Chapter 12


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Jin Yue was escorted onto another military vessel, since he’s a pirate, now freshly and additionally accused of kidnapping males. The Federation will never allow him on the same vessel as Cheng Zhaoci, even with Wei Zhuo personally escorting and protecting him.

Normally, the flight from Zhousuo to the Capital is quick, by utilising the many Warp Points in the galaxy, which can connect to the closest Warp Point to the destination directly. There is, however, a minimum physical and mental grade required to utilise them, unless the vessel itself is outfitted with special protections. Naturally, being a ‘might makes right’ species, only male-exclusive vessels have such protections.

Meaning, the current fleet transporting Cheng Zhaoci cannot use it.

So, without warping, they have to travel via slower means. It would take a week to reach the Capital this way. As for Cheng Zhaoci’s protection in the meantime, since he’s a minor in addition to being a male, it is determined that Wei Zhuo and Meng Yuele would not be adequate security detail. So this small command vessel is surrounded on all sides by large capital ships.

“They’re all coming up with excuses to get onboard our ship, those bastards. Everyone knows what they’re thinking,” Meng Yuele appears pretty pissed, “Cheng Zhaoci is still underage! Those thirsty shemales aren’t worried they’d scare him to death?”

Wei Zhuo then turns to Meng Yuele, “you’re not any better.”

After the matter with Jin Yue is concluded, Meng Yuele has been just staring at the young male. He wouldn’t say a word, but just stare at him with this glitter in his eyes. The two teenage shemales that followed the male almost got into a fight with the dum-dum Meng Yuele.

When even the dad of the male has had enough, Meng Yuele finally confessed that he’s a fan of Cheng Zhaoci’s comic.

Though that seemed to remind Cheng Zhaoci that he had updates to make, and so took his tablet with him back to his room to draw the next chapter.

Cheng Zhaoci feels like he might no longer need to make the kind of money that can afford a pheromone-proof place, but he still has his future plans. He can accept spending it with another shemale, but not a bunch of shemales, or any kind of lifestyle where he’s the breeding stallion like other males.

Is there meaning in a life of only abject luxury while being pampered by the shemales? Well, yes! So he wouldn’t need to work hard or think about all the difficulties in life, and he just has to be happy.

But it will get old really fast, it’s not living anymore. Not like a human – or rather, an insectoid. Cheng Zhaoci likes taking breaks, for sure. In fact, when he once got a good fat cheque for his finished series, he even made plans to take a rest for a month.

He was not even going to touch his tablet originally, but he couldn’t hold himself back.

Some things are work, but not just a career. Cheng Zhaoci really liked drawing – he was that kid that every class had, the one really good at drawing.

Of course, he was no genius, and with no talent in normal academic pursuits, and not being so talented as to have his drawings recognised as ‘art,’ Cheng Zhaoci could only take commissions for a livelihood. He may have things he want to express, but he was just an average person, possibly with slight quirks compared to the normal people.

Because there are people who like what he draws. Some people enjoy his short stories. It’s a truly blessed, addictive thing to be liked.

So Cheng Zhaoci kept drawing.

Comics are what gives value to him, Cheng Zhaoci thinks.

Males are born nobles. They don’t have to do or worry about anything.

But that is utterly boring. If he really let go of everything, he’ll feel lost. He won’t have to do anything; he would not know what else he could do,
But loathe himself for being a lazy, salted fish.

Cheng Zhaoci still does not know whether he will have his own cijun or not, but if he does, he cannot accept simply waiting to be fed and clothed by his own spouse. It’s a degrading way to live.

“You’re saying, that little male is drawing comics to earn his living?” Meng Yuele’s eyes widen greatly as he gasps.

What in the world is going on?! Is it the end of the world? Why are males having to join the workforce? Is this male trying to threaten the job security of what belongs to shemales?

“I believe so,” Wei Zhuo nods, “I believe he’s trying to lessen his dad’s b- what are you doing?”

“Spamming tips,” Meng Yuele’s fingers are tapping incessantly on his holodeck.

“You don’t need to. His dad is going to be reinstated soon. I doubt he’ll have to worry about money in the future,” Wei Zhuo says as he checks the systems running the military vessel. It’s a habit of his, even though the AI controlled vessel doesn’t really need oversight, but he feels safer having all the information on hand.

“I know! I know he won’t have to worry about money soon,” that’s the point! Although it’s really inhumane to have a male working, but he really wants to know what happens in the comic afterwards! What if the male got complacent and dropped the series?!

The little zombie king still hasn’t made it to a second chapter yet! How could he stop updating!

Even if the artist is a male, a minor male, a really pretty minor male, nothing will stop him getting his updates!

On the vessel carrying Jin Yue, he is sitting on the ground with his flowy hair all cut, now only sporting a short buzzcut.

The temporary cell doesn’t even have a bed. The ceiling is at best 2 metres tall exactly, and a latrine was provided right next to him. If he really can’t hold it in and have to go to the bathroom, it’ll be in full view of whoever’s outside.

