why he was not in a hurry to open the new class. If it was as simple as before, he would just delay the matter.

If it was more difficult, he could still open the new class in the future.

After settling this matter, Lin Yi stretched and went to sleep.

The next morning, when Lin Yi changed his clothes and went to Ji Qingyan’s room, he found that she had already finished washing up.

“Wait for me for a while, I’ll go to change and put on some makeup.”

“Okay, go ahead.”

Lin Yi lay on the sofa in the suite, playing games.

He noticed that ‘pleated skirt’ had sent him another private message.

He had sent at least twenty messages over the past few days.

This guy was really persistent.

Lin Yi looked at pleated skirt’s record and realized that she lost more games than she won. Her win rate was around 20%. If she hadn’t met that Super Kerry God, she would have lost even more.

“Does this guy have no brain? How can he fight like this in a low-level game?”

Lin Yi invited her to play a game after seeing how pitiful she was.

“Thank you, God, I’ve finally won a game.”

Invisible chicken wings, “It’s too hard to win with you around. You should say goodbye to the game with your IQ.”

“Lin Yi.” Ji Qingyan’s voice was heard.

“What’s wrong?”

“Help me unzip this, it seems to be stuck.”

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