Chapter 8


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“…The angular velocity is 1400rpm, the oil temperature is 240°C, and it rotates 6 times every 6 minutes at a constant speed…”

“……Vacuum pyrolysis experimental conditions, system pressure 1.5kPa, temperature rise 40℃/min……”

“…The final pyrolysis temperature is 600℃, the holding time is 30min, and the cold trap temperature is -40℃…”

“……After the pyrolysis of the discarded phenolic resin-based printed circuit boards, the pyrolysis residue, pyrolysis oil and gas are respectively 69.5%, 27.6%, 2.7%……”①

Lu Yong routinely went to the laboratory of the R&D department, wearing a white coat. Unlike other researchers, he was too tall, but he was very careful when operating the equipment, comparable to the standards of textbooks.

In fact, he was not born with handsome facial features by modern standards, perhaps it was more in line with the aesthetics of the older generation. A slightly square-shaped face, with thick eyebrows, big eyes, and a rugged appearance. Furthermore, his posture and temperament always gave the impression of someone who was inflexible and old-fashioned.


Compared to managing company finances, Lu Yong actually preferred to stay in the laboratory. Every time a new technology was developed, or there was a new technological breakthrough, it made him feel more excited than seeing the profits in the financial report. In the beginning, he never thought about starting such a big company, and had come to this point unknowingly.

He still hasn’t seen the top at all and could go up a bit further.


At five o’clock in the afternoon, Lu Yong took off his lab coat first, indicating that he was leaving work.

He didn’t mind indulging in the laboratory for a little longer, but his main identity was now the boss of the company. If he didn’t announce that he was leaving, who else would dare to leave? Wouldn’t that be forcing people to work overtime in disguise?

And… he also wanted to go back early. Unlike before, there was now someone waiting for him at home. When he thought about it, he felt that his heart had become warm.


Before returning, Lu Yong took a bath in the company’s bathroom. He was afraid that his body got stained with the smell of chemicals.

He was changing his clothes in the men’s locker room when someone walked in.


It was a man who looked around thirty years old. He had a thin body and a young face, but his hair was white. He wore a pair of metal thin-rimmed glasses, and had thin eyebrows and narrow eyes. He nodded indifferently and greeted, “Boss.”

Lu Yong smoothened out the unnecessary folds on his clothes. Recently, he had to make extra effort to tidy himself up before going back home. In summer, he sweats heavily. He used to take baths more frequently. Now he also uses antiperspirant and his clothing styles are also more varied than before. He is an extremely private person and does not want to be seen, so he spared a syllable of “um”.

Ding Nian is the chief researcher of their company’s R&D department. He used to be a senior researcher in relevant scientific research institutes in Japan. He was 37 years old this year and was brought back to China by Lu Yong four years ago. In addition to his high salary, he also held shares in the company. Lu Yong relies heavily on Teacher Ding, and the relationship between them is like friends.

Lu Yong quickly dressed, making a rustling sound. He secretly hid the antiperspirant in his pocket, and casually said, “I’m leaving first. You also get off work early and go back to rest.”

He wanted to go back early to see Shen Wenqiu.


Ding Nian glanced at him. His eyes were slightly cold, and he said nonchalantly, “This is not at all the time to be so relaxed, is it?”

Ding Nian put his hands in his pockets, looked at him for a while, and sighed helplessly, “Boss, I didn’t have the right to interfere with your private life, but you are in a daze, and the symptoms of a foolish smile appearing unconsciously on your face are getting more and more serious these days.”

“Perhaps you can consider settling down as soon as possible, so that you can concentrate on work again.”


Lu Yong was taken aback, and slowly blushed unnoticeably. He lowered his voice as if he was afraid of being heard, and asked, “Is it so obvious?”

He couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

Ding Nian shook his head, and solemnly said, “It’s not very obvious. For the time being, others won’t be able to see it, but there’s no guarantee that it won’t get discovered if your symptoms get worse.”


Lu Yong couldn’t help but remember something in the past.

He was actually a little confused in high school; how did those people find out that he liked Shen Wenqiu? He thought he was doing a pretty good job of hiding it.



At the high school graduation party.

Lu Yong did not sit at the same table with Shen Wenqiu, but deliberately chose a position where he could see Shen Wenqiu. Everyone drank like crazy, and he also downed a few bottles, but he was still very sober while everyone else was so drunk that they started to sway unsteadily.

Shen Wenqiu was also drunk, and looked really good looking. His lips were red as if they were bleeding, the ears and neck were all red, and his face was red, but it was a beautiful shade of red. It may also be because he liked Shen Wenqiu, and whenever he looked at Shen Wenqiu, it seemed that he added ten layers of filters. His pair of eyes were especially glistening and moist; he looked like he was happy, but he also looked like he was going to cry.

