In his previous life, Jiang Xia was a psychic.

Of course, because this ability followed the soul, strictly speaking, after transmigration, he was still a psychic.

In this world, Jiang Xia couldn't pick up ghosts, and a psychic's ability was entirely useless.

Jiang Xia also used the little power left when it landed to treat the depression of this body when the original owner committed suicide.

When nourishing the brain for the new body, Jiang Xia reviewed part of the memory left by Jiang Xia Tongzhi.

 ——Jiang Xia Tongzhi's parents were members of the black organization.

A year ago, they died heroically, both crushed to pieces by a heavy rollover truck.

Hearing the bad news, Jiang Xia Tongzhi rushed to the scene and bumped into the scene where the human flesh was shoveled into the body bag with a shovel.

Jiang Xia Tongzhi was brought up by a somewhat strict nanny when he was a child, instilling the values ​​of truth, goodness, and beauty. When he was a little older, although he received training from the organization, he couldn't agree with the bloody practices of the organization. Gradually, He became depressed.

Now that this kind of thing happened suddenly, his parents were gone, and Jiang Xia Tongzhi couldn't be alone, so he chose to die.


After Jiang Xia came through, he watched these memories but didn't find them unbearable.

 ——In the car accident that killed Jiang Xia's parents, some people survived, and those people were very good to Jiang Xia.

Especially Shiho Miyano.

Shiho Miyano looked very cold, but she was conscientious. Over the past year, she has helped Jiang Xia stop some murder tasks secretly as if to repay her kindness.

Jiang Xia's moral sense was not as bright as Jiang Xia Tongzhi's, and he accepted the current situation well.

 And one more thing.

 ——He was greedy for the murderous aura of Gin.

The source of the power of a psychic was mainly the soul left behind after death and the strong negative emotions in people.

But after coming to this world, Jiang Xia found desperately - no, nothing at all.


 He had never met it once.

 Negative emotions...

There were so many blood-debt-ridden, murderous ruthless people in the organization, but their bodies were stubbornly clean and they didn't touch anything.

If he wouldn't look for the occasional murderous aura on Gin's body, Jiang Xia almost thought he had lost the ability to see ghosts.

For a long time, Gin was his hope to activate Goldfinger.

There were not many opportunities to see Gin.

But Jiang Xia was now a peripheral member of the organization. Nevertheless, he was a handy tool to move wherever needed. Moreover, because of his dark family background, he was more likely to be trusted than other members who joined halfway.

Therefore, the total number of times Jiang Xia saw Gin was still not small.

Besides, in Jiang Xia's eyes, Gin was not terrible.

Because when he was a child, Jiang Xia watched the anime Detective Conan.

Children who watched anime were usually regarded as not studying hard and not doing their jobs properly.

 But Jiang Xia got the charter.

 ——He watched a few episodes of Conan as a child. After watching it, he was so vigilant that he did not dare to wash his face for fear that if he closed his eyes, the terrible scene would come true, and the ghost would jump out of the shadows with a grin and smash the skulls of innocent people.

After the Master found out, he fell into deep thought—as a psychic, Jiang Xia was even afraid of paper corpses.

This was not acceptable even for a young psychic!

So since then, Jiang Xia had one more activity: fighting poison with poison, watching what you are afraid of.

The strict Master brought back a bunch of high-definition discs and pressed him to watch.

At first, Jiang Xia was of course still afraid.

However, only happiness was left after two days of getting used to it.

But Jiang Xia still lit up the "acting" skills when Master was not around. Sitting in front of the TV, he would shiver and struggle so that he could watch cartoons when other children of the same age were bored studying. This wonderful life had been going on for several months.

 The psychic's ability to control the mind was inherently strong.

Jiang Xia could remember any details he had seen; in retrospect, it was like the scene reappearing before his eyes.

Therefore, he could remember the anime that he had only watched once.

This led to Jiang Xia's accidental new discovery. When he transmigrated and found that he had a neighbor named "Professor Agasa or Doctor" his mood was very complicated.

I really want to praise Master for being far-sighted... But Jiang Xia knew this was just a coincidence because the psychic did not have the magic skill of "predicting the future"

But according to this posture, it seems that I could have it.

Although, by cheating.


Jiang Xia took Shiho Miyano's bag and walked down the street against the scorching sun, looking left and right.

Soon, he found a black Porsche in the shadow of the corner.

This was Gin's car, and I had been reluctant to change it for many years.

It was estimated that people were not driving cars but feelings.

There were two people beside the car. There seemed to be another sitting in the car, and it was hard to see through the black film window.

The two people outside were easy to recognize. They were all tall, dressed in black, and wore black top hats with a low brim on their heads.

One has silver hair up to the waist, and the other has a wide chin and sunglasses. It was Gin and Vodka, the core villain who fights wits and courage with the protagonist, and a touching model worker who works hard for the organization.

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