“So what happened this time?” The Vice-marshal, with his warm water bottle in hand, is surprised to see Wei Zhuo with heavy eye bags once again, “you played virtual mecha fights with the male again?”

“Yes, but not because of that,” Wei Zhuo is just wondering if Cheng Zhaoci doesn’t have a good eye for insectoids.

Why did he, like, make it look like he’s interested in him? In him, who’s blind in one eye, scarred, and unfriendly-looking shemale?

Maybe Mr Cheng Zhaoci didn’t mean it that way. It could be him just being a normal minor teenage male getting cuddly with a familiar figure. But cuddly shouldn’t involve feeling him up… He’s not his dad, after all.

Or maybe it could simply be that his concept of male-shemale relationship is warped due to having grown up on a landfill planet and doesn’t think much of feeling someone up… Which is unlikely, as Cheng Jin would certainly have taught him what is and is not appropriate, hailing from the Capital planet himself.

So does he really mean that he’s interested in him? What should he do then?

Does he like him? He, who has not a single quality to like? Could it be temporary misplaced trust because he offered shelter to the helpless young male?

That feels more likely.

With those thoughts in mind, Wei Zhuo failed to fall asleep the entire night. He knows he’s not suited to Cheng Zhaoci, but he’s also questioning if he really is as undesirable as he thinks he is.

Since he does have grade S in physical aptitude.

Though that pales in comparison to his unlikeable personality, his scary appearance, and his lack of romance.

He didn’t understand why the males’ talked about seeing blue butterflies on the night of Cheng Zhaoci’s birthday, until he saw his published comic the next day. The comic was different from before. It’s a short, romance story. The demi inside was really gentle and romantic.

Especially when compared to what he did. Wei Zhuo felt quite disheartened.

He doesn’t understand the subtleties in surprise. He doesn’t know how to create a suitably, appropriately romantic situation.

He has really failed at being a shemale.

He should have resolved to never enjoying a male’s affection, and resolved never to approach another male. Then why does he seem to care about Cheng Zhaoci and what he thinks of him so much?

When he couldn’t sleep last night, he lied down on his balcony, watching the stars go by.

Zhousuo is far, far away. The planet where he picked up the stray male is far too dim in the starry skies to be seen.

Wei Zhuo doesn’t know what he’s looking for in the skies anymore. Maybe he just didn’t feel like going back to bed, that’s why he’s trying to search for Zhousuo which is completely beyond the capabilities of the most sharp pair of naked eyes here, while counting the hastened heartbeat that he has.

“I see. By the way, what is that young male like in personality?” The Vice-marshal takes a sip of his bottle, while narrowing his eyes at Wei Zhuo.

“His personality is great,” Wei Zhuo answers without even pausing for thought, “he is quite independent, always knowing what he wants to do. He also treats everyone around him with respect and dignity, regardless of them being a shemale, a demi or a male.”

The Vice-marshal observes that Wei Zhuo is unconsciously smiling, looking quite proud when praising that male. He understands now.

“So, if one day, that young male has found a potential cijun…”

His hypothetical isn’t even finished when Wei Zhuo’s faint smile immediately fades and turns into a sour poker face. Yep, there’s the grade S ‘Squadron Demon’ the soldiers are most familiar with.

How much more obvious could it get?! The Vice-marshal is dissing in his mind, but tries to continue his hypothetical regardless, “if he has found this cijun, good-looking, with equal physical aptitude as you, would you say that they’re suited to one another?”

Suited? Wei Zhuo furrows his brows, and explains, “I need to know if he has a good personality to be a good match for the male.”

The Vice-marshal then heaves a weary sigh, and pats Wei Zhuo on the shoulder, “you know, I think… Hmm, never mind. Try thinking about it this way – Do you think you can accept such a shemale by that male’s side?”

Meanwhile, Cheng Zhaoci and the Zhou brothers are headed for the editor’s department in that website’s company’s office.

They’ve left that white-haired male who is likely some researcher behind after paying his bills. Given Zhou Luoluo’s earlier reaction, though, it does not appear it is common knowledge that there are males employed in some sort of R&D among them.

There still lies the possibility that that white-haired male was lying, but he really didn’t look like he could pull off such a scheme. Someone who wanted to try his luck at romance by going to the local broadcasting company headquarters, and then getting lost in the Capital city, and then starving to the point of collapsing on the road? And also, completely blowing whatever ‘cover’ he had and revealing that he knew Cheng Zhaoci?

He looks like he just hasn’t talked to anyone in a really long time and has been a shut-in for far too long.

Though why did he have to conceal the fact that he’s a male researcher? It isn’t something embarrassing, is it?

And also, the white-haired male mentioned that this is not something underage males should know. Would they know more when they come of age?

Cheng Zhaoci knows that, the one notable thing to happen when they turn 18, besides having pheromones, is the aptitude test.

Males have to undergo aptitude test when they come of age. If males really are expected to become leeches on society regardless, they wouldn’t have needed to have their aptitudes tested, do they?

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