“I’m just 32 this year, and shemales with grade A in physical aptitude aren’t that rare. Do you know how I managed to become the leader of the Golden Lions?” Jin Yue asks with a smile. No one answers, but he knows those guys can hear him. There is definitely surveillance in this cell, “oi, my crew are also on this ship, aren’t they?”

Jin Yue puts his hand in his mouth and pulls out something that looks no different to a tooth, “you’ve done your search thoroughly, I’ll give you that, even digging out that little toy I planted under my skin. Too bad this isn’t one of those hi-tech gizmos, so those detectors didn’t work.”

He throws that fake tooth out; the cell isn’t barred by some metal, but by densely packed grids of laser. Jin Yue isn’t even bound, mainly because, if he really felt like killing himself and rushed out, he’ll end up in several orderly blocks of meat cut up by the light.

As soon as he throws the tooth away, Jin Yue immediately ducks behind his latrine and crouches down, covering his head.

When the tooth collides with the rays, there is an explosion; an alarm sounds on the vessel.

“Fuck this damned lunatic!” The shemale in charge of supervising him couldn’t stop the rapid progression of events, “and he’s not fucking bothered he’d blow his own head to bits with that thing?”

Nope, Jin Yue actually isn’t, because he’s done enough things to receive the death penalty a hundred times over. Hey, the Federation sure manufactures good toilets. At least, without it, Jin Yue suspects he’d end up with most of his body missing right now.

The rays of light are still flickering, trying to breathe their last, but soon go out.

Jin Yue quickly rushes outside, ignoring the almost debilitating wounds he has on his back and the ringing in his ears, he is rushing for the surveillance room. This ship is packed to the brim with shemale soldiers, and he has almost no hope of making it out, so he shouts, “if I died, how long do you think the little male could live for?”

A threat implying he’s done something to Cheng Zhaoci, which is obviously bullshit since he didn’t even know Cheng Zhaoci was a real male and couldn’t think of something like that then. Jin Yue knows the Federation all too well, however. They won’t take the risk.

Of course they won’t. The little ugly thing really has an unforgettable appearance. There is almost an unspoken rule governing insectoid genetics. The more attractive an insectoid looks, the higher their physical and mental aptitude would turn out to be in rank. That little ugly thing is at least an A- without having to look to the testing.

Are there even 10,000 males in the whole Federation with grade A males?

The Federation will not take the risk.

As soon as he said that, a group of shemales have barged in through the closest door, but they are just standing there, staring because of what Jin Yue just said.

Jin Yue is relieved, “good, stay right there.”

That monster Wei Zhuo is probably protecting the little ugly thing as a personal bodyguard. He suspects most of the military force they sent after him is now protecting the little ugly thing as a priority, even. Although his plan of using him to threaten the Federation didn’t go off to a great start, but it’s certainly working now, in terms of results.

Cheng Zhaoci is still working on the draft storyboarding for the little zombie king. He expects to finish the first draft in this way in a day. The second chapter will feature the first time the strongest shemale will attempt to kill the little zombie, but he would manage to recover every single time, extremely rapidly, too, not even long enough to burn him to ash.

The strongest shemale concedes defeat. The strongest shemale decides to train some more before coming back. Then the strongest shemale feels a tug on his clothes. It’s the little widdle zombie king.
“Are you leaving?” He would ask. The most terrifying antagonist of the apocalypse has just been born in this world. He doesn’t remember his past or know his future. His first memory is this strongest shemale who wanted to kill him. He thought how he was killing him was just an interesting game, and this insectoid is here to play with him.
“Can you take me with you?” He would ask.

The strongest shemale pats the hand away and turns to walk. The little zombie king would just stand there, watching. Finally, the strongest shemale would stop, turn around, and say, “come.” He would justify it, saying that it’s better to keep the monster close to him than letting him roam freely outside. He can also practise killing him at any time.

At the final scene where the insectoid and the ‘zombie’ insectoid departs, Cheng Zhaoci has drawn a little piece of detail in one of the panels. The strongest shemale would pat the dust away from the little zombie king’s shoulder. It’s a sign that the shemale isn’t as cold and merciless towards him as he thinks.

After the draft, Cheng Zhaoci gives it a simple proofreading, then prepares to start working on the typesetting and dialogue boxes. Though that is when a piece of message comes through from an unknown account.

[See you in the future, you ugly thing~] And an image of an arrogant selfie. The close up of the face shows the blue and purple bruises clearly. Scratches and wounds, and clothes all ragged, revealing hints of the insectoid marks around the neck and collarbone.

That blond hair has become a mess, but even so, he has to say it at least looks better than the little shemale brat’s attempt at a pompadour back on Zhousuo. The insectoid is laughing pridefully and arrogantly, and the sense of ‘I’ll never bow down to anyone’ is almost oozing off the photograph.

Jin Yue has escaped! That’s the first reaction Cheng Zhaoci has. Then he suddenly notices, oh, Jin Yue, he actually has vertical pupils, like a beast of some kind.

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