Simply put, it's a story about a man who suddenly regretted seeing his ex-girlfriend become popular and more attractive after breaking up.

The agent was well-prepared and even brought a money-receiving agreement from this ex-boyfriend a few years ago, beating all his sophistry.

When her ex-boyfriend broke up with her, Yoko Okino begged him in every possible way. For a while, the ex-boyfriend always remembered the past, thinking that Yoko must still love him deeply, so he wanted to find her to get back together in private secretly.

Who knew that a young man destroyed the "reunion" he had waited for for a long time before he even had time to say a word?

Immediately after that, the manager also came.


Although the child ghost was just a child, it also understood the cause and effect.

It was hit by reality, and its whole being became droopy.

Although it was a bit miserable, Jiang Xia looked at it and breathed a sigh of relief.

The child ghost with broken dreams was much easier to tame than before.

It didn't matter if it felt disillusioned. After bringing it home, signing the contract, and feeding some ghost mint, it would start to get enthusiastic again.


Jiang Xia relaxed because most problems had been resolved

He leaned against the sofa and stretched.

Only then did he feel a little hungry.

The three people next to him were still performing a bloody drama, so it was not good to disturb them.

Jiang Xia looked at the coffee table, reached out to touch a plate of oranges, and planned to eat something to endure hunger.

Unexpectedly, Yoko Okino found out what he was gotta do and came over to stop him.

Yoko Okino, with eyes flushed with tears, found a box of finished bento from the refrigerator, put it in the microwave, dinged it, and brought it to Jiang Xia: "Eat this, oranges on an empty stomach are bad for your stomach." 

She also gave him a pair of chopsticks.

Then she looked at the table and felt something was missing, so she wiped away her tears and asked, "Do you want a drink?"

Jiang Xia was a little embarrassed: "No, thank you."

Yoko Okino heard it but still took a teacup and poured him a cup of oolong tea.

Only then did she return to her manager with her head down and continue to deal with her affairs.

Jiang Xia looked at the steaming bento and the tea next to him and sincerely sent a good person card to Yoko Okino.


Stalker No. 1 and No. 2 didn't need Jiang Xia to solve them. The agent had rich experience and could handle it cleanly.

In the end, the stalkers were dragged away by the bodyguards while covering their mouths.

When the bodyguards were suppressing the stalkers, Jiang Xia took advantage of the chaos to stand beside Yoko Okino.

There was still some stinging pain.

But the feeling of "rolling in the needle pile" like last time was gone.

Because of the big play just now, The child ghost reconsidered his goal, and its obsessions faded a lot.

After getting the ghost, Jiang Xia took his tool kit and the child ghost while the manager was still busy and sneaked away quietly.

If he stayed, he might also be responsible for the aftermath, which was too troublesome.

In normal times, Jiang Xia would be happy to stay longer.

But not today.

He was going back to sign a ghost.

At this time, Jiang Xia felt he couldn't wait for several days after placing an order online for the package to arrive.

He wanted to unpack it sooner.


On the way home, the child ghost had been struggling but was brutally suppressed.

Although its obsession had begun to shake, it seems it had not given up on matching its parents together.

Jiang Xia was not in haste.

These few days, while waiting for the stalkers to show up, he made PlanABCD and was ready to kidnap anytime.


Jiang Xia returned home, held the child ghost into the basement, and settled it in front of the TV.

The child ghost got angry but then looked at the dark screen and gradually had a bad premonition.

It got up vigilantly and saw the human in front of the TV slowly turning his head and showing it a kind smile.

Then Jiang Xia clicked and turned on the TV.

The TV started playing.

Some news, which Jiang Xia especially found: a love murder cases related to the entertainment industry.

——Some celebrities were assassinated by brain-dead fans after the idols announced their relationship.

There were others, the ordinary man held the hand of the goddess at the meeting, and then other fans were jealous and brutally killed that man.

There were many cases in this world, and similar topics were easy to find.

Jiang Xia pressed the play button and left the ghost child behind.

The next day, Jiang Xia peeled the oranges and leisurely came to the basement.

