I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week

Chapter 83: Your Broken Car Doesn’t Have Good Air Conditioning

“Eh, Sister Ying, it’s easy for people to misunderstand what you’re saying.”

“I’m not even afraid of being a married woman. What’s a young man like you afraid of?” Wang Ying said with a smile.

“Oh right, didn’t you drive a supercar before this? Why did you change back to a Shari?”

“The Pagani was scratched and I sent it to be repaired. I’m driving this for the time being.”

“That’s great. I’ll take your car and leave. I don’t need to call for another car.” Wang Ying said.

“Then get in. I have nothing else to do.” Lin Yi said.


Lin Yi and Wang Ying were about to get in when they heard footsteps behind them.

Lin Yi looked back subconsciously. He saw that it was Fu Minjia, the director of the public relations department.

“Hey, isn’t that Wang Ying?” Fu Minjia walked over with a smile when she saw Wang Ying.

“Director Fu.” Wang Ying greeted with a smile.

Wang Ying’s position had been decided internally, but the official documents had not yet been finalized. Right now, was still an ordinary employee in the sales department.

Fu Minjia was a level higher than her, so they still had to greet each other when they met.

“Lin Yi’s here too, what a coincidence.”

Wang Ying was once known as the most beautiful young lady in Chaoyang Group, and Lin Yi was publicly acknowledged as a handsome man.

Even though Fu Minjia was in another department, she knew who Lin Yi was.

Lin Yi nodded with a smile to greet her.

“Wang Ying, where are you going?” Fu Minjia asked.

“The third phase of Kangjing Homestead has been completed. I’m going to discuss the sales plan with my colleagues over there.”

“That’s quite a coincidence. I’m going to Kangjing Homestead too, so you don’t have to go. Head back and do your own thing.”

“Huh? I don’t have to go?”

Lin Yi and Wang Ying were both surprised. This was not an ordinary sales task.

It was a job for the director.

In other words, whoever took the job would be the director of the sales department.

Right now, Fu Minjia had stepped in. What was going on?

“That’s right, you don’t have to go. Stay in the company,” Fu Minjia said. “And I’ll take over the sales department from now on. We’ll be colleagues in the same department from now on.”

“Oh, I’ll have to trouble you then.”

Wang Ying, who was originally happy, had a depressed expression on her face as she prepared to return to the company.

“Wait.” Lin Yi stopped Wang Ying and looked at Fu Minjia.

“Who said you’re going to be the sales director?”

“Of course, it was Director Zhao. Who else has that kind of power?” Fu Minjia smiled. “If you don’t believe me, I can ask Director Zhao to tell you himself.”

Wang Ying walked over and whispered in Lin Yi’s ear.

“Little Yi, there are some things you don’t know. Fu Minjia is one of Director Zhao’s followers, and he has a lot of power in the company.”

Although the company belonged to Ji Qingyan, the other executives also had a lot of say. It could be said that the Chaoyang Group was not an autocratic company.

Otherwise, Wang Ying’s appointment letter would have been given to her a long time ago.

“The person you’re talking about should be Zhao Nanping, right?” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“He can’t even protect himself. Why should we be afraid of her?”

“Lin Yi, what nonsense are you talking about?” Fu Minjia snapped. “To publicly slandering the vice president of the company… Do you believe that I’ll get someone to chase you away?”

“Little Yi, let’s not argue with her. It’s just a directorship, it’s no big deal.” Wang Ying said in a low voice.

“That won’t do. I have to get justice for you.”

“Hehe, Lin Yi, you’re really something. You don’t even have a job here, yet you want to stand up for others. I’m almost impressed.” Fu Minjia crossed her arms in front of her body and looked at Lin Yi with disdain.

“Do you want to use Wang Ying’s connections to get a job in the sales department? Let me tell you, as long as I’m in the company, you won’t be able to come back!”

Lin Yi leaned against the car and said,

“You’re the director of the public relations department. Do you have that much power?”

“I don’t have that much power, but my words carry weight in Chaoyang Group. It’ll be impossible for you to come back to work!”

“No need to hide it. I know that your backer is Zhao Pingnan,” Lin Yi said.

