The Northern Grand Duke’s Hamster

The Northern Grand Duke’s Hamster

북부대공의 햄스터

3 Chapters Ongoing Status
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After getting into an accident, I reincarnated into a novel that I stopped reading.

— Squeak! (What the?!)

I became a hamster who never appeared in the novel.

[Current Miracle Value 1%] [Raise the Miracle Value. It’ll save you from death!]

They gave me, who possessed a small hamster, a quest to bring ‘miracles’ to this world. Then, I could return to my original body.

‘How about saving Kyle? That’s a miracle in a way!’

[Goal decision completed: Save Kyle Jane Meinhardt.] [Selecting the quest…]

However, when I decided to save Kyle, who was the reason I stopped reading the novel, from his imminent death…

“Why are you trying to dance with me? There’s so many people over there!”
“Why? Because out of all those people, you’re my pet.”

Being able to temporarily use Miracle Value to become a human is great, but…
Is it just me or is life as a human more difficult than as a rodent?

“If I tie you up, you won’t disappear.”
“… Don’t you know that confinement is a crime?”

Will I be able to save Kyle and have this world meet a happy ending?

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