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“I feel like we can fly!” Zhou Luoluo declares, as he shoves his work in Cheng Zhaoci’s face, “I’ve become better, haven’t I?”

Cheng Zhaoci examines it and nods, “that you did. Keep up the good work,” though his tone definitely can’t be described as jubilant.

Even Zhou Xiaobao, who is focusing on his own detailing work nearby, looks over. Zhou Luoluo furrows his brow as he looks Cheng Zhaoci up and down, “what’s wrong with you? You look like you lost your wallet to a pickpocket or something.”

“Completely off. I just met an insectoid unexpectedly,” and unfortunately. He wants nothing to do with them, but now that he thinks about it, his reaction when they left the last time was far too unnatural. They’ve probably figured it out already, “so I feel like my halcyon days might be running out.”

He is really anxious what the other side will do, and asks, “does anyone work in fortune-telling here?”

Fortune-telling? The Zhou brothers are looking at each other nonplussed. Zhou Luoluo asks, “do you mean someone who says how lucky you are?”

“Never mind,” he should’ve known there’s no such thing in the ultra-realist insectoid society!

“Don’t be sad, think about it this way!” Zhou Luoluo pats loudly on Cheng Zhaoci’s shoulder, “you’re a male! Who would ever dare lay their hands on you?”

An insane insectoid, for example? Though Cheng Zhaoci doesn’t ask Zhou Luoluo that follow-up. He probably won’t have a constructive answer either.

“It’s fine. Even if that person kills you, he will be executed summarily. You won’t be missing out,” Zhou Xiaobao tries cheering Cheng Zhaoci up.

A poker-faced Cheng Zhaoci looks at Zhou Xiaobao and says, “ah, what great advice. You have my thanks.”

“You-you’re welcome,” Zhou Xiaobao, who’s very rarely the recipient of gratitude, is blushing again, “glad I could help.”

The hell are you blushing for?! Cheng Zhaoci is speechless. To be honest, he also knows it’s useless to think about it all. He doesn’t know Lu Su or what he would think. In fact, the more he talked about it with insectoids that can’t help him, the more he’s scaring himself with his own imagination.

As for insectoids that can help him, that would probably be Squadron Leader Wei.

He tells Wei Zhuo that he ran into Lu Su; Wei Zhuo responds with such promptness it begs the question of whether he is slacking off at work.

Obviously, Wei Zhuo is still working hard, but he has set certain key phrases, like the names of the family members of that insane cijun, that would ring up even when he has notifications turned off for work.

He did bring the male to the Capital planet, and promised to protect him, after all. That’s why he cannot afford to end up not knowing about anything befalling or endangering the young male while he’s at work.

Wei Zhuo tells Cheng Zhaoci to stay home for a few days and not even step outside the door if possible. He will investigate what the Lu brothers are doing.

Lu Su and Lu Nianqian are very close to each other, and Lu Su, being a member of parliament, is unlikely to even indirectly do anything to a male.

In the end, the task of monitoring Lu Nianqian falls to Sun Wushe, who actually volunteered himself, because, in his own words, ‘protecting the valued cultural assets of insectoid society is a common responsibility.’ He almost sounds like his mind has been infected by Meng Yuele.

Though it turns out Lu Nianqian is just working and then having overtime normally. Not a single sign that he’s planning to do anything.

“Lu Nianqian, and also the family behind that widowed cijun to an extent, seem to hold mixed feelings towards the shemale,” Sun Wushe reports on his findings while scowling a little, “with the exception of the cijun‘s younger male brother, for whom he was the perfect older brother, which was what motivated the reluctant family to protect him in the first place.”

“At the same time, the brothers Lu Nianqian and Lu Su are not so fortunate. The cijun appears to blame the two shemales for his ‘misfortune’ in life. They were victims of domestic abuse before they distanced themselves from the family when they grew older,” Sun Wushe pauses, and adds, “the abuse was mainly hurled at a protective Lu Nianqian.”

Cheng Zhaoci is also present to listen to the findings, but before he can even comment, Meng Yuele is already blabbering, “why is he even still caring for that dad of his? I thought he’s already the largest shareholder of that big company of his?”

“It is his only shemale dad? The one who birthed and raised him? I cannot speculate as I cannot sympathise,” Sun Wushe is sneering the entire sentence, “nor can I even understand. Isn’t that right, Wei-ge?”

“Regardless of the inexplicable reasons, he does not seem to be making a move against the Mr Cheng Zhaoci. I believe there is enough information to make that conclusion, but we cannot afford to be careless,” Wei Zhuo turns to Cheng Zhaoci, telling him, “there was a recent incident when their dad attempted to attack a demi, who was another child of your late father.”

“He went unpunished because of his clinical insanity and the lack of actual physical harm,” Wei Zhuo always turns rather dour when he talks in this serious tone, “I believe it is important that you are accompanied by at least one adult shemale when leaving the house from now on. A shemale soldier would be best, like us, or your dad. It will ensure your safety.”

“If none of us are free, I will also dispatch a soldier to your side.”

“Alright. I’ll also avoid going outside unless absolutely necessary,” Cheng Zhaoci is also cooperative when it comes to his own safety. And also, he doesn’t have that much of a desire to walk around in the first place.

If the two brothers are planning on leaving him alone, they probably wouldn’t meet again anyway…


Cheng Zhaoci wasn’t expecting for his efforts to avoid confrontation with them and with Wei Zhuo and the others all working towards that goal to be foiled by one unaware traitor in his midst.

Zhou Luoluo has excitedly declared that he is going to officially propose.

And not just simply propose, but also dragging Cheng Zhaoci and Zhou Xiaobao along.

Zhou Luoluo has these extremely romantic wreaths prepared. Yes, wreaths. Flowers in a circle sort of affair.

But not simply circles, of course, but the characters ‘I,’ ‘love’ and ‘you.’ A wreath for each of them.

Obviously, Zhou Luoluo himself can’t carry and arrange them all, so the two males he dragged along are his flower-holding wingmen. Zhou Luoluo busily bumbles around arranging them in place, “alright, xiao-Ci you get the ‘I’ and ‘l,’ ‘o’ on your limbs. Xiaobao can just hold up the ‘o’ and ‘u.’ The ‘v,’ ‘e,’ and ‘y’ are mine.”

“Got it, got it, jeez,” Cheng Zhaoci doesn’t really exactly want to touch these ugly wreaths, but it’s also not something that should drive a wedge between their good relationship; lovestruck males are braindead, after all.

Hmm, now that he thought about it, if Zhou Luoluo manages to offend the eyes of the target of his affections enough, maybe the shemale will be able to overcome the gender barrier and dump a bucket of water on Zhou Luoluo to make him understand that ‘no’ means ‘no.’

Zhou Xiaobao, meanwhile, has been quiet – or rather, stiff frozen – the entire while.

“Say, after we’re there, should we be yelling in chorus? I’ll call out the name, while the three of us all yell ‘I love you’?” Zhou Luoluo says all coquettishly.

Cheng Zhaoci gives him a death glare, “if you make me the headline of tonight’s news, you’ll end up on tomorrow’s as a victim of homicide.”

Zhou Xiaobao finally utters the first word after departing for the destination, “agreed,” his legs have been cramping the moment he learned he’ll have to join his nephew in confessing at the entrance to the other shemale right at the entrance of his company. It is still cramping right now.

And to also shout the confession… He’d prefer to leave this mortal realm altogether, or, failing that, have the one who proposed all this depart the mortal realm instead. In fact, Zhou Xiaobao finds that he might actually have the courage in him to pull that through.

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