“But I’ll say it again. He can’t even protect himself. You better be careful.”

Fu Minjia’s face turned pale. “How dare you slander Director Zhao again and again. I’ll call him right now and ask him to deal with you!”

“Alright, go ahead. I’ll see if she has the ability to do so.”

“Hurry up and leave!”

Before Fu Minjia could make the call, she heard an order.

Wang Ying and Fu Minjia were shocked. They did not know what was going on, so they turned around to look.

They saw two policemen walking over with Zhao Nanping in handcuffs.

“Director… Director Zhao, What’s wrong with you!”

Fu Minjia widened her eyes. She could not believe that Zhao Nanping would be arrested.

What did he do?

Zhao Nanping sighed when he saw Fu Minjia. “I’m finished. Take care of yourself.”

“Alright, stop talking nonsense. Let’s go.”

Fu Minjia was dumbfounded when she saw Zhao Nanping being taken away by the police officers.

She had not even been promoted yet. Why did Zhao Nanping get arrested?

If that was the case, she would have suffered a huge loss. He had even r*ped her in the office that morning.

“Look, what did I say? He can’t even protect himself, you just didn’t believe me,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“I… I’ll go back first. You guys go to Kang Jing’s housing estate.”

Fu Minjia was very smart. Now that Zhao Nanping had fallen, she had no one to rely on. Thus, she had better stay in the public relations department from now on.

“Little Yi, you didn’t do all this, did you?” Wang Ying asked in disbelief.

Taking down Yu Lili and Li Jiangdong was not a big deal, but now, even vice president Zhao Nanping had fallen. How close was Lin Yi to the president?

Moreover, this was not something that could be achieved just by having a good relationship.

“I don’t have that kind of ability. Zhao Nanping wasn’t clean to begin with. Isn’t it normal for President Ji to take care of him?”

“You’re right,” Wang Ying said. “Just the improper relationship with his subordinates is enough for President Ji to take action against him.”

“Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. I’ll send you to Kangjing Homestead.”


The two of them then got into the car together. After this, Wang Ying took out her phone and said.

“Yi, I’ve placed the order. Hurry up and snatch it.”

“Ying Sis, it’s not that big of a deal. I’ll just give it to you for free.”

“That’s different. If I keep taking you free rides, you won’t be experiencing life, you’ll just be helping the poor.”

“Alright then, I’ll do as you say.”

Lin Yi didn’t think too much into it. One more deal and he would be one step closer to the ultimate reward.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Lin Yi’s phone rang just as he drove out of the parking lot. It was an unknown number.

“Sister Ying, answer it for me, I’m driving.”

“Probably a sales call,” Wang Ying mumbled as she picked up the phone. She turned on the public speaker to make it easier for Lin Yi to answer.

“Lin Yi, I’m Fu Minjia. Please give me a chance. Don’t fire me.”

“Don’t fire you?” Lin Yi was surprised. “You got fired?”

“I just got back to the company when I received a notice from the personnel department saying that I got fired. Please give me another chance.” Fu Minjia cried.

“As long as you give me another chance, I’ll do anything you want me to do, even if it means being your woman. You can do whatever you want.”

“You’re overthinking it. Your firing has nothing to do with me. I don’t have the habit of saying bad things about people behind their backs. Ying Sis, hang up. I’ll be blocking you now.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Got it.”

Wang Ying hung up obediently and blocked Fu Minjia’s phone.

“This Fu Minjia… She always looks so dignified, but I didn’t expect her to say something like that.”

“You can’t judge a book by its cover, can you?” Lin Yi said with a smile.

Wang Ying nodded and took off her coat.

Lin Yi did not think much of her figure when she was in her uniform, but it was different when Wang Ying took off her coat.

Her assets were round, as if they weregoing to pop out, and he could even see hints of her bra.

“What’s wrong? Why did you take off your coat?” Lin Yi asked

“I feel a little hot. If I take off my coat, it will cool me down.”

“Sister Ying, don’t be silly. I’m driving a Shari, not a Pagani. Why do you feel hot?”

“Your broken car doesn’t have good air conditioning.”

Wang Ying joked and then pulled on the seatbelt of the passenger seat.

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