Chapter 10

When the Time Comes

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“What? Ci-zai has been kidnapped by some blond guy?!” Xiao Ji has a really terrible expression as he tells the little shemale brat, who is still panting, “tell me everything in detail.”

The little shemale, resting between breaths, tells him everything that happened after he was caught. Xiao Ji is looking downright wrathful at this point, “that bastard! I’ll get uncle Cheng and He Huaijian,” Xiao Ji, still a couple of years from maturing, knows that rushing forth as he is will be no different from offering himself up for capture by that pirate, but not uncle Cheng. He knows he used to be part of the army proper. Plus He Huaijian’s brain, they’ll definitely be able to rescue Ci-zai.

Meanwhile, the Cheng Zhaoci in question is sitting aboard a military vessel, with a cup of who-knows-what in his hand, and being observed by the two army insectoids in front of him.

“The reason you’re living on the landfill planet is because your late father has been killed by his shemale slave?” Meng Yuele’s sympathy for this cute and good little male is about to visually overflow, “and you are worried that your lives will be in danger if the fact that you’re male got out?”

Cheng Zhaoci nods, because trying to assert that he isn’t a male would be useless. In this short amount of time, even that old case of his erstwhile father being murdered was dug up and presented. It has to be said that, he might know males are important in insectoid society, but he didn’t know how important they truly are.

“We will conduct a thorough investigation on this matter. At the same time, we wish for you to depart Zhousuo with us. When you mature in two years, Zhousuo cannot offer adequate care and facilities for you,” Wei Zhuo is speaking this time, “naturally, your dad, the guardian, will be accompanying you as you return to the Capital planet. We will handle the necessary procedures for Mr Cheng Jin’s reinstatement in the army.”

“You also need not fear reprisal from anyone. If you don’t mind, I will be your personal escort,” Wei Zhuo makes a heartfelt promise – not that he’s perverse enough to have illicit thoughts towards Cheng Zhaoci, a male not yet of age, but he was the one who picked the little male up from the debris pile, and he really is too well-behaved and obedient, unlike any male, and it can’t help but make him sympathise with his condition.

Wei Zhuo has severed the ties between himself and his family, and it’s true that he is only a Flying Officer right now, but he does still have his background – because his granddad is the Marshal of the Federation right now. His grandfather has passed early, leaving only one son, Wei Zhuo’s shemale dad, who was playfully tortured until death by his father, meaning his granddad only has Wei Zhuo as his immediate family now. Unless Cheng Zhaoci’s enemy is related to the Chief or former Chief of the armed forces, they will not be able to do anything against Wei Zhuo.

And from what they’ve gathered thus far, Cheng Zhaoci’s late father’s cijun didn’t have that kind of energy behind him.

With the most candid words, Wei Zhuo explains to Cheng Zhaoci the protection he can offer and his family background. Not just Cheng Zhaoci, but Meng Yuele is also looking at Wei Zhuo now.

He knows Wei Zhuo is speaking the truth, of course, but he is just lamenting his own ordinary background. He also wants to care for the little male, but clearly, he won’t be able to offer anything as comprehensive.

Cheng Zhaoci believes what Wei Zhuo says, not just for his rugged, reliable appearance, but also because Wei Zhuo is looking at him with these… doting eyes. It’s like an adult seeing poor, emaciated children with old and worn clothing. Even though he’s already sixteen.

Well, those eyes are shared by the other military insectoid too. They don’t make him uncomfortable, probably because both are righteous at heart, and so a minor male insectoid is completely beyond sexualisation in their eyes – the way two horny guys might look at a little girl if she is only at waist height and dressed in revealing overalls, perhaps? The analogy is whack, but the meaning stands.

“Can I take two shemales with me?” Asks Cheng Zhaoci.

Wei Zhuo and Meng Yuele share a glance for a moment. Wei Zhuo asks, “shemales, you say? Are they your shemale concubines?” Although it’s slightly surprising such a well-behaved male already has two shemale concubines, it would not be out of place on the Capital planet at all. In fact, how he is willing to take shemale concubines he took in on a landfill planet when he is offered to leave is already commendable compared to the typical male.

Shemale concubines? Just imagining Xiao ‘the tough guy’ Ji acting at all feminine or making orchid fingers at him with a ‘sexy wink’ and then raising his pitch while calling him ‘xiongzhu‘… Oh Jesus, the goosebumps won’t stop!

He has such a vivid image because that was what he did when trying to teach Cheng Zhaoci how to be have high shemale power! No way! He won’t have it! Cheng Zhaoci is completely against it. He doesn’t know how He Huaijian might look, but he can’t imagine a male being interested in the perpetually cold and aloof He Huaijian.

“No, of course not. Not shemale concubines, but… like older brothers,” Cheng Zhaoci is waving his hands about in dramatic fashion to refuse, almost spilling the drink he is holding, “I pretend to be a shemale, but I don’t have the strength or fighting skill like a normal shemale. My dad needs to work and can’t stay by my side at all times. It’s been the two of them who took care of me when my dad is away.”

