“You’re saying, ‘Iron rod,’ as a name?” A blond male has his eyes widened, listening to the question from Lu Su.

“Yes! Xiao Tiezhu. Is it possible it’s a name for you males?” Lu Su is asking discreetly on the way to work. The one he is asking is a male insectoid, but surprisingly, also dressed in the same blazer and with a lapel on his chest.

“What’s that? Did I hear you guys going on about iron rods?” Another male insectoid, also a member of parliament, comes over, “lao-Qian, are you for real flirting with your coworkers right now?”

Around them are actually many more male members of parliament with a scant few shemales. One could be forgiven for misunderstanding that the gender imbalance is a high male-to-shemale ratio just looking at this scene.

“The hell would I flirt with him for,” the blond MP shrugs, then quickly makes a funny face and tells the fellow MP that just walked over, “hey hear me out, there’s a male named ‘Xiao Tiezhu.'”

“What the fuck?! Hahaha,” the two males are cackling, which only attracts even more males.

“Wahey woohoo! Xiao Tiezhu! ‘Iron Rod’ Xiao!”

“Hahahahaha hot damn!”

Lu Su is watching these inexplicably laughing males who are in danger of laughing their whole face sore, “you bastards are always ruining my fantasies of the kind and gentle male,” and if it weren’t for the protection afforded these MPs, he should love to show his older brother how these buggers normally behave.

“A kind and gentle male named Xiao Tiezhu?” The blond male insectoid known as ‘lao-Qian’ retorts, “I know what’s got into you. That comic artist named BombInMyPants, right?”

“Yes! I met him, he might be my… Uh, regardless, he said his name was Xiao Tiezhu. Do you think that is his real name?”

“Impossible,” lao-Qian sighs, “I also know about him. He does have some relationship with your family.”

One of the male colleagues gathered nods and adds, “we’ve been keeping an eye on him since his return.”

“You know how tense the situation between males, shemales and demis are,” and there are more and more shemales as epitomised by Jin Yue who no longer tolerate male excesses. The Federation appears prosperous on the surface, but underneath, unseen waves are threatening to tear it apart. The endless unequal oppression is eventually going to boil over and explode in everyone’s face.

If they don’t resolve the underlying problem, there will yet be a second and a third Jin Yue.

“The President has been trying to push for what change he can, but the issues run too deep historically. Any change could threaten to crumble our society before the general populace even revolts. The catch is that not just the males, but a sizable portion of the populace that are their diehard supporters, would oppose any threat to their privileges,” the male MP doesn’t seem to at all mind the fact that he is also one of the ‘males.’

“Cultural and artistic creations are the perfect ‘soft’ attack we needed. It can help push a lot of minor reforms through without raising eyebrows. Not too many, anyway,” lao-Qian shakes his head, “youthful energy really is quite amazing. The ones in charge are viewing that young male insectoid favourably, I hear.”

Another of his colleagues comments, “the fact that he’s a male is a godsend. It will serve to deter from pushing all males away from shemales and vice versa. We do need the society to continue progressing harmoniously, after all.”

Lu Su’s mouth is twitching seeing the male MPs all look so happy, “so he’s gonna get invited to your exclusive club after he comes of age? Turning into another one of you freaks?”

“Depends on what the male’s wishes are; though, just between you and me, I bet the President would go get the young male personally when he has to do his aptitude test,” since the President appears quite impatient as well.

No one knows what the President looks like, actually. In fact, the general populace considers the President as entirely powerless and a puppet of the upper brass of the military. Only those in the know in the government know that this is not the case.

The military is only in charge of the various armies. Bureaucrats are the ones still in control over everyday affairs. While the Grand Marshal, at 150+ years of age, and may he continue to serve the nation faithfully, is actually, kuhum, the cijun of the President, also at 150+ years of age.

The fact is that insectoid society is not dictated by the shemales, and certainly not the demis either.

Males, with their natural tendency to want to rule and control, mean they make the perfect politicians – well, counting only those in the topmost percentile in performance and aptitude, which is this group.

They may not be as physically fit as shemales or even demis, but their schemes and machinations would not pale even in comparison to the most high-achieving demi.

After their aptitude test, grade A males would be advised, after consideration of personal will, family background and criminal records, to study in a males-only secret academy to be nurtured as the elite of the elite of the insectoid society.

One of the reasons that the identity of the MPs are protected is that, with membership of more than 80% of the total MPs being male, it is feared that this appearance of a tyranny by minority will exacerbate the rift between males and shemales and demis, with males appearing to have control of and also defending male interests.

Though they are also trying to fix those underlying issues. Issues coming from laws, which were built on good intentions, until it became abused and its good faith tarnished. It has been centuries since the very first version of the Male Protection Laws came into force.

Since then, it has been abused to no end, becoming an unchecked shield that protects all males, how ever depraved they are.

It’s like a deep, longstanding swamp. Difficult to deal with.

There is another reason for the protection of politicians, but that is a story for another time, which the males do not tell Lu Su either.

Lu Su, meanwhile, thinks it isn’t much of a secret, but the males would not tell him at all, saying, “what good is it for you to know?”

It really is quite rare for a shemale like Lu Su to end up in this bureaucratic position. In insectoid politics, males overwhelmingly outnumber demis, who in turn outnumber shemales.

While they are quite more amiable to work with, these males still have their general pride.

Actually, it’s quite rare for them to unanimously praise another insectoid like that.

Lu Su is actually quite happy hearing the praises by proxy, but he also can’t help but feel excluded. Impetuous though he is, it is clear that these bastards are all refusing to tell him what ‘Xiao Tiezhu’s real name is.

Goodness him. Because of these current issues facing insectoids, he doesn’t even have an opportunity to learn someone’s real name?

He’s the definition of righteousness and kindness! What, does he look like he would spill the beans? Huh? No way. At least, Lu Su does not think so, not at all!

Though he also knows, by experience, that trying to prod his coworkers some more will just confuse him even further into the garden path. He really is no match for these smartass males. He’s just a simple shemale, the kind that completely believes everything at face value.

In fact, Lu Su can’t help but ask himself once more – how ever did he pass the parliamentary screening to become a member in the first place?

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