I Lost My Memory Before the Divorce Was Agreed

I Lost My Memory Before the Divorce Was Agreed


22 Chapters Ongoing Status
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The popular niche student Lu Yuanbai and Duan Yu, the president of the Duan Group, have been married for many years.

However, when the two agreed to marry, their relationship was not on good terms.

When the agreement expired and was about to divorce, Lu Yuanbai lost his memory. When he woke up again, he not only became a popular fried chicken, but also concluded his marriage with a listed company.

The boss looks cold and handsome, rich and powerful, not only that, the news of their love is flying all over the sky.

(Popular fried chicken is a buzzword that refers to a person or thing that is becoming popular recently. It is called the direction of the fashion or trend of things.)


President Duan admits his love affair with Lu Yuanbai, saying that they have been pursuing each other for many years…

President Duan proposed a high-profile marriage, but the pigeons blinded everyone…

President Duan and the popular Xiaosheng Lu Yuanbai were like glue after their marriage, and they hugged and kissed on the street …

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