“They’re not criminals exiled to Zhousuo. And they protected me all these years. Is it possible for me to take them with me, uh, please?” Watching the two military guys’ faces twitch in more and more uncomfortable ways, his tone is trailing off, “I’m really scared something might happen to them on Zhousuo one day. This is really not a good place to be…”

“Of course you can,” Wei Zhuo puts his hand on Cheng Zhaoci’s head to reassure him with a sincere tone, “you’re a very good male,” and will probably make an excellent xiongzhu.

Jin Yue has returned. Jin Yue has become confused. No, wait, where are all the hostages he’s got here? How did all those weak and crippled insectoids run away? That quickly? How did they even free thems-oh fuck! Damn! He just tied them with the ropes that were the closest thing he had on hand on this forsaken landfill planet. It’s probably not too difficult to break them if needed.

Even the little ugly thing ran away? Jin Yue looks quite pissed, but he takes a deep breath. That little ugly thing is terribly unfit. He will be able to catch him easily.

He can lose everyone but not the little ugly thing. He’s the only valuable stake he has to rescue his crew.

He just has to recapture him, he thinks. Before he can move out, though, he suddenly freezes up and ducks to the right in the next second.

The ground where he was standing is cracking like cobwebs. A shemale with black hair and black eyes is standing right there, glancing at him coldly, “where is xiao-Ci?”

“Fuck!” Jin Yue cusses. This shemale doesn’t look to be any slower or weaker than he is. If it weren’t for his casual clothing and how he clearly stated he’s here to find someone, Jin Yue would’ve assumed the military guys realised he lost his hostages and were here for him.

Though, ‘xiao-Ci’? Jin Yue thinks it through, and since the little ugly thing had better clothes than everyone else, he tenses up while asking tentatively, “you’re talking about the real ugly thing?”

Though as soon as he said it, the shemale immediately descends upon him angrily, with a fist headed right for his temple, that threatens to crack open his skull then and there. Jin Yue wasn’t expecting such a temperamental response, and almost failed to dodge.

Cheng Jin is fuming as well. Who’s he calling ‘real ugly’ here? His temper has never been great, and so if the bastard blond was a second slower in his reflexes, his life would’ve been forfeit already.

Jin Yue cusses, and quickly pulls out his particle ray pistol to aim at Cheng Jin, “you fucking…”


There is a bang, but not from the pistol in Jin Yue’s hands. In fact, if his instinct didn’t have him immediately duck, it wouldn’t just simply be his flowing golden hair that’s been singed.

Xiao Ji and He Huaijian, who are staying hidden close by for a surprise backup, are also stunned. He Huaijian has a cannon in his lap. Homemade, antique, doesn’t work half the time, but better than nothing.

When the two teenage shemales carefully set up the cannon, a light just blasted right by them, through walls and, if the blond kidnapper didn’t lower his head as quick as turtles do, his head would’ve been gone. They can all see his hair looking like it was chewed up by a dog.

Cheng Jin, turning where the ray came from, appear shook after seeing Cheng Zhaoci.

“Daddy!” Cheng Zhaoci, having been brought along by Wei Zhuo, runs to embrace Cheng Jin.

Meng Yuele is quite amazed. He insisted Cheng Zhaoci should stay on the vessel, since the sensitive males would probably find the battle scenes too traumatising, but he’s surely making him question his common sense a lot.

Then as Meng Yuele realises a certain blond looks like he might be sneaking away, he quickly rushes over to tie him up.

The two shemales seeing Cheng Zhaoci in Cheng Jin’s lap are both in shock – Xiao Ji’s eyes are widened so much one might fear his eyes falling out of their sockets. He Huaijian doesn’t have as exaggerated a response, but he’s simply dropped his cannon on his foot.

Cheng Jin and Cheng Zhaoci embrace for a while before turning to Wei Zhuo; Cheng Jin appears surprised, going, “Zhou Wei?”

“He was my dad,” replies Wei Zhuo, extending his hand to Cheng Jin, “I’m Wei Zhuo. Greetings, Flying Officer.”

Cheng Jin remembers that, his comrade, Zhou Wei, was his same rank when the unfortunate incident took him to the maker. He knew Zhou Wei had a shemale boy, but he must be no older than 25 at this point; this shemale is clearly a Flying Officer, though.

Seemingly knowing Cheng Jin would be confused, Wei Zhuo explains, “I’ve been through some rather brutal battles and lived through to tell the tale,” then he waits for a moment before adding, “and, after we finish dealing with Jin Yue, I would like to discuss in the detail the matter concerning the male insectoid Cheng Zhaoci.”

Cheng Jin grips his fists tight. He was busted after all this time.

“What was that about Cheng Zhaoci?!” Xiao Ji yells out, as he emerges from his hiding place, “wh-, what did you just say?! What was him?!”

No way! He knows his own good brother! That personality of Cheng Zhaoci? A male? Is he actually confused because he saw how Cheng Zhaoci is looking without those marks? Really? Reeeally?

Xiao Ji gives Cheng Zhaoci a glance, but then quickly looks away.

Kuhum. Uh… No, really?

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