I’m Getting a Job As The Duke’s Wife

I’m Getting a Job As The Duke’s Wife

공작님의 아내로 취업합니다

4 Chapters Ongoing Status
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The 2nd round of life.

Reborn as a silver spoon aristocrat and even had a mysterious ability

However the parents treated her like a demon, and the family was ruined for treason.

What, am I a s*ave?!

However it’s me who has to pave the way of my life!

Negotiate with the man who came to overthrow the s*ave merchant and get a valuable job opportunity.

“Hire me, please. I can give you the information you want. Anytime and anywhere.”

“All right, Evelyn. I accept your terms.”

But there’s only one problem.

“I intend to make you my beloved Duchess.”

“What? What Duchess?”


Evelyn who got a job as the Duke’s wife.

During her 2 years contract, she has three tasks to accomplish.

First, make the King who hates her because of her humble background to be on her side.

“Cutie, don’t leave my side.”

Second, melt the father-in-law who hates his son.

“She’s not my daughter-in-law, she’s my daughter!”

Third, defeating the villainess who is rushing to steal her husband.

“Evelyn, I want to destroy the child with an innocent look like you.”

Will Evelyn be able to complete all her duties and retire safely?

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