Chapter 2

A Weak Shemale

Translated by boilpoil
Edited by boilpoil

Zhousuo is a mid-sized landfill planet significant only for its distance away from the Capital planet.

It is mostly wanted criminals at large and shemales who are no longer capable of fighting due to disabilities of various causes here. This has always been a planet for sending criminals to exile. There were very few inhabitants originally, since the delicate and patrician males can never accept such squalid living conditions. They say even the landfills on the Capital planet have a nicer smell than the air on Zhousuo.

Without males, there is obviously no way for the shemales here to procreate. This means that the entire population here came from outside. The only ‘natives’ would be any unfortunate souls still in the eggs of shemales exiled here.

“Eh, say, what do males actually look like?” A shemale, fifteen, or sixteen in appearance, has a big sack across his shoulders. There isn’t a patch of skin on him that can be described as clean. He is making all sorts of expressive faces at his companion.

The companion in question is clearly disinterested, not even paying him the courtesy of a glance.

The first shemale seems used to his companion’s countenance, as he continues to blabber incessantly, about anything and everything. When he spots something out the corner of his eye, he stops for a second and elbows his companion slightly, saying, “hey, look! Isn’t that Cheng Zhaoci?”

His companion is finally responding to him, by looking where he is.

Cheng Zhaoci is looking around at a crossroads, probably for someone. He certainly has a short and thin frame. They’re about the same age, but the two shemales are both almost 1.8m in height, while Cheng Zhaoci is still just barely over 1.7m himself.

Cheng Zhaoci is a pretty well-known insectoid in this area. They know he was from the Capital planet, but his shemale dad told them that was when he was still but an egg. When he was born, he was so ill that even though he recovered, he was no stronger than a demi.

Most insectoids were treating it as a joke or exaggeration, since surely, no shemale can be that weak, and it’s common knowledge that shemale kids can fight and brawl without nary a scratch.

Though one day, Cheng Zhaoci managed to dislocate his arm, while simply helping his dad move some second-hand equipment on the streets. It was quite eye-opening, like seeing pigs jumping into water to commit suicide. It certainly enriched the topics for idle chatter for quite a while.

Another thing about Cheng Zhaoci, is that he is so disastrously ugly – not exactly the appearance, but the insectoid marks on Cheng Zhaoci.

All shemales have insectoid marks, but Cheng Zhaoci has excessively dense and downright trypophobic-triggering markings, especially on his face. It’s like somebody sewed an embroidery right on his face. No one can even make out his features through the myriad of colour on his face.

A childhood friend of Cheng Zhaoci’s used to lament, oh, what if no males ever want Cheng Zhaoci? That was before the young, little insectoids learned that no handsome males exist on a landfill planet. Never mind Cheng Zhaoci, but none of them could expect to marry. That friend became quite depressed for a while knowing he’ll be single for life.

Cheng Zhaoci can also see the two shemales now. The talkative one is happily running along to him. He’s the dumb one who worried for Cheng Zhaoci’s marriage prospects in the past. His name is Xiao Ji. He likes to say that he came out of his egg the same day as Cheng Zhaoci.

Cheng Zhaoci thinks he has no idea what he’s talking about, since Xiao Ji was picked up and adopted by an old shemale who was blind in one eye. That shemale parent died when Xiao Ji was around five, having his head smashed in by a younger, stronger shemale when they were fighting over resources. Xiao Ji’s own memories are of course, completely unreliable at that point.

“Waiting for your dad?” Xiao Ji is holding that big sack in place as he runs over.

“Yeah,” Cheng Zhaoci replies, as he looks Xiao Ji over.

Then Xiao Ji puffs up his chest and says, “you jelly?”

Xiao Ji certainly had the body to boast. He’s also quite tall. While he would look cold if he was expressionless, but that dumb smile just downgrades him back to a large, dumb dog status. He certainly looks like he has more brawn than brain, but the happy-go-lucky Xiao Ji is also quite relaxing to be around.

