According to Jiang Xia's previous investigation, the sports car in the surveillance was the car of Stalker No. 1.

Stalker No. 1 was heading to Yoko Okino's house.

So after Jiang Xia brought out the tools, he also got on the motorcycle and was about to go to Yoko Okino's apartment.

When He was about to press the motorcycle accelerator to rush out of the yard, Jiang Xia saw Dr. Li walking toward his house holding a strange instrument.


Dr. Agasa heard the roar of the motorcycle, looked up to see Jiang Xia, and waved to him happily, wanting to invite Jiang Xia to see his new invention.

Jiang Xia calculated the time in her heart and struggled for 0.1 seconds between "stop the motorcycle and listen to what the old man has to say" and "ignore him and go out," decisively choosing the latter.

The doctor's inventions were weird. Out of 100, 88 would explode or leak...

Although most of the time, Jiang Xia would choose to see the invention of Dr. Agasa because occasionally, he could pick up a few useful ones. Yes...but today, he was in a hurry.

Very busy.

I didn't want to be bombed.

As soon as Jiang Xia pressed the accelerator, the motorcycle ruthlessly drove past Dr. A Li.

The Doctor was enveloped in smoke. He waved and coughed twice, watching Jiang Xia's disappearing back, and sighed regretfully. There was a feeling of Boya holding the qin to Zhong Ziqi's house, only to see Zhong Ziqi running away overnight.

Dr. Li: "..." No, Jiang Xia was not that kind of person.

It's like this. It should just be that Jiang Xia simply didn't see him.

After all, Jiang Xia was wearing a helmet, which affected his vision...

Dr. Agasa comforted himself and felt much better.

He folded the new invention in his hands, decided to forget it today, and showed it to Jiang Xia tomorrow.

I hope it's not broken by then.

Dr. Agasa returned to the road while holding the machine.

As soon as he arrived at the house's front door, he suddenly found that his neighbor, Shinichi Kudo, had just arrived home, and Shinichi's face showed a happy expression.

Dr. Agasa followed suit and greeted him: "What happy event happened? Come to my house to see my new invention and chat while watching?"

Shinichi Kudo touched the back of his head embarrassedly and replied. The first half of the sentence: "There's no such thing as a happy event... It's just that I lost a bet with Xiao Lan, so I have to invite her to Dorobika Paradise on the weekend."

Then his expression changed, and he rejected Dr. Agasa's second half of the invitation: "No."

Shinichi also knew that the doctor's invention had many security risks.

"..." Dr. Agasa let out a long sigh. Alas, child.

Only Jiang Xia knew how to be considerate of the elderly. Except for his bad eyesight, he had no other shortcomings.

The doctor, who failed to gain recognition, returned home very lonely and sad with his new invention.


Jiang Xia's house was closer to Yoko Okino's apartment.

He quickly rushed downstairs to Yoko's apartment, parked his motorcycle, and looked up at the building.

At this time, Stalker No. 1's car was still on the road.


Jiang Xia had seen Yoko Okino's schedule and knew she had a live broadcast this afternoon and would not go home too early.

The apartment where Yoko Okino lived had a total of 30 floors, and the unit door at the entrance of the building was locked.

Jiang Xia had learned to pick locks, but at present, he had not found an energy source enough to repair his wrist. As a result, his hand was unstable, and he couldn't even raise his hand and twist it, and the lock clicked to the ground... Picking a lock was not efficient, and it was easy to get caught halfway.

Still, the matter was easy to fix even without picking the lock.

Jiang Xia lingered briefly nearby.

When the other resident returned to the apartment, Jiang Xia followed behind the aunt and entered the building together—if asked, he planned to pretend that he had forgotten the key to the unit.

When the unit door was closed, the innocent aunt who Jiang Xia followed found something wrong and turned her head vigilantly.

Seeing the boy behind her, her expression softened a little.

When entering the elevator, she helped Jiang Xia press the door button and nodded at him with a smile.


Yoko Okino's unit was on the 25th floor.

To be safe, Jiang Xia got off the elevator on the 27th floor and followed the fire escape to the 25th floor.

After confirming that there was no one in the corridor on the 25th floor, Jiang Xia took out the camera in the dark stairwell, adjusted it, and hid behind the door.

A few minutes passed.

The elevator dinged—someone came to this floor.

The sound of high heels stepping on the ground walked out of the elevator, passed by the stairwell door, and went straight to Yoko Okino's unit.

Jiang Xia hid behind the stairwell door and peeked out.

I saw that the person who came was a slender woman with a back similar to Yoko Okino.

This person was labeled "Stalker No. 1" by Jiang Xia, Yoko Okino's rival, Yuko Ikezawa.

Jiang Xia silently aimed the camera lens at her.

The actual situation of this world currently matches the anime he had watched.

It's just that the details were a little different. For example, "Miss Yoko" had a different manager and had a miscarriage...

Anyway, with spoilers, everything was much simpler.


Jiang Xia activated his false "prediction" ability.

——If he remembered correctly, there were actually two "stalkers" who made "Miss Yoko" suffer.

One was the young lady who stepped on the unit and came out to do bad things, Yuko Ikezawa.

The other was the ex-boyfriend of Yoko Okino, who was trying to get back together.

And Yuko Ikezawa, just jealous of Yoko Kinoshita being more popular than her, wanted to make this beautiful and dedicated colleague unlucky.

A while ago, Yuko Ikezawa stole the spare key of Yoko's unit from her manager and started her series of harassment.


Jiang Xia quickly sorted out the memory and felt that this matter could be resolved easily.

After all, Stalker No. 1 and No. 2 were just two scumbags. Both of them were not good people. Just put on a sack and fight. Rather than taking care of the two of them, the more important thing was that in the process, let the child ghosts recognize the reality, gave up his "obsession" to match his parents, and came to a reliable psychic...


When she first got off the elevator, Yuko looked around with a guilty conscience.

After that, she skillfully took the stolen key and opened the door of Yoko Okino's house.

People were easily nervous when they were in an unfamiliar environment.

But Yuko Ikezawa had been here several times.

Now that she returned to Yoko's unit, it was as easy as going home, even happier than returning to her own home.

So she wasn't too alert.

She didn't realize it at all. Instead, a camera lens was quietly aimed at her in the dark.

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