That said…

“Can you let go of my waist now?” Wei Zhuo can feel Cheng Zhaoci pawing about it. He does not know why he is doing that, but he finds it difficult to walk; his whole body is stiff.

“You don’t like this?” Cheng Zhaoci looks up at him.

“No, of course not,” Cheng Zhaoci is always right whatever he does, but he doesn’t know what he should do when Cheng Zhaoci is so close to him.

Males are completely different from the tough and hard shemale soldiers. Their bodies are soft, and they’re smaller than the soldiers quite a bit, so much so that Wei Zhuo does not dare to touch, afraid he’ll shatter him like Fabergé eggs.

Though Cheng Zhaoci doesn’t look at all like he’s planning to let him go anytime soon. Uh… well, it’s odd, but also slightly pleasant.

“So Squadron Leader Wei, are there any male insectoids who strike your fancy?” Cheng Zhaoci suddenly asks.

“I don’t,” Wei Zhuo replies. He doesn’t approach males much, not just because of his appearance, but also because he is not gentle enough to the males’ liking.

Cheng Zhaoci sees that as a chance for him, “then how about me?”

Wei Zhuo goes quiet for a second, then, looking at Cheng Zhaoci, “what do you mean, Mr Cheng?”

“Wei Zhuo, do you like me?” Cheng Zhaoci strikes directly. He’s really worried he could be making all these flirtatious advances all day only to find Wei Zhuo still treating him like a kid; he believes he’s getting closer to him, Wei Zhuo thinks he’s trying to act cutesy.

Meng Yuele is already a stone statue by this point. Looking at Wei Zhuo, then at Cheng Zhaoci, he has wisely kept his mouth shut for once.

Does he like him? Of course he does, but Wei Zhuo suspects Cheng Zhaoci is referring to a different kind of ‘like’ from the ‘like’ one has for children.

Wei Zhuo does not dare to think that way, because he thinks he does not deserve it. He does not. Cheng Zhaoci should have a better, a perfect shemale, as a cijun, or as any of his concubines. And not him.

Not someone like him…

Wei Zhuo isn’t sure how to describe himself. Sure, he’s grade S in physical aptitude, and he’s probably destined for greatness in the future, but he does not dare to imagine himself being by Cheng Zhaoci’s side. He is afraid to make a step.

He thinks it is already a blessing he can watch over Cheng Zhaoci quietly. Cheng Zhaoci will have his own cijun in the future. Yes, a cijun that is… At least grade S like him, to be able to protect Cheng Zhaoci from harm, and will, of course, treasure Cheng Zhaoci.

Can any shemale or demi really fit that criteria, though?

Or maybe, just someone the young male likes… But if so, then why not himself?

This is not good, he thinks. A line is being blurred, by the male himself, persuading him to cross over.

… Ah, he might not be able to hold himself back.

“I do like you,” Wei Zhuo says, not specifying what kind of ‘like’ it is, but Cheng Zhaoci can see Wei Zhuo blushing, and feel his muscles tingling. He thinks he might succeed. Yes, he has a good chance of succeeding.

Wei Zhuo is clearly flustered, though, flustered enough to oblige Cheng Zhaoci to play virtual mecha fights with him. His fighting is also far more fierce than usual; even playing insectoid opponents Cheng Zhaoci was carried through to victory several times.

One afternoon, Zhou Luoluo is back, with Zhou Xiaobao in tow. Zhou Luoluo is declaring loudly as soon as he’s inside, “oh Cheng-ge! My dear Cheng-ge! I believe it’s gonna work out!”

Cheng Zhaoci slowly turns his head over to say, “oh? Speak.”

“He’s invited me to lunch earlier! Not eating outside, but he cooked it! Himself! It was super tasty!!!” Zhou Luoluo is roaring like an excited puppy, “what about you? What about you?”

Cheng Zhaoci smiles and says, “doing pretty well; I think I have a good fighting chance.”

“Ni~ce!” Zhou Luoluo extends his hand to give Cheng Zhaoci a high five. A clap, and the two of them smile sweetly.

Zhou Xiaobao looks at his cousin, then back at Cheng Zhaoci, and sniffles. Ah, so he’s alone, now…

Zhou Luoluo then asks, “do you still need me to go with you a few days later?”

Cheng Zhaoci is scheduled to meet with his editor in a few days regarding that love story he’s publishing. It’s to discuss the best time to release the two remaining volumes. They could have done it online, but Cheng Zhaoci also wanted to check out the website’s editing department in person.

“I’ll be fine myself, but you can also come if you want to, since you’re also working on the comic’s production.”

So the Zhou brothers end up coming with him… Cheng Zhaoci is speechless. They just wanted to come sightsee themselves, they could’ve said that rather than wanting to accompany him.

Though before they reach the company, there is an interlude.

They’ve picked a male up off the streets.

A male insectoid with rare white hair.

And ‘pick up’ really is the right word, for that male wobbled in front of them, before collapsing onto the ground. If he didn’t know ‘scamming’ isn’t really a thing in insectoid society, Cheng Zhaoci would’ve suspected him of trying to scam them out of hospital bills.

Then that male lifts up his head weakly, and said, “I want food,” before collapsing back down.

So Cheng Zhaoci can only send a message to editor Li that he’ll be a bit late.

Cai Lu was all set on showing his fellow coworkers BombIn and recreate the completely astonishment he experienced, before Li Jiu says BombInMyPants won’t be here until the afternoon.

“Eh?! Why? Didn’t he say he was already on his way?”

“He ran into some kind of trouble, I think. I’ll ask,” Li Jiu is also curious why they’re rescheduling barely any time before they’re set to meet, as he does not think Cheng Zhaoci is one to go back on his own word.

Though Cheng Zhaoci’s reply simply stuns Li Jiu entirely.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Cai Lu leans over, “come on, tell me.”

“He said, he met a male insectoid who fainted from hunger on the way…” Li Jiu doesn’t even know the words he’s saying anymore. Like, since when have males become so commonplace to be picked up randomly? Or maybe, males have an easier time running into other males who need help?”

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