Just see the child ghost lying in front of the TV, with a broken look.

Hmm, PlanA seemed to work.

Jiang Xia approached and quietly looked down at it: "You want them all to die?"

The child ghost shook its head vigorously, tears welling up.

Jiang Xia was satisfied.

He continued his plan but changed the videotape.

This time, it was a bunch of pure love dramas.

The two protagonists were sweet from beginning to end, and because they were female-oriented films, the male protagonists in the movie were all scumbags and gave up on the female protagonist.

For the child ghost, between its father and mother, would choose Yoko Okino without hesitation.

Therefore, when thinking about problems, it was also more inclined to stand in the perspective of Yoko Okino.

The child ghost watched the drama for a few days.

I'm used to the godlike male protagonist in the play, and then I thought about his father.


A few days later.

The child ghost watched the finale episode with relish, and when the protagonists kissed, he clapped his little hands excitedly, with no idea of ​​matching his biological parents.

Jiang Xia turned off the TV, picked it up and put it on the table, and issued an invitation at the right time: "Young ghost, do you want to sign a contract with me?"

Of course, this question was just a formality throughout the process.

As of now, it had to be signed even if the child ghost refused.


The little child ghost woke up from the sweet drama, shivered sensitively, and felt threatened.

But raising his head and looking at the sincere Jiang Xia in front of him, he felt it should not be Jiang Xia's problem.

The ghost looked around alertly for a while but found nothing.

So I felt the environment was dangerous, and I needed to find a protective umbrella to rely on.

And instinct tells it that if there was no one to support it, it couldn't live long.

The child ghost finally nodded in agreement.


Jiang Xia gently touched its head.

Many psychics skills could be used freely after signing a contract with a ghost.

Jiang Xia thought about his bright future, and suddenly his waist and hands were no longer in pain.

In addition to strengthening the psychic itself, there was a chance that the ghost would awaken unique skills when signing a contract.

Such as teleportation, hardening, and mind control.

Of course, there are also some amazing abilities.

According to the research of psychic scientists in previous lives, these awakening abilities were often related to the experience and thoughts of ghosts themselves.

Jiang Xia looked down at the ghost child before him, recalling its obsession.

I always felt that it couldn't awaken any serious skills.

However, now is not the time to be picky.

For now, it would be nice to have a ghost.


Jiang Xia locked the basement door, returned to the ground, and unbuttoned his shirt.

A black pattern appeared on his chest. It was the word "Z" with a very complex design. In addition, there were many hollow decorative patterns. It was created from nothing, and it looked strange and mysterious.

When each psychic was awakened, he could choose his unique mark, and once it was determined, it couldn't be changed.

When he was a child, Jiang Xia drew three handsome knife marks, two horizontal and one diagonal, influenced by a movie.

But he didn't expect that when it was developed into the pattern that was not the bright silver scar but a fancy letter.

Fortunately, this thing was usually hidden and could not be seen. However, when a ghost was used, it could be seen like a tattoo on the skin.


Jiang Xia remembered his dark history, sighed, found a needle, and stabbed it into the tattoo.

A drop of blood slowly came out.

It didn't slide down but hung strangely at the tip of the needle.

Jiang Xia stretched out his hand and let the blood drip onto the child ghost.

The blood touched the child ghost, making a sizzling sound like a barbecue. Drops of blood strolled as if alive.


After more than ten seconds, the blood gradually stopped on the side of the child ghost's neck. Then, it turned into a Z-shaped mark that was the same as Jiang Xia's but with several circles.

After everything was over, the child ghost raised his hand in confusion and touched his neck.

It did not feel uncomfortable but instinctively realized that it seemed that it had a long-term meal ticket.

Jiang Xia threw away the needle, buttoned the clothes, and looked at it with anticipation of a miracle.

After a while, there was a little more information in his mind; it was about the child ghost's skills.

Jiang Xia read it carefully, feeling complicated.

The good news was that the child ghost had a skill in a good way.

The other news that I don't know if it's good or bad was that this skill...

As expected, the skill was very outrageous.

——This skill could force a person to confess to another person.

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