Chapter 36.1

White-Haired Male

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Their celebration cut short anticlimactically, Zhou Luoluo returns home quite late, accompanied by Sun Wushe.

Sun Wushe also never expected Cheng Zhaoci and friends to be so unlucky, running into Jin Yue and then that insane cijun with speed and accuracy. Though, in all honesty, the blame is mostly on him, having to take a call in the middle of his duties. So after Cheng Zhaoci and Zhou Xiaobao were escorted home by Cheng Jin, he took over the task of seeing Zhou Luoluo’s safety.

Zhou Luoluo is sleeping over at Cheng Zhaoci’s tonight, and the Zhou family is aware, of course, or they would probably have called the police a long time ago.

Zhou Luoluo still seems quite down after coming back, “I sat with him there for quite a while, and he didn’t chase me away, but I couldn’t say anything to him. I didn’t know what I could say to him. Then it got colder and so he told me to come home.”

Then he asks, all dejected, “he is your actual brother, isn’t he?”

“Half,” Cheng Zhaoci caresses Zhou Luoluo on the head gently, “think of it this way, now. He isn’t chasing you away anymore. Maybe he is coming to accept you.”

“I don’t know,” Zhou Luoluo squeezes himself entirely in Cheng Zhaoci’s lap; Cheng Zhaoci gently pats him on the back.

“Xiao-Ci, tomorrow…” Cheng Jin comes in, about to tell Cheng Zhaoci that he might be off to another mission tomorrow, but all his words disappear down his throat, “sorry, I’ll excuse myself,” then he leaves.

The sombre mood is gone. Instead, a somewhat familiar sense of misunderstanding has taken over.

Cheng Jin is standing at the door, deep in thought. Although that young male named Zhou Luoluo has expressed passionate interest in Lu Nianqian, but why is it that the mood between Zhou Luoluo and Cheng Zhaoci whenever they’re together so odd?

Cheng Jin doesn’t understand, and cannot help but start doubting if Zhou Luoluo really likes Lu Nianqian. And what about his own, good son? He can’t secretly have fallen for that Zhou Luoluo, right?

But he also remembers his son threateningly menacing Zhou Luoluo earlier. It doesn’t look that way.

Ah, he must be old. This must be what they call ‘generational gap.’

Cheng Zhaoci cannot know what his dad is thinking, but if he did, he would be able to offer a firm retort. He’s also someone with a special someone in mind now.

Not that he even knows where the target of his affections is off to do missions, but anyway.

A week has passed before Wei Zhuo is finally back. This time, his mission wasn’t as perilous, as it was simply guarding some shemale field scientists to gather minerals at the frontier for research purposes.

Wei Zhuo has already heard about Cheng Zhaoci’s run-in with that insane cijun. While the problem is already resolved, but Wei Zhuo still came as early as he could. With a Meng Yuele who invited himself in tow.

Cheng Zhaoci can’t help but be slightly nervous knowing Wei Zhuo is coming this time, taking the time to dress himself up; he has probably overdone it, though, as Zhou Luoluo has described him as ‘colourful like a male bird in heat.’

So Cheng Zhaoci’s shiny jacket with glittery particles got torn away by Zhou Luoluo, who really cannot understand how Cheng Zhaoci decided to forgo his normally deep colour scheme that reflected class and elegance to partake in flashy, blinding colours instead.

Not that Cheng Zhaoci no longer looked handsome, but it has completely neutralised Cheng Zhaoci’s rather gloomy appearance, and ends up making him look like a kid.

When Wei Zhuo arrives, before Cheng Zhaoci has even said a word, the most excited Meng Yuele is already rushing forward with arms outstretched, “oh, my dearest Mr Cheng! I love you!” Cheng Zhaoci winces at the high-pitch tone.

Fortunately, Meng Yuele isn’t talking about a romantic kind of love, “I read your new comic! I love it! You’re finally doing some good for this world uwuwuwu!”

Unfortunately, Meng Yuele fails to capture Cheng Zhaoci with his hug. Instead, Cheng Zhaoci has successfully dodged with a side step to the right, and then immediately rushes for Wei Zhuo, “Squadron Leader!”

Meng Yuele failed to give his new favourite male comic artist a hug, and so turns his head around with a question mark on his head, “uh, mister?”

Cheng Zhaoci’s hands are all over Wei Zhuo’s waist. Ah! The divine feeling! Wei Zhuo is actually surprisingly slender, but the waist is also really firm, especially after Cheng Zhaoci has touched it.

Wei Zhuo is all frozen stiff. This is wrong. It should be Meng Yuele and the little male chatting and teasing each other while he listens, happy even though he can’t really fit in the conversation.

What is the male hugging him for?!

Wei Zhuo has never had such close contact with any males. Cheng Zhaoci still has his hands wrapped around… Uh, he’s feeling around? It can’t be. Why would he want to touch his waist? It’s not like it’s soft and fluffy.

“You’re finally back,” Cheng Zhaoci ends up slightly disgusted by the stickiness of his own voice. Oof, the pretentiousness!

Thankfully Zhou Luoluo is off to meet Lu Nianqian, and has also dragged an unwilling Zhou Xiaobao along. At least it’s less embarrassing without them around.

Meng Yuele, meanwhile, is all spooked that Mr Cheng Zhaoci is the one speaking in that icky tone. Weird, and also, somewhat fascinating. He observes closely, only to see Cheng Zhaoci looking at Wei Zhuo rather fixedly.

Was it always like this? He doesn’t think so.

Wei Zhuo, though, has decided that Cheng Zhaoci must be trying to act cute to him… Why, though? Maybe he wants a partner to play the virtual mecha fights with him? Has it hurt the male’s heart that he refused him again and again?

So he asks, “do you want me to join the virtual mecha fights with you?”

Cheng Zhaoci channels his best early romance novel female protagonist archetype, by lowering his head coquettishly and saying, “anything is good with you around.”

Both Wei Zhuo and Meng Yuele are gasping.

But wait! Yes, last time, before they ran into the cijun, Cheng Zhaoci also ran into Jin Yue. Did he suffer some trauma seeing Jin Yue?

Jin Yue, Jin Yue, Jin Yue! All Jin Yue! The one who kidnapped the male was also Jin Yue! Wei Zhuo decides to put even more blame onto the damned blond space buccaneer.

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