Ye Wei looks at Cheng Jin, then at Cheng Zhaoci, then he suddenly gets it, yelling, “it’s you?! He’s your son! You!”

With a wrathful outburst, he manages to escape Lu Nianqian’s restraint and rushes for Cheng Zhaoci.

His arms are poised and raised, right at Cheng Zhaoci’s neck. If it does connect, one second is all it would take for a shemale to snap Cheng Zhaoci’s neck. He’s already insane, so it’ll be fine. Even if he cannot live, he will not suffer seeing this male alive!

But before he manages to do anything, Cheng Jin already has his wrist locked. Then he punches Ye Wei squarely in the nose with his other fist.

Ye Wei has never served in the military, and he’s also much older than Cheng Jin. There is no way he can win against a shemale solder with grade A physique.

The heavy ‘thump’ scares the Zhou brothers into hiding behind Cheng Zhaoci, as Zhou Luoluo asks, “what’s going on?! What’s happening!?”

Well, Cheng Zhaoci isn’t sure how to explain the mess here either, but Cheng Jin has clearly gone berserk from what Ye Wei has done; he is pummelling blow after blow into Ye Wei on the ground.

“He cannot live! He must not live!” Ye Wei is still blabbering, “I must kill him! No one can birth males for Lu Qian! No one!”

A response comes in the form of a good hard kick in the stomach, courtesy of Cheng Jin, “the one who should be killed is you! You fuck!”

Honestly, the force makes Cheng Zhaoci gasp a little; all the more bewildering that they are supposed to bear offspring somehow in this state. Completely unlike the ladies of his past life, shemales fight not by dragging hair and scratching arms, but by good hard brawling with intent to kill.

The most surprising thing right now, though, is perhaps that the Lu brothers are merely watching on the side, coldly.

Ye Wei is throwing up bile, but is still hysterically yelling, “I’m his cijun! I’m the cijun! Only I can birth males for him! Only me!”

“You ci-fucking-jun!” Cheng Jin lands another fist on the insane insectoid’s face, swearing for the second time ever in front of Cheng Zhaoci, “only you cunt still cares about that 17-year-dead insectoid!”

Cheng Jin was largely coerced into becoming a concubine for Lu Qian. He has obeyed what is expected of him as such, for sure, but romance… There was no romance between them.

“He’s mine! Mine! If you would all just die! If you would…” Ye Wei is still going strong. But every sentence is interrupted by a fist from Cheng Jin.

Finally, Lu Nianqian speaks up, “uncle Cheng. Enough. He’ll really die if you keep going. I’ll make sure to keep him home from now on. He won’t be able to do anything against xiao-Ci.” Although ‘ci’ is the only character in the name of Cheng Zhaoci that he knows, hearing Cheng Jin call out earlier.

Cheng Jin looks at him, then lets Ye Wei go; Ye Wei is now throwing a tantrum, though, refusing to get up, “you lied to me! You lied! You gave birth to a male! Behind my back! I’ll kill you!”

The words are as menacing as ever, but tears are also rolling free. Who knows if he’s crying for his lost obsession, or merely for Cheng Jin beating him up; his face is a mess, but, “Lu Qian is mine!”

“Yours. All yours,” Cheng Jin sniggers, “who else but you even remember the guy?”

Lu Nianqian, meanwhile, has stepped forth to pull his dad back up, but Ye Wei gives him a slap as soon as he crouches down, “why are you a shemale! Why! It’s all your fault! You and that deadbeat brother of yours! That I became like this! It’s all your fault!”

“Hey! What’s wrong with you?!” Zhou Luoluo reflexively yells out, seeing Lu Nianqian get slapped out of nowhere, but his questions go unanswered.

Lu Nianqian just watches Ye Wei throw his usual tantrum, as his heart sinks to a deep, dark place.

It’s always his fault. Always blaming his own misfortunes on him, on Lu Nianqian. It’s as if Lu Nianqian is to blame just for existing. Sure, he may have reached heights many other insectoids can only dream of achieving, and he avoided the fate of being exiled to a landfill planet for his father’s death thanks to him, but he thinks, he is living even worse than those that have been exiled.

He has questioned himself on multiple occasions, why he doesn’t just end all this misery and reunite his dad with that ‘beloved’ father of his. He always had the motive, but he never put it into action. He didn’t dare harming Ye Wei. He still had a younger brother to care for when he was younger, and when he grew up, he thought, why waste and squander his own entire life for this dad’s sake?

This dad, who is living for nothing, who has turned into a monster.

Why does he still care about him? Is it because he is his dad? It must be, because there is not a single other possible reason. He is his dad, his dad that mistreats him and his family.

Pitiful and tragic describes himself perfectly. He has not the resolve to end it all, nor the heart to forgive it all. Indecisive, soft, hopeless.

Ye Wei is just bawling like a child now, occasionally yelling about killing the other concubines and slaves Lu Qian had, all of them.

“Bro…” Lu Su pats his older brother on the back, who remains motionless, crouching on the ground. So Lu Su also crouches down alongside him, “it’s ok. We’ve been through this all these years. We’re both used to it.”

Cheng Zhaoci can clearly see Lu Nianqian’s eyes well up, but not a single tear spills.

Why? What does he feel right now? Angry? Maligned? Helpless? Perhaps, all three?

“Let’s go,” Cheng Jin gives a firm shoulder to Cheng Zhaoci, taking him away. The two other males follow.

When almost out of the alleyway, Cheng Jin can’t help but glance back.

Ye Wei is still throwing his tantrum on the ground. Lu Nianqian is still crouching, doing nothing. Lu Su is still patting Lu Nianqian on the back, while probably trying to console his brother.

Lu Nianqian raises his head then, and their eyes meet. Lu Nianqian forces a little smile, and parts his lips.


“I… I’m going to be with him,” Zhou Luoluo suddenly stops, saying, “you guys go. I’ll wait for him here.”

“… If anything happens, just call us,” Cheng Zhaoci does not discourage Zhou Luoluo at all this time.

Cheng Zhaoci did not expect this to be his very first, and very last time to see Ye Wei.

Like, if he was drawing this as a comic, an insane insectoid like Ye Wei would be the big antagonist, coming back to haunt the protagonists forever, until the final ending, when he is finally dealt with for good, for a happily-ever-after.

And in that last episode, they will have an insane outburst of the most preposterous proportions, giving the protagonists one last big hurdle and challenge.

But it was quite some time later that Cheng Zhaoci learned that Ye Wei passed away nary a few months after that day. It has been too long, far too long. He didn’t have the stamina to throw more insane tantrums anymore. That one final episode that evening seems to have burnt away everything that was holding him together.

He perhaps understood, that it was always futile. He was insane, and nobody saw him as anything but an insane joke. He understood, and then, he died.

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