Not that Cheng Zhaoci has any interest in him, though, because since Xiao Ji recovered from the sad fact that there are no males on landfill planets, he has never taken much care of his looks. Always looking dusty and sweaty like he’s some escaping refugee, like right now.

“We met uncle Cheng Jin earlier, he said he’ll be a bit late today,” the cool guy next to Xiao Ji is also here. The next moment, he rolls his eyes at the sweaty, uncouth Xiao Ji, completely ruining his tall and imposing aura.

Cheng Jing, or Cheng Zhaoci’s shemale dad, is the big handsome guy who was holding Cheng Zhaoci in his lap when he transmigrated.

It’s been sixteen years since Cheng Zhaoci ended up here, and his prayers go unanswered, as this world turns out to be that kind of godforsaken insectoid world. In insectoid worlds, the most capable fighters are the shemales, who have a reputation as flesh machines of war in the galaxy. They’re all tall and muscular and powerful, with the most powerful ones said to be able to fight metallic mechas all by themselves. Next up would be the demi-shemales, who can’t compare to the shemales in pure fighting prowess, and so are mostly in charge of office and clerical duties here.

Then there are the males, the sex Cheng Zhaoci belongs to. Absolutely trash at fighting, with timid, weak forms, comprising of less than 10% of the insectoid population.

This society in particular calls itself ‘monogamous,’ due to the fact that one male can only ever have one cijun, but there are no limits on how many shemale concubines and slaves one can own.

Any shemales married to a male will have everything they own transferred to their xiongzhu, while the males don’t have to do anything but be a happy child-creating stud. The more shemales they marry, the richer they become.

Oh, and yeah, even though one shemale can single-handedly wipe the floor with a dozen males, but causing any males to come into harm is illegal. If a male had their arm broken or their leg snapped or something, the shemales that caused that injury to happen would be summarily executed.

Not that all these unequal treatments at all deter shemale pursuit of males, as apparently this has been the norm for millennia.

Well, those overprotection mechanism for males are effective on those developed planets, of course, but it’s a whole other story on landfill planets. People here give zero fucks about the law, obviously.

Cheng Zhaoci’s shemale dad once told him that an adventurous young male once secretly made his way to a landfill planet to explore, then when his male identity was busted, a whole group of sexually deprived shemales pushed him to the ground and… well.

Whether it was something his dad made up to scare him, Cheng Zhaoci has seen for himself how these shemales around him, whether they were still teenagers or already on the last legs of their lives, would have these strange expressions when they talk about males. The fanaticism is deterrent enough for him.

He must never expose himself. But being stuck on Zhousuo, Cheng Zhaoci can only do his best to leave home as little as possible.

He does not know how long he can still hide his male status for. Their bodies will enter its mature phase at around 18 years of age. He will release pheromones, which might just spell the doom of him.

It’s going to take lots of dosh to live somewhere with pheromone-proof housing. Cheng Zhaoci himself is about as physically fit as he was in his last life, and he knows his dad is never going to let him mingle with unknown shemales anyway. On this planet, he’s practically disabled, only surviving by mooching off his dad, at the ripe old age of sixteen.

It’s shameful.

That is when the cool guy of a shemale interrupts his thoughts, “xiao-Ci, I’ve managed to modify the thing you gave me.”

Cheng Zhaoci almost looks beaming, “it’s done? Already?”

“It’s nothing too complicated,” the cool guy clears his throat, “since uncle Cheng is busy, come with me to get it.”

“Sure,” Cheng Zhaoci has a big smile.

Xiao Ji has a rather complicated expression, as he moves his hand over to cover Cheng Zhaoci’s face, “oh my dear Ci, please stop smiling. It’s creepy.”

Cheng Zhaoci’s messy insectoid marks got mushed together as he smiled, any trypophobe would have their souls knocked out into an out-of-body experience if they ever saw that.

