The Petite Wife of An Eighties' Villainous Big-Shot

The Petite Wife of An Eighties' Villainous Big-Shot

40 Chapters Ongoing Status


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Having transmigrated after death and entered a period drama novel, Qi Mianmian, who was originally a medical prodigy tired of life, was now a paranoid daughter who had just survived an attempted murder by her mother’s boyfriend. Although there were many troubles ahead, she was looking forward to the future.
However, she wished that the handsome and powerful villain Gu Zhan would not hover around her, as she didn’t want him to be dragged into this mess.
Gu Zhan was wondering, “Why can I see into the minds of Qi Mianmian and Wen Yurou? Why are the former’s inner thoughts so beautiful and amusing, while the latter’s are so sinister and horrid?”
Would he still love Wen Yurou, whom he had loved so passionately before?
Nope, he only wanted Qi Mianmian now.


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