Chapter 26.1

Poking the Hornet's Nest

Translated by boilpoil
Edited by boilpoil

As the whistle to assemble fades, the students in uniforms quickly stand at attention. A shemale student sees something, and asks, bemused, “are my eyes tricking me, or is Xiao Ji actually smiling?”

Xiao Ji has quite the infamy about him; he and He Huaijian both, in the school. They’re the literal manifestation of ‘arrogant’ and ‘aloof’ respectively, one studying Applied Command Theory, the other at Mecha Design.

They were already generating quite some buzz being transfer students out of nowhere that, apparently, knew nothing – at least, even less than freshly enrolled students. In just a week, however, they’ve managed to squeeze themselves into the upper spots of the rankings. Their speed of learning and talent are actually terrifying.

In the beginning, there were those that picked on them for being new, but the weirdo Xiao Ji didn’t get intimidated at all. He’d fight all of them even if they came at him at once; he’s scraped and bruised, while his opponents end up in the hospital. Since it was judged that Xiao Ji was acting in self-defence, so he, who fought the most brutally, was the only one to walk off without a penalty.

He Huaijian also met trouble, they’ve heard, but they all ended up quietly retaliated tenfold or even hundredfold.

Put simply, they’re too much for them to handle.

Xiao Ji is quite audacious in his class, too. At training the afternoon after he fought the insectoids, he warned the entire class that whoever still wanted to come at him, feel free to do so. He’ll beat them up until they submitted.

Honestly, that flashy wine red hair under the sun, and the cocky smile and eyes, and especially that merciless brutality he brought from the days of fighting for resources back on the landfill planet, was enough to completely intimidate the fresh-faced, doe-eyed military academy students.

No one ever tried to pick on Xiao Ji anymore, and naturally, no one wanted anything to do with him either. Xiao Ji has been isolated completely. Not that he minds, apparently, simply eating and sleeping with He Huaijian.

He Huaijian is also isolated by his class, he’s heard.

Because they were transfer students, though, so they were allowed to live in the same dorm despite being from different principles. They probably don’t even feel like they’re being isolated.

If you ask Xiao Ji and He Huaijian, ‘isolated’? Is it any worse to deal with than going hungry day in, day out and fighting within an inch of their lives on the landfill planet? Of course not.

In summary, Xiao Ji, to his classmates, is now a violent and cocky shemale who has nothing but disdain for them.

But for some reason, he is actually smiling smugly today, and clearly not because of them, but because of something happy happening.

All smiles from the moment outside training began to its conclusion.

“What’s he so happy about?”

A young shemale with a buzzcut wonders, “did he find a xiongzhu?”

“You kidding me? What kind of male would like that?” The tallest shemale of the bunch goes ‘tch,’ “unless the male is blind, right?”

He pokes the shemale next to him with his elbow; the two look at each other, and the tall one goes “fuck, what the hell happened to you?!”

“Just leave me be, I read a comic yesterday,” the shemale is still sobbing with reddened eyes, “it’s really amazing. I’ll share it later.”

“Sissy,” the only shemale present who has dyed his hair – to red, by the way – rolls his eyes and says, “I know what’s going on.”

Everyone in the classroom looks at him.

“My bro was sitting close to them in the canteen early morning. Their younger brother is coming to treat them to cake,” the shemale then spits and says, “childish.”

“Wait what? That’s it? A younger brother?” The tall shemale’s mouth is twitching in disbelief, “speaking of, aren’t Xiao Ji and He Huaijian brothers? What’s with the different surnames?”

“Who knows, maybe they don’t even have parents and formed a family by themselves, haha.”

Outside the school entrance, a flustered Cheng Zhaoci looks at Wei Zhuo, then at Meng Yuele next to him, then at Sun Wushe at the end. Meekly, he raises his objection once more, “is this seriously necessary?”

Wei Zhuo, who took a day off to come, nods solemnly, “this is a military academy for shemales. Though the students are disciplined, but just in case.”

“We’ll be waiting outside,” Wei Zhuo points to the listening device in the shape of an earring on his ear, “if we judge that there is immediate danger, we’ll rush in to save you.”

Cheng Zhaoci doesn’t even know what to say anymore. So he decides to point to Meng Yuele and Sun Wushe, “do you need all of them just to save me? Wouldn’t Fly- I mean Squadron Leader Wei be enough?” Wei Zhuo is grade S too, isn’t he? So basically, super good at fighting. He can even come and go from enemy bases as he pleases.

Why three? Three shemale soldiers? Three shemale military officers?! It’s like they’re forming a whole scenery by themselves just standing there.

“Because I’m worried,” Meng Yuele says without the slightest hesitation, “although you are a brutal and merciless male insectoid who cruelly kills off his characters, but I still want to see the rest of the series. I must ensure your safety before then.”

Sun Wushe gives Meng Yuele a glance then says, “ditto.”

Ditto?! Ditto his arse! Why do they seem to see him entering the academy like a mouse venturing into a group of cats? Although it isn’t exactly inaccurate a comparison, but the students of the academy aren’t criminals! They’re well trained reservists who can even be called to war if the situation arises!

“I, I see,” they all took the day off just to ensure his safety. It is still a gesture done in good faith, so he can’t exactly tell them off or complain. Cheng Zhaoci can only turn around and, as the three shemale military officers watch him slink off to the security booth to register.

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