Chapter 33.1

Insectoids on Parallel Trajectories

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“You said you ran into BombInMyPants?” Lu Nianqian is finally casting his gaze on his own brother from the documents in his hands.

Lu Su nods firmly.

“And he’s male?” Lu Nianqian closes the document and holds his chin in his hands.

“Yes!” Lu Su is nodding his head like a clucking chicken.

“Do you know his name?” Lu Nianqian is very much intrigued. A male drew all that? It’s almost inconceivable.

“Xiao Tiezhu; he said his name is Xiao Tiezhu,” after Lu Su said that, he suddenly widens his eyes to dodge to the side; where he was sitting now sits a small sculpture, which, moments ago, was on Lu Nianqian’s desk.

The thrower in question has stood up. If it wasn’t for the heavy and wide office desk blocking the way, Lu Su suspects Lu Nianqian will rush forward to give him a beating. It makes no sense, though. Lu Su doesn’t know how he managed to draw the ire of his secretly violent older brother.

He shrinks a little bit more, knowing just exactly how much pain Lu Nianqian delivers when he is out to beat someone up.

“If you make another tasteless joke like that, I’ll have you defenestrated,” Lu Nianqian does not understand at all, how he and the little brat grew up together but ended up so different. Specifically, how did he grow to be so stupid.”

“What tasteless fucking joke are you even talking about?! I wasn’t even telling a joke!” Lu Su thinks he’s being accused of a crime he didn’t commit here.

“Who in the world would name their male insectoid ‘Tiezhu’? Did you actually become a member of parliament on being elected or being bought the position by your fucking uncles?!” Lu Nianqian really wants to drill into Lu Su’s head to check out what exquisite sort of shit is there instead of a brain, “at least come up with something more believable before you’re going to tell a lie!”

“But he really is named Tiezhu! I’ll show you a photo,” Lu Su shows Lu Nianqian the secret candid photos he took. He made sure the photos would be clear because he was planning to show Lu Nianqian how much the young male looked like him.

Lu Nianqian was dismissive all until he actually laid eyes on the photo.

Lu Su disses, “tch, you aren’t going to say I doctored the photos to fool you, right? Look at his nose, and the eyes.”

“So this is BombInMyPants?” Lu Nianqian furrows his brows, “he looks really like…”

“Like you, I know,” Lu Su tries to finish the sentence for him.

“Like me bollocks! Don’t you think he looks way more like father?” Lu Nianqian was 24 when his father passed, so he clearly remembers him.

In fact, the whole demeanour is similar. Cold, somewhat gloomy and distant. He almost looks like a copy of their late father. Though in the photo, the male is smiling at a shemale sitting next to him. It’s quite a stark contrast to him.

Lu Nianqian’s face is becoming quite serious. Lu Su, meanwhile, is just stunned silly, “but, but he said he was Xiao Tiezhu, and he’s still a minor. He doesn’t look over 18 at all, but even the youngest of the brothers is over 20. This male couldn’t possibly…”

But there is another possibility. That egg that was still unborn back then. A concubine was exiled alongside the egg on a landfill planet, though it became clear the insectoid born was a shemale very soon after his birth. When did he become male?

“Did you tell him your name before asking for his?”
“I did? It’s basic courtesy… Oh shit! He knew who I am?”
“Most likely. Uncle definitely gave him a good disguise. For you-know-what,” Lu Nianqian suddenly feels a little tired, shutting his eyes and sinking into the office chair.

It’s almost without question that this ‘Xiao Tiezhu’ is a son of their late father. Aside from appearance, the actions the male took before and after as recounted by Lu Su is also pointing right at that unmistakable conclusion.

The male must have been panicking having run into Lu Su like that, so by reflex, he wanted to get out of dodge.

An understandable reaction because of Lu Nianqian and Lu Su’s dad, the insane shemale.

Lu Nianqian sighs, and then tells his younger brother, “tell nobody about this. You never met him. Got it?”

Lu Su does not answer. Lu Nianqian, observing how Lu Su seems to be pondering, slams on his desk, spooking Lu Su, “throw whatever ideas you have out right now! Who are you trying to get killed? If our dad knew father still had a male left, you know exactly how ugly it will turn out!”

Argh. So troublesome. It’s seriously tiring. As shemales, their dad basically didn’t care about them at all. He was almost the one who raised and cared for Lu Su.

Compared to Lu Nianqian, who faced both an apathetic and uncaring dad and also had to care for and protect his own younger brother, Lu Su is quite a bit more innocent. There are times when Lu Nianqian just wants to pack this dumbo and the mad insectoid at home and throw them far, far away, but there is no way he can do that.

They’re his closest relatives. His dad, insane and unreasonable though he is, is still his dad. His younger brother, jumpy and clueless though he is, is still his younger brother. All baggage one cannot throw away.

So Lu Nianqian can only tell his younger brother, “nothing happened today. We didn’t know anything about anyone. This is the best for everyone involved! You are still the member of parliament and he is still some common comic artist. Now, go delete all the photos you have.”


“Delete them!” Lu Nianqian says mercilessly, “unless you want me to take your holodeck by force and delete them for you!”

“Fine! Fine! I’ll delete them. Why do you have to be such a pain in the arse about it?” Lu Su, under the killing gaze of Lu Nianqian, deletes all the candid photos he took, “done.”

“Let me check,” Lu Nianqian extends his hand with a stern expression, “if even one remains, you can go bury yourself in a hospital bed for a while.”

“Fuck you! Are you on angry pills or something?! Hah?!” Lu Su is unable to put up much resistance against the violent Lu Nianqian, though. So he just obediently and meekly hands in his holodeck.

The meek and unassertive member of parliament then asks, “can I really not go meet him?”

“Do you think he’ll be happy to see you? A child of the criminal who was the cause for his 16 years’ imprisonment on a landfill planet? And what are you even going to do after you meet?” Lu Nianqian throws the holodeck back  to Lu Su, “all done, now leave me alone.”

After a grumbling and mumbling Lu Su has left, Lu Nianqian sits alone for quite a while. Not looking at his documents, or even thinking about much. It was all so sudden, so sudden he didn’t know how to react.

When finally, he is ready to face the day again, the first thing he does is open the page of the comic artist he is following. After leaving him a billion presents, enough to obstruct the entire screen, he leaves a comment using his alt.

[8452769452: Keep up the good work. It’s brilliant. The artist is great]

He’ll leave it at that. Watching the cover art for ‘In a Tiny Flicker’ one last time, he closes the page.

They will remain a comic artist and his reader. There are boundaries that, when crossed, only bodes ill, like the relationship between them and this young male insectoid they do not even know the name of.

Lu Nianqian, though, still remembers the uncle’s name. The shemale concubine was Cheng Jin. He can’t help but wonder if the male adopted the surname Lu after his biological father, or Cheng, being his dad. There were only those few photographs.

He is a half-brother, but, all he could ever bring him is trouble.

It’s best to leave it at this.

Lu Nianqian exhales, then opens up his work documents again.

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