The Whole World Was Watching, But I Forgot It Was A Game!

The Whole World Was Watching, But I Forgot It Was A Game!

40 Chapters Ongoing Status


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In a worldwide online game called “Divine World”, gold coins could be exchanged for real money. This attracted countless players from around the world to play the game. In order to seize the resources in the game, various countries began large-scale conflicts.
Having just bought a gaming console to play the game, Su Chen’s amnesia kicked in right after he entered the game. He ended up believing that he had transmigrated to an alternate world. From then on, while others played the game as they pleased, Su Chen carefully struggled to survive.
Other players did not treat NPCs as people, yet Su Chen considered them his brothers.
Other players acted selfishly, but Su Chen sought justice for the NPCs!
When others saw the world’s boss, they said, “Wow! This monster is ferocious! I want to fight it on my own!”
When Su Chen saw the world’s boss, he asked, “Chief, can you send more reinforcements? I am afraid that the village will be wiped out!”
Most crucially, everything that he did was broadcasted for all the world to see. After seeing his actions, the audience was stunned!
They couldn’t help but wonder why this person was being so friendly with the NPCs…
However, because of his kindness towards the NPCs, Su Chen ended up obtaining a hidden profession and even a dragon slayer badge, causing him to surpass the number one player in the game!


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