Chapter 15

Absurd Plot Devices

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Fortunately, being well trained soldiers, Wei Zhuo’s orders send them scuttling back to stand in their ordered rows. Their eyes are still inevitably locked on Cheng Zhaoci, however.

The two young teenage shemales, all dazed from the onrushing waves of soldiers earlier, are shakily reapproaching Cheng Zhaoci.

“Meng Yuele, have the names of those who moved without orders taken… Never mind. Not a single one stood still where they should. All of you, 10 laps around Training Base A92, right now. Two extra hours of training every day for one month. Hand in a reflective critical essay at the end of that period,” Wei Zhuo declares clearly and succinctly, coldly and mercilessly.

Then he adds, “all submitted essays will be checked against plagiarism and repeated wordings. At over 50 repeated characters, it will be rejected and you will have to write another one.”

“Yessir,” Meng Yuele acts pretty professionally when it comes to business, it seems. Though he and Wei Zhuo are childhood friends, but the perversely talented grade S shemale Wei Zhuo shot through the ranks much faster than he is. Wei Zhuo is Meng Yuele’s direct superior, so while they can be a bit more casual with each other in private, in public, they’d act their posts much more strictly.

Cheng Zhaoci can clearly see that, as soon as the shemale soldiers heard they have to write a reflection, their faces all go sour, almost like Wei Zhuo is taking their lives.

Though the Wei Zhuo in question doesn’t seem to notice their sad puppy eyes at all, and informs Cheng Zhaoci, “your dad may be about two days before he’s back. Before then, you’ll temporarily reside in a property I own. I do not live there regularly, so that it would not be uncomfortable for you,” Wei Zhuo’s tone always becomes gentler in tone when talking to Cheng Zhaoci, although perhaps not many can appreciate the difference, “I can take you on a tour around the Capital if you need to.”

Wei Zhuo really is a kind and astute shemale. He’s helped him out a lot, too, Cheng Zhaoci thinks. He already learned that his dad’s reinstatement would be arranged to Wei Zhuo’s granddad – the Chief of the military forces, and that he was also the one who found teachers for Xiao Ji and He Huaijian.

As far as strangers go, Wei Zhuo’s almost one-sided kindness towards Cheng Zhaoci might be easily misconstrued – imagine that, in Cheng Zhaoci’s past life, a handsome and rich man continues treating a pretty woman he just met with undue kindness. One would definitely assume ulterior motives on the man’s part.

Actually, if Wei Zhuo really has that sort of ulterior motive, Cheng Zhaoci isn’t sure if he can even stand fast against it. He might have dozens of years of living under his belt, but who could really refuse a face that really is completely within his strike zone? In fact, the first time he saw Wei Zhuo, he was almost smitten right then and there.

Almost, because Wei Zhuo is showering him with motherly affection. Such a simple but honourable treatment, like watching the future of your nation growing up. He can’t even imagine someone as righteous as Wei Zhuo would try to pluck Cheng ‘the future of insectoid-kind’ Zhaoci up for himself.

Not to mention the sordid business of having a relationship with a minor. If Wei Zhuo really had that sort of thing in mind, he’d probably lose his life as soon as he lost restraint.

Cheng Zhaoci isn’t even sure if he should be thankful Wei Zhuo is such a respectful gentleman, or lament how he seriously shows no sign of being interested in him at all.

The three teenage insectoids board Wei Zhuo’s hovercar, with him in the driver’s seat.

Hovers in the Capital can drive themselves, apparently, as the technology has been developed and refined over the years to be even safer than manual driving. Wei Zhuo, though, is uncomfortable with leaving such controls in other’s hands.

Wei Zhuo knows he isn’t as saintly as Cheng Zhaoci is making him out to be. He hasn’t had vasectomies, so obviously he would feel something towards males as a healthy, adult shemale.

But Wei Zhuo knows himself all too well. An unlikeable, rough shemale blind in one eye like him is extremely undesirable.

Especially if it comes to Cheng Zhaoci. He pictures the kind male insectoid to be partnered up with a pretty and gentle shemale, who is unlike him in every way. He has thought about this since he figured out Cheng Zhaoci’s true personality, and quickly cleaned up any untoward thoughts towards him.

On the rear view mirror, he can see all three of the insectoids plastering their faces on the window, staring outside.

Zhousuo is too strikingly different from the Capital. There are tons of fresh curiosities for them on the planet.

“If you’d like, after we settle down at your new home, I can take you on a tour tonight,” Wei Zhuo turns his eyes back on the road, “there are even more things to see and do at night.”

“Eh? I thought you’d be busy, Officer,” especially with Jin Yue having escaped from his confinement. He already guessed that the military went to Zhousuo to capture Jin Yue. So essentially, he’s just failed his mission, meaning it’s unlikely he’d have time.

“Ensuring the happiness of males is top priority,” the Federation would agree that a leader of some space buccaneer group is far less important than a young male recently discovered to have been left and raised on a landfill planet.

