All three males with their dumb wreaths in tow are on a difficult pilgrimage of confession. Cheng Zhaoci imagines they would have been gawped at if they didn’t take a private taxi.

Not gawped at for being males, but completely eclipsed by the curiosity about what mysteries go on in some insectoids’ minds.

Even Sun Wushe, here to serve as his bodyguard, is keeping a rather alarming distance from them.

Though they do have to disembark at some point. After lining up, they are, as expected, being surrounded by a crowd of onlookers. When Cheng Zhaoci is about to die of shame and Zhou Xiaobao is literally about to die of embarrassment, the normally haughty Zhou Luoluo, who despises shemales and demis and is damned uncomfortable being ogled by them yells out from the top of his lung, “Lu Nianqian! I love you!”

Lu, Lu what?! Cheng Zhaoci can’t even think about how embarrassing this has all become as he stares at Zhou Luoluo in disbelief.

And in fact, regardless of everything, Zhou Luoluo is still an amazing insectoid. Look, he’s already told his dad to be his shemale concubine once in that patisserie, and now he’s going after his half-brother?!

Oh, but actually, maybe it’s a different ‘lu’ and ‘nian’ and ‘qian,’ so…

But there are no maybes. He ends up eye-to-eye with Lu Nianqian who just got off work. Both of them freeze.

Their eyes though make Zhou Luoluo elbow Cheng Zhaoci to ask, “oi oi, he’s not into you, is he?”

“Unlikely,” Cheng Zhaoci replies. This is bad, ridiculous, and wrong, because the situation cannot be blamed on Zhou Luoluo the slightest as he has been kept unaware of the rather messy relationships beneath, but he still wants to beat Zhou Luoluo up.

And also, why in the world are you going after him?! You’re 25 years younger than him! You’re the perfect age to be his son! You’re not even a godsdamned adult and you’re trying to court a shemale in his 40s! Are you insane?!

He thinks Zhou Luoluo sorely needs an intervention and a class in self-awareness. This shemale is clearly out of his league!

Lu Nianqian has also composed himself by now, walking forth to Zhou Luoluo and says, as the latter looks on expectantly, “if I see you like this again the next time I am off work, I should have to inform your dad, Flying Officer Qian, that his male son is trying to court a 40-year-old shemale.”

Zhou Luoluo shrinks, and his heart dies. He thinks he no longer believes in love, and runs away bawling.

Cheng Zhaoci is going to go after him and also run away, but Lu Nianqian has called out to him.

And as he doesn’t know his name, he ends up blurting, “Xiao Tiezhu.”

It takes two calls to stop Cheng Zhaoci as he fails to react the first time, the name being an impromptu ruse. He only remembers that it is the fake name he supplied Lu Su the second time.

He stops and slowly turns around, “hey. So, can I help you?”

Sun Wushe has quickly moved in between Lu Nianqian and Cheng Zhaoci.

Lu Nianqian’s mouth is moving, but he fails to make any sound at all. After a while, Cheng Zhaoci asks, “I’ll be going, then?”

“Huh? Oh,” Lu Nianqian nods, “apologies. Excuse me.”

They both know the other knows who they are by now, but they are keeping everything under wraps.

Lu Nianqian also knows he had blood rush to his head earlier.

A rush that happened because he was caught completely by surprise. He wanted to know the name of his half-brother, and how he came back from a landfill planet.

But it’s not his place to ask. It’s better not to know, so that they are not entangled further.

Sun Wushe has raised his brows at Lu Nianqian in the meantime, smirking, as if despising how indecisive Lu Nianqian is currently being.

Afterwards, he follows Cheng Zhaoci back into the private taxi.

Zhou Luoluo’s dreams have been dashed entirely, because the love of his life has threatened to tell on him. Zhou Luoluo is not brash enough to dare getting his dad involved. He declares his unrequited feelings lost in the past, and returns to being a bachelor.

“Are you implying there was a moment that you graduated bachelorhood?” Cheng Zhaoci sounds confused, “your feelings have to have been reciprocated before you can break up, no?”

Sun Wushe erupts in chuckles in the front seat, as Zhou Luoluo’s cries turn louder.

Zhou Xiaobao is trying in vain to console his nephew, “it’s fine, it’s fine. He was never going to fall for you anyway.”

An effective consoling. Zhou Luoluo is also having hiccoughs now.

Finally, Zhou Luoluo lets himself fall onto Cheng Zhaoci’s lap, hiccoughing and bawling. Cheng Zhaoci, annoyed, tries consoling him genuinely, telling him he’s amazing. The shemale is just blind.

Zhou Luoluo, with eyes resembling big chestnuts now, raises his head with lips still trembling, “can, can you introduce me to that, you know, your older brother who is very cold? The one that always looks unhappy…”

He hasn’t finished when Cheng Zhaoci already has his palm up in the air, “oh? And why should I do that?”

“What are you doing?” Goosebumps erupt all over Zhou Luoluo as he quietly leaves Cheng Zhaoci’s lap.

“Depending on what you tell me… You see this palm?” Cheng Zhaoci says with a poker face, “it may land squarely on your cheek.

Zhou Luoluo is no longer sobbing or heartbroken… Well, he’s probably still heartbroken, but anyway. This is quite simply a case of, for example, in Cheng Zhaoci’s old life on Earth, the attractiveness that a mature, successful lady has towards, say, an immature and horny highschool student. The brat can try all he can, but the big sis isn’t interested in anything romantic.

Cheng Zhaoci sighs and starts ignoring Zhou Luoluo. Instead, he checks the comments on his comics using his holodeck. Then he gets shocked by two massive dumps of money.

Cheng Zhaoci “???”

He gasps at this alt whose ID is just a string of numbers, who has wired him approximately a million in gifts. It’s one of those legendary rich bois. It must be.

There must be ulterior motives behind such ridiculousness. He cannot believe some rich insectoid is just feeling altruistic and would not make any demands or commissions of him.

Cheng Zhaoci refunds the gifts to the ID. He already has enough income by now, gifts are unnecessary.

Meanwhile, somewhere else, Lu Nianqian is slightly dejected. The comic artist, his half-brother, probably realised it’s him, so he would not accept it.

Though the honest reason is that Cheng Zhaoci can’t help but remember how a pirate commented he was putting a big bounty on him and wanted his address. He’s afraid the reader behind the money might be rather chilling to the core.

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