Zhou Xiaobao and Zhou Luoluo are sleeping over at Cheng Zhaoci’s tonight. Knowing that Cheng Zhaoci is also a male and only his dad is at home means the Zhou family were happy to let them spend time together.

The three of them are currently huddled together, checking their work. Seeing the luminescent blue butterflies dotting the beautifully depicted, boundless ocean and starry skies, Zhou Luoluo is tearing up, “I want to fall in love too.”

“Me too,” Zhou Xiaobao concurs, adding, “with a reporter, if possible.”

Though the idealised fantasies in the comic only serves to highlight the mundanities of everyday life, that’s for sure.

Cheng Zhaoci can’t help but sigh as well; the Zhou brothers are still teenagers who have been single for a dozen few years. Counting his past life, Cheng Zhaoci has never known the happiness of a significant other for over 40 years.

All three bachelor males are sighing, lamenting the insectoid condition in reality.

Though that is when Cheng Zhaoci gets a notification on his holodeck. It’s from Wei Zhuo.

He heard from his dad that Wei Zhuo is currently on a mission over at some other star system. It’s surprising he could even make a call.

He accepts, and Wei Zhuo’s hologram projection pops up.

“Happy birthday,” Wei Zhuo makes clear his purpose of calling with the first sentence, “apologies for calling so late at night. Did you have a happy celebration today?”

The shemale is still in his operation uniform, but there does not appear to be much dirt or dust on him. Cheng Zhaoci thinks he is probably on some non-space-buccaneer-related business, or he wouldn’t even have been able to call.

“I did, and your mission is much more important. This doesn’t really compare,” Cheng Zhaoci scratches his head slightly awkwardly; his two male friends are looking at him, and then at the hologram projection, and then back at him, with rather complicated expressions.

“Are you already satisfied with this?” Zhou Luoluo decides to strike, “this isn’t romantic at all!” He blabbers loudly, transmitting the sound clearly through the call as Cheng Zhaoci did not set the call to private.

Wei Zhuo seems to be surprised, as the hologram projection would only depict the person in the call, “there are other males present?”

“It’s fine, just ignore them,” Cheng Zhaoci gives Zhou Luoluo a firm pat on the head; he shrinks a little in response, but then erupts in laughter.

Hey! Finally a shemale that is not related to Cheng Zhaoci. Zhou Luoluo thinks it’s the perfect time for his petty revenge against Cheng Zhaoci for teasing his failed confession earlier! See who’s the one who can’t have good things in life now! “How could this be a happy birthday without the blue butterflies dancing through the skies?!”

Zhou Luoluo then immediately retreats from Cheng Zhaoci by rolling away to avoid getting a fist of judgment shoved up his jaw, but unfortunately for him, he stubs his toe on the bed, and causes him to erupt in his signature high-pitched scream.

Wei Zhuo can hear the scream, but Cheng Zhaoci doesn’t seem fazed in the slightest. In fact, he’s actually laughing. The male who screamed is probably fine, then, so he asks, “would you like to see blue butterflies?”

“Huh?” Cheng Zhaoci freezes in his laugh, as Wei Zhuo says, “hold on.”

Then he hears ruffling, probably Wei Zhuo climbing a tree, but all Cheng Zhaoci can see is that Wei Zhuo’s projection is clearly showing his arm muscles tensing in turn. It’s not very obviously bulging, given Wei Zhuo’s average size among shemales, but his muscles must be tightly packed and can explode in adrenaline. In fact, his appearance could quite possibly land him a job as a magazine cover model for his slender and imposing figure.

It’s rather subtle normally, but when he’s working hard, the strength shines through.

Cheng Zhaoci thinks he can just admire the muscles tensing and relaxing for hours. Though, as befitting a shemale of grade S physique, he’s already on the tree now. He also turned on the camera as he climbed the tree, with the view suggesting he’s carrying the holodeck with his mouth while he climbed. Understandable, as they are not permitted to carry personal effects on their wrists in missions.

The view point lowers, and shows that the tree is quite tall and really thick. After Wei Zhuo has balanced himself, he says, “I’ll switch on panoramic view now. Mr Cheng, please maximise your viewing area.”

The three males are all shocked; the Zhou brothers are looking at Cheng Zhaoci, who is pretending to be calm while maximising the viewing area, and Zhou Luoluo might actually have bought that Cheng Zhaoci is calm if he didn’t fail to press the maximise button three times.

It’s also a quiet starry night, but underneath is not the oceans, but a sea of canopies. The light makes them just barely visible.

“He can’t possibly be planning on fashioning a torch and show you the butterflies with a gentle smile, right?” Zhou Luoluo cannot imagine that happening. Having known Wei Zhuo better now since first chastising his appearance all those months ago and causing an argument with Cheng Zhaoci, for which he apologised already, true, he is also still keenly aware that Wei Zhuo looks far too intimidating to achieve a romantic effect.

It’ll just be weird if he tries to pull off the ‘showing you the beautiful world with glowing eyes’ like the demi did in the comic. And also, “does this forest even having those glowing butterflies? I can’t see any?”

So the Zhou brothers have shuffled closer together to Cheng Zhaoci. There are now three pairs of eyes staring at the maximised projection.

Meanwhile, Wei Zhuo raises his gun; as the three insectoids look on in shock, he fires three clean shots into the forest below.

Spooked luminescent blue butterflies rush forth from the canopies almost immediately. It is definitely a visual feast to see a billion butterflies rushing up through the dark canopies. And honestly, it really is pretty.

These blue butterflies in reality do not have good hearing, but are very sensitive to changes in the flow of air. Wei Zhuo has managed to metaphorically poke the hornet’s nest, like some massive twat, honestly.

Basically screaming “my dear boy at home wants to see you guys. Stop sleeping and fly!”

In the comic, the kind and worldly demi-shemale reporter wanted to show the shy male the beauty of the universe.
In reality, a grade S shemale soldier climbed up a tree and fired his gun at canopies to get butterflies to fly, all for the sake of someone’s tease;
In the comic, the demi tells the male all the interesting tales he’s uncovered and experienced on the planet, under the gentle blue light of the dancing butterflies;
In reality, Wei Zhuo is… probably never going to be able to pull something as romantic off. He simply asks Cheng Zhaoci, after the butterflies have all emerged flying in panic, “happy birthday, did this make you feel any happier?”

Even though the demi was so lovable and kind in the comic, but why in the world is Cheng Zhaoci finding this shemale soldier who climbed a tree and fired shots nonchalantly so much more fucking attractive?! Oh sweet Jesus!

Wei Zhuo is still continuously doling out critical hits completely unaware, “I wish that you would never want for anything or become sad for anything. You’re very important. You’re the reason I can keep going,” but he does not elaborate anymore than that.

Not that Cheng Zhaoci cares about what he means by that anymore, because it feels like he’s simply dropped a megaton-sized bomb in his chest, exploding over and over again! He’s, he’s not gonna be able to take it anymore!

Though there are insectoids far more astonished still present – the Zhou brothers. Weren’t they all bachelor buddies but mere moments ago?! Where did this sudden distance between them come from?!

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