Cheng Zhaoci has been exposed for quite a while now, but the relevant authorities have only contacted Cheng Jin just so they wouldn’t stress out the male they just recovered and cause any psychological distress. Not that Wei Zhuo agrees with the assessment, seeing the young male as far more energetic and happy than most males he’s ever seen. He doubt he has any psychological issues.

The top brass would never believe it without seeing it firsthand, anyhow. Wei Zhuo would rather spend his time window shopping with the good male insectoid, too, than supervising the uncouth shemales’ monotonous training.

“We’ll be imposing on you then, Officer,” Cheng Zhaoci sounds excited, and he is. An actual futuristic world that only existed in his sci-fi imaginations! What could this mean? It means far more material for his artistic pursuits!

The male really is well-mannered. Despite his usual poker face, Wei Zhuo finds it pleasing to spend time this way.

They reach the residence with the three insectoids in tow. The house is a two-story country home built in a more retro style. There are many rooms, and for the three minors who haven’t started emitting pheromones yet, it’s the perfect temporary residence for them.

The teenagers pack up and settle down with lightning speed, before gorging down a meal and quickly follow Wei Zhuo with sparkling eyes.

Xiao Ji seems really attached to Wei Zhuo. He talks with him a lot, especially after he learned Wei Zhuo is a grade S shemale, despite the more business-like tone Wei Zhuo treats him with.

“I feel like Flight Officer Wei is like a lone wolf. It’s really like me,” Xiao Ji whispers to Cheng Zhaoci, shocking him to no end.

Cheng Zhaoci is staring at Xiao Ji with eyes widened, “you, you sure are…”

“Utterly failing to read between lines. As usual,” He Huaijian finishes the sentence, as Cheng Zhaoci nods along.

Wei Zhuo can hear their conversation, and though he tried to speak up several times, he gives up regardless.

It’s dusk when the insectoids have emerged from their dinner. Though technology has progressed, it didn’t hamper physical store locations at all. Or rather, they’ve actually increased – from busybodies, basically.

While delivery services can ensure same-day delivery within the same planet already, and theoretically, it should have lessened the need for shopping outside at all, but a countertrend of ‘pursuit of realism’ sprung up against the ‘increasing distance in socialising.’ So these developed planets and territories had these ‘back to reality movements’ or whatever, which only intensified the more technologically advanced the area was. As if those that point out the increasing social isolation and starting such activism movements were somehow more ‘noble’ than those that do not, somehow.

Wei Zhuo really doubt there is anything more ‘noble’ about taking a few more steps to get on public transport, really.

Well, while he can’t understand it, the young male seems pretty excited to be out and about.

Cheng Zhaoci is positively enthused, like a country bumpkin in the big city for the first time ever. Everything is new and fresh to him.

They had a change of clothes before coming back out from the temporary house. It’s simple enough, like the black T-shirt Cheng Zhaoci has, but thanks to his above average appearance, and more importantly, good-looking male status, he is actually immensely attractive. Though there is the aforementioned slightly ‘emo‘ aura about him, so those that don’t know him would feel him slightly distant and hard to approach. So the shemales and demis around have not started swarming around him at all.

The shemale soldiers were brave and forthcoming because they knew he was found on the landfill planet and has seen how amicable in personality he is. He treats shemales with courtesy! So they were able to completely ignore that ‘unfriendliness debuff’ surrounding Cheng Zhaoci, like having rose-tinted glasses.

Wei Zhuo is also relieved to see the shemales and demis acting reserved, and takes the three teenage male and shemales with him to the shopping mall.

He finds it boring, to be honest, but the three seem quite happy, so it’s fine.

Wei Zhuo has also readied himself in case anyone did come forth to try to chat Cheng Zhaoci up. He would scare and, if necessary, intimidate them away; however, his plans definitely weren’t accounting for the fact that the one who emerged actually being a male.

Wei Zhuo, with Cheng Zhaoci and the two shemales in tow, are having some noodles in the shopping mall.

While slurping his noddle, Cheng Zhaoci hears someone ask.

“How’s the noodles?” The voice is pretty easy on the ears.

Cheng Zhaoci looks up to see a pretty missus with chestnut-coloured hair by his side. He blanks out for a moment, not having seen another girl for sixteen years, until he remembers, oh wait! There are no girls! Sh-He must be a male!

The male doesn’t seem happy that Cheng Zhaoci isn’t responding, but looking at Cheng Zhaoci’s face, he hasn’t snapped, “I haven’t seen you around before; you are a male, aren’t you?”

Cheng Zhaoci, seeing his smile, is just nodding blankly while thinking, jeez, save for the completely flat chest area, he’s basically a female human!

Then the male extends his hand and wipes the spring onion Cheng Zhaoci has got stuck near his lips, and he tells Cheng Zhaoci, with what he thinks is the most alluring tone, “look at you, little clumsy cat.”

Clink. Clink. Clank. All three other shemales seated have dropped their chopsticks on the table. They’re all watching with their jaws on the floor.

Even Cheng Zhaoci’s hands are shaking, too. He feels extremely conflicted right now, the way a nice straight guy might feel if someone gay wanted their ass.

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