Cheng Zhaoci has succeeded! Mr Liang pauses for a moment, but then smiles and says, “you really are quite the independent little male. I’ve learned about you from your dad, and also read your comics.”

Cheng Zhaoci “?”

“So I had a backup plan. If it turns out you didn’t like the courses for males, we can learn the female pedagogy instead,” smiling gently, the teacher asks, “I heard you like mechas? Would you like to learn more about them?”

Before Cheng Zhaoci can say anything else, Mr Liang says, “three days a week, six hours each day. The rest of the time, you are free to continue your own work.”

It’s a month later when Wei Zhuo finally sees Cheng Zhaoci once more – four chapter updates this month for the little zombie king, that is depicting an ‘improving’ relationship between the leads, but it is more that the little zombie king is forcibly being converted by the strongest shemale, but he hasn’t realised his mistake.

Finally, in this latest chapter, the little zombie king was forced to eat insectoid food, until finally, he throws up and shoots it back out. Finally, the strongest shemale realises that the little zombie king is now different from an insectoid.

The continuous depressing feeling when reading the comic is almost like slicing meat with a dulled blade. Meng Yuele isn’t crying anymore, but whenever he is reading, his brows lock firmly. He looks like he really wants to rush in to beat that strongest shemale up.

There are already lots of comments berating the cruelty of the author.

Some even suspect the author of having bad days recently, so these few chapters are here to share the unhappiness; too bad it’s far too late to even try to drop the comic. They can only stay frustrated.

Wei Zhuo, meanwhile, has finally come to visit at the end of the month after a long period of busy work to check on the young male. He wasn’t expecting to be received by such an excited Cheng Zhaoci, though, whose eyes are practically glowing.

Was Cheng Zhaoci interested in mechas? Of course! Did he manage to learn anything? Of course not! Anyone can enjoy playing video games, but being put on an ergonomic chair to play like a paid pro gamer wouldn’t work for the majority of them. It rings especially true for Cheng Zhaoci, who realises the extent that he really sucks at mecha during the month’s studies.

So an avid fan of the subject meeting a pro ‘player’ of said subject would be unable to hide his admiration and adoration indeed.

And, he can’t help but wish that Wei Zhuo could take him training some more. Then maybe he can finally be elevated beyond ‘noob‘ status, and become a slightly more competent noob, you know.

When Wei Zhuo is drinking some juice with Cheng Zhaoci on the second-floor balcony, he still has no idea what’s going on – until finally, Cheng Zhaoci asks, “Squadron Leader, you got promoted really quickly. So you must be really good with mechas?”

A Squadron Leader at only 25 years of age! It’s insane. Not just in the insectoid society, but even in the human world he’d be uncharacteristically young.

“I know my way around one,” Wei Zhuo doesn’t know Cheng Zhaoci has designs on him, and continues, “though it’s not just skills with a mecha that is needed for promotion. Like Sun Wushe, he is still a cadet; usually promotions beyond cadet happen after thirty.”

“But isn’t your adjutant Meng also promoted above cadet already? I thought you’re similar in age,” Cheng Zhaoci feels like there must be a story behind this!

As expected, Wei Zhuo smiles a little.

“If you risk your life for it; we were still really young, and he and I have never been in the academy. We started off as the lowest rung, and slowly made our way up in a year, when war has erupted between the insectoids and the finned ones. Our team was ambushed and casualties were really high. Meng Yuele and I, hot-blooded as we were, just drove our mechas in a beeline for their main vessel,” Wei Zhuo recalls, “we were going to bring as many of them down with us, but we didn’t die, and I managed to lop off the head of the supreme commander of the finned ones. Apparently, he was their fourth prince, too. I was lucky.”

Wei Zhuo can’t help but recall what he was thinking then. He actually thought he was going to die.

But he didn’t want to. He was still questioning himself. Why should he die? For what is he fighting, protecting with all his life?

A life of continued extravagance and luxury for insectoids like his so-called ‘father’?

Is there even a meaning in this sacrifice? No one can tell him.

Though he lived, the question lingered. He obeyed society’s rules still, to the letter, but he cannot find it in him to have a personal investment. Wei Zhuo once thought he was simply a weapon wielded by the Federation, the kind that is sentient.

“Squadron Leader?” Cheng Zhaoci shakes his hand in front of Wei Zhuo, who is looking back at him now.

The turning point came when he saw the young male emerge from the rubble pile, he thinks. He really was special, like a shining ray of light that pierced through darkness, to grant a soul to the pile of lifeless, robotic meat known as ‘Wei Zhuo.’

Suddenly, he realises that it is because of insectoids like Cheng Zhaoci that there is now meaning in what he has done.

He is protecting the insectoids as a whole, protecting young males like him…

Speaking of males, as a healthy, adult shemale, he obviously has more carnal desires.

But Wei Zhuo does not dare to imagine himself the cijun or even shemale concubine of the young male. He does not want him to have to shoulder the burden of his desires. He wants to protect him, not for reputation or other such rewards. He will just watch over him quietly, so that the young male can always live to his heart’s desires, that he can continue shining brightly, and so spread some of the warmth of that light onto him.

Wei Zhuo thinks he understands the shemales that would do whatever it takes to make the males happy. Wei Zhuo, looking at Cheng Zhaoci’s face, thinks he can never say ‘no’ to him.

Meanwhile, Cheng Zhaoci, blushing a little from the stares, can’t help but think about how powerful that handsome appearance of the Squadron Leader Wei Zhuo is. He shuts his eyes firmly then reopens them, and continues, “can you play a few rounds of virtual mecha fights with me?”

“No,” Wei Zhuo refuses by reflex, speaking before his brain could even react. All the emotions he’s been feeling have been eliminated, his brain is now once again filled with the ceaseless death knell of “let’s play another round.”

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