“Dad is still sleeping as he was just discharged from a mission, so sorry for troubling you, Mr Sun,” Cheng Zhaoci scratches his head. He still remembers that Wei Zhuo told him he has to bring a shemale soldier with him when he goes outside, “order anything you want when we’re eating. My treat.”

Sun Wushe obliges, “sure, thanks.”

Zhou Luoluo picked this restaurant as a second choice; he wanted to eat at that roast meat place again, really enjoying it, but Cheng Zhaoci is slightly averse to visiting, having run into Lu Su. This restaurant, meanwhile, has private rooms. Oh, and also, it’s frequented by shemales more often.

Apparently, most restaurants catering to males offer sweet and sour dishes. Ones catering to shemales and demis are much more down on oily, salty or spicy dishes. Quite the buffet for the tongue. Unfortunately, though, alcohol is forbidden for minor males and shemales alike.

They left in the evening to have dinner.

While walking to the restaurant, Sun Wushe had a call come on, which was probably serious, seeing how stern Sun Wushe looked after picking it up. He gives Cheng Zhaoci a look, before going to a more distant corner to continue the call.

So the three males are enjoying the evening breeze just some steps away from the restaurant. While Zhou Xiaobao is still apprehensive, the other two have already adapted and become able to ignore the overly prying gazes coming from the shemales and demis around.

“Little ugly thing?” A voice slightly familiar to Cheng Zhaoci says; a chill runs down his spine.

He knows only one person who would ever call him a little ugly thing… He doesn’t even turn around, but immediately makes a call to his dad.

He has also started running.

The phone is picked up in almost no time, and Cheng Zhaoci immediately yells, “dad! It’s Jin Yue!” While also immediately sharing his location with him.

Jin Yue was here for Sun Wushe, who gave his real-time location to him temporarily just in case Jin Yue does run into some big trouble.

Jin Yue wasn’t expecting the fortuitous run in, though.

Not that he could get to Cheng Zhaoci, because in front of him, is a male. Jin Yue generally avoids males as much as he can, but seeing this male holding up a stick he picked up off the ground, he chuckles dismissively, “are you trying to fight a shemale, little male?”

Zhou Xiaobao gulps, before forcing himself to calm down. He knows this Jin Yue, as Cheng Zhaoci has talked about him having kidnapped him once. Zhou Xiaobao has his eyes shut and then open dramatically, yelling, “aaaaargh!”

The male is actually trying to hit him with the stick, but his form is all off. Jin Yue smiles fiendishly… which nobody could see, because there’s something blocking his view.

As Jin Yue’s attention was fixed on his cousin, Zhou Luoluo grabbed the nearby metal trashcan and put it upside-down right over Jin Yue’s head. Zhou Xiaobao’s stick has also landed, with a loud bang. Then the two males start running and screaming after Cheng Zhaoci.

Cheng Zhaoci also yells out, “nice job!”

“You, you’re welcome,” a pale and frightened Zhou Xiaobao is still holding onto his stick for dear life as he runs; Zhou Luoluo settles everything by yelling, “it’s Jin Yue! That guy is Jin Yue! A space pirate! Help!”

There are quite a few shemales and demis around, being the entrance to a popular restaurant. When Jin Yue has finally freed himself from the mess that is the trashcan and the trash, he realises he’s been surrounded, “… fuck.” So the little ugly thing only ever hangs out with equally unhinged males?

Jin Yue isn’t worried about the enforcement robots coming to apprehend him, since it was just one male’s blabbering, and no one is going to try to get a DNA sequencing done purely because of that; his appearance has changed quite a lot in subtle ways which the simple visual scans of the robots would determine to be a whole other person.

Jin Yue then tries jumping over the crowd to give chase, but Sun Wushe stops him, veins bulging on his forehead, “what the fuck are you doing?!”

The three males ran and kept taking random turns, until finally coming to a stop when they’re sure Jin Yue isn’t following them.

“That was so scary, so scary,” Zhou Xiaobao says, still catching his breath, “I thought I was going to be killed.”

“I think it’s fine now,” Zhou Luoluo takes a quick look around, “eh? Where are we, actually? There are so few insectoids around this deserted alleyway, maybe no one will know even if we should die here, haha.”

“Lu Qian! Is that you, Lu Qian?!”

Someone is screaming in disbelief.

The three males look over in that direction, only to see Lu Nianqian, Lu Su, and an unknown shemale standing there. The six insectoids are looking at each other, but then the unknown shemale is all trembling looking at Cheng Zhaoci, going, “you’re back! Lu Qian!”

Cheng Zhaoci “…”

Would somebody just kill him right now?! Maybe he should just do Zhou Luoluo in to get him to shut his ominous trap! Even if they live to see another day, who knows what that cursed mouth of his would bring the next time?

While the Zhou brothers do not know that shemale, but Cheng Zhaoci has seen a photo of him! He’s that fucking source of all his woes, forcing him to stay on the landfill planet for all those years! That one and only, that insane cijun——Ye Wei.

“Dad, you saw wrong. He is not father,” Lu Nianqian is dragging Ye Wei back, “father passed when he was over 100! This male is clearly a minor.”

“He is! I know Lu Nian! He is! Look! He’s definitely Lu Qian!” Ye Wei is exerting an almost inhuman amount of force right now, “let me go! I must go to Lu Qian! Let go!”

“Run away!” Lu Su yells out to Cheng Zhaoci, who would have run away with the Zhou brothers regardless; however, that is when a most unopportune thing happens.

Cheng Jin is here, having followed Cheng Zhaoci’s shared location, “xiao-Ci! Are you ok?!”

Still fine, for now, but probably not for long.

As Cheng Jin is now face-to-face with Ye Wei. They stare at each other, stunned.

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