Xiao Ji and the cool guy, whose name is He Huaijian, are shemales whose parents all passed early. Cheng Jin helped protect and care for them then. So, when Cheng Jin’s son Cheng Zhaoci, who looked malnutritious and had ugly insectoid markings, was bullied by other young insectoids——Well, not that they’ve actually succeeded, because Cheng Zhaoci was always surprisingly crafty for his age, in their eyes, at least——or were hurling insults at him, Xiao Ji would go fight them. He Huaijian isn’t much of a brawler, but he’s quite fiendish in his own right, finding ways to take revenge behind everyone’s backs.

Xiao Ji had also declared himself the older brother to Cheng Zhaoci around that time, too.

To be honest, Cheng Zhaoci is quite infamous for his weakness and is largely despised for living off his family. Everyone else has to start finding their own food and job at their age, so the insectoids who just superficially know about Cheng Zhaoci like to diss him for only being able to be a punching bag if he ever got into a fight with even children.

In any case, as Cheng Zhaoci removes Xiao Ji’s paw from his view – normally, he would pretend to pull his sleeves up to beat him for insinuating his ugliness, with Xiao Ji quite cooperatively holding his head begging for mercy – he already his mind full thinking about the device he asked He Huaijian to modify for him.

It’s something that the insectoids don’t have, as far as he’s aware – something similar to a drawing pad in his past world. This world doesn’t have a tool you specifically connect to a device to help you draw, and there is nothing with similar function even on the patchy internet. But He Huaijian has managed to recreate something similar to CSP for him after he told him what features he wanted to have. Of course, Cheng Zhaoci made the brushes himself.

He’s decided to pick up his old craft – drawing comics. He’s studied the market these years. While there is a culture and entertainment culture on the insectoid internet, and there is paid work with contracts and everything there, with novels and comics to boot… but, having read them, Cheng Zhaoci really wants to say, as expected of the insectoids who only have two things in mind – fighting and procreating. All the stuff is utterly hardcore. Blood churning battles, with such detailed and genuine analysis showing through the content that Cheng Zhaoci suspects this was some professional’s side gig. There are very few simple love stories, and they are, honestly, disappointing to read. Meanwhile, stuff that in Cheng Zhaoci’s circles in the past life would have been banned to no end – those depicting certain activities in juicy details, is instead given prominent seating and popular.

Well, ‘juicy’ as in literally just squirting juice everywhere, because there isn’t enticing foreplay or any sort of eroticism build-up. It honestly reads more like a guide to different positions or a biological report.

The many comments reaffirm this – they are going ‘holy shit’ because they’ve never imagined such a position being possible. They do not get aroused, so to speak. It’s similar to having seen some exciting martial arts demonstration, perhaps.

Well… Maybe he’s generalising too much, because Cheng Zhaoci knows that Xiao Ji would blush reading these ‘reports’ and even getting so excited as to have neighbours telling him to keep it down.

Speaking of, he hasn’t told Xiao Ji he’s going to draw comics. Xiao Ji only knows He Huaijian is helping Cheng Zhaoci make some kind of tool.

He also doesn’t seem to mind Cheng Zhaoci sticking close to He Huaijian and ignoring his ‘older brother.’ He’s senselessly starting to spout nonsense while holding that big sack again, telling them about the difficulties he had fighting for all the stuff now in his sack, and how they’ll probably work very well when fixed.

The ‘stuff,’ as in, rubbish from the developed, urban planets, that are dumped onto Zhousuo. Many of those aren’t actually broken, but possibly just outdated or have some easily fixed defects. For the insectoids on Zhousuo, these are good, free stuff.

Cheng Zhaoci looks at the blabbering Xiao Ji and thinks he also has to work hard now. If he ever makes enough to be able to leave, he’ll also have to bring Mr Brainless and Mr Unhappy with him.

Those living their lives out on the landfill planets may still be pushing their weights around and fighting well when still young, but they’ll go downhill fast when older, with no one hiring them for work and unable to win against others in the fight for scraps. Their most likely end is just like Xiao Ji’s short-lived shemale dad, being beaten to death alongside all the trash.

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