The Corpse Collector In Conan

Chapter 16: This Big Brother Is A Good Person (2)

So Jiang Xia turned to the two children and asked for their parents' phone numbers.

The little girl was eager to report crimes and do meritorious deeds, she quickly reported a series of numbers, then raised her head, shyly waiting for praise.

Jiang Xia praised her.

Then he called her father when the little girl was making illusory pink bubbles, and briefly explained the situation in the warehouse.

Of course, he didn't forget to do a little bit of appropriate artistic processing on the part of beating the kidnapper.


The parent and Mori Kogoro are not far from the school and arrived soon.

The police also arrived at the same time - as soon as the delinquents entered the school, the guards secretly called the police, which just saved their time for calling the police.

Facing the police, Jiang Xia hid his cigarette butts, put on an appearance of a good student, and insisted that when he passed by the school, he heard the cry for help, so he brought everyone in.

After hearing that they were there to rescue people, the police did not pursue the matter of illegally breaking into the school.

They also praised a few words, hoping that they would continue to maintain the fine tradition of being helpful. Just don't beat the murderer so badly in the future, just tie them up.

When Ran Maori saw Jiang Xia, she approached happily to say hello.

Because Jiang Xia was standing next to a bunch of delinquent teenagers with colorful hair, this made Ran Maori a little nervous like every good student who abides by the law.

But when she heard that they were all here to help save people, Ran Maori felt a little guilty and thought to herself that she shouldn't judge people by their appearances.


Ran Mouri didn't stay at the school for too long and soon took Conan to a nearby clinic - Conan was beaten badly by a club by the kidnapper, which looked really scary.

Jiang Xia watched them leave, feeling that there was no other problem.

Kudo Shinichi's force value is negligible, but he is particularly resistant to a beating, and why is that? the reason is unknown...


inside the school's abandoned warehouse.

The little girl's father hugged his lost daughter excitedly for a while and came over to thank Jiang Xia solemnly.

Then hand him a check.

Kogoro Mouri stood beside him, looking at the commission fee that originally belonged to him, feeling a little sad.

But he was too embarrassed to rob the younger generation. Fortunately, the rich man gave him a huge deposit...

Jiang Xia looked at the check and did not refuse. He plans to wait for the next day to go to the bank so he could cash it out and give some to the younger brothers.


Although the delinquents failed to go for a ride on the road as planned, they participated in rescuing the kidnapped little girl and were satisfied with today's adventure.

In front of a group of policemen, it's not good for them to mention late-night racing.

So a group of gangsters imitated the boss, pretending to be good students, and left the school.

Jiang Xia also plans to go home.

However, just as he got on the motorcycle, he found that the motorcycle was not quite right.

Jiang Xia stopped it, pushed the motorcycle forward a little, and found that the rear tire had a bulge at some point.

Jiang Xia: "..."

He looked back at the fresh tire marks in the warehouse and realized that the tire was probably damaged when he broke in through the window just now. He sighed.

...Being an envoy of justice really costs a lot of money.

Fortunately, the younger brothers had left.

No one sees the bitterness behind the hero.


The bulging tires have a high chance of blowing out, so it is not safe to ride.

But fortunately, Jiang Xia's bike broke down every three days. He was already very experienced and had a very peaceful mind.

Jiang Xia left the school pushing the motorcycle and walked towards the garage in a very Buddhist manner.

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