He looked at him a few times, very worried, and wanted to persuade him to stop. What should he do if Shen Wenqiu got alcohol poisoning? It was already so late, and it was dangerous to go home like this, right?

The eyes of the two people met vaguely from time to time, but didn’t stay for too long, both deliberately avoiding each other.


At that time, they had not spoken for three months.

Shen Wenqiu applied as a non-dormitory student in the second semester of the third year in senior high school and no longer lived on campus. Although their seats were only two rows away, they seemed to be separated by a wide gap. Lu Yong carefully followed his instructions and did not take the initiative to speak with him anymore. Even in normal times, he would deliberately avoid being seen.

Shen Wenqiu’s result after the first mock test was not very good. His Physics and Chemistry results made Lu Yong worried. He sometimes felt that Shen Wenqiu was slow-witted. Before the exam, he would help Shen Wenqiu write out the important points, and secretly put the notes on Shen Wenqiu’s table. After dinner, the classmate on duty gave him the dirty notebook and asked him if he lost it by mistake.

Lu Yong did not dare give it any more, deeply realized how firm Shen Wenqiu’s intention was to cut off their friendship.

However, they were about to graduate, and had applied for universities in different cities, one in the north and one in south. If this continued, maybe they would just miss each other in this life, right?

Shen Wenqiu was so drunk that he started to launch a drunken monster attack and hugged people everywhere. Lu Yong frowned as he looked at him and walked over to grab Shen Wenqiu’s arm.


Next to him, a male classmate who was close to Shen Wenqiu suddenly said, “What are you doing? Lu Yong. You’re here again? Is Shen Wenqiu your wife? Is no one allowed to hug him?”

“Are you two gay?”

It might’ve been just a joke, but for people who listened with ill intentions, the words appeared to be peculiar.


The drunk classmates all smiled mischievously and said,

“I also think that you guys just broke up recently; that’s why you guys aren’t talking to each other.”

“Are you two really dating secretly?”

“Hey, isn’t homosexuality a mental disorder? They have to see a doctor, right?”

“…I think it’s Lu Yong who likes Shen Wenqiu!”


Lu Yong’s heart sank. When he was young, he was too juvenile and didn’t know how to cover it up. He just stood still, making it obvious that his words hit the nail on the head.

Shen Wenqiu suddenly laughed, “Yes, I like him too.”

Lu Yong was even more dazed, his face flushed, confused and flustered, and his heart was suspended instantly.

Shen Wenqiu hasn’t finished speaking, and he said a bunch of names, “I also like Xiao A, Xiao B, Xiao C…” The majority of the classmates were named.


They roared with laughter, “Xiao Baa, you want to take every male and female, huh? You want to open a harem?”

With that, Lu Yong’s matter got muddled through.

But Lu Yong felt that some people were aware of it, they just weren’t certain.


Lu Yong stood one step away from Shen Wenqiu, and looked down at him. Shen Wenqiu bent his slender neck at an angle that showed the joint of his protruding backbone, it looked so thin as if it would break on the slightest touch. His shoulders were trembling slightly.

Amidst the absurd and frolicking laughter, the single step away was silently widening, it made it seem like Shen Wenqiu was untouchable.


Shen Wenqiu didn’t look back, he avoided his gaze as he walked away.

Lu Yong heard Shen Wenqiu say to the other classmates, “My dad booked a five-star hotel for the teacher appreciation banquet. Be sure to come if you’re free, I’ll send you an invitation then.”

In the midst of laughter, Shen Wenqiu was at the center of attention, surrounded by a group of people. He passed by Lu Yong, as if he hadn’t seen him.


After Lu Yong returned, he waited for Shen Wenqiu’s invitation, thinking, this was a good time to end the quarrel and start anew. He didn’t mind just being friends, it was enough to just be by his side. If given another chance, he would not be so reckless and impulsive again.

He waited and waited, and kept waiting.


This wait lasted for ten years.

Such a long memory of the past slipped by, only for a moment.

Ding Nian said from experience, “But I think that you’re the type of person who would be cheated on when you’re in a relationship. Be careful of meeting bad women.”

“He is not a bad woman.” Lu Yong said confidently. Shen Wenqiu is a man, although he can’t be called a good man.1


Lu Yong didn’t mind that Shen Wenqiu lied to him. At least if they were dating, he would be satisfied even if it was only for a day.

The current situation was not as good as that though. Shen Wenqiu simply had nowhere to go now, so he had to take refuge in him.

He was nothing but Shen Wenqiu’s human ATM and host.


Lu Yong returned home and found that Shen Wenqiu was not there.

The room was empty and deserted.


The blanket on the sofa was rolled into a ball, and was thrown away randomly. There were still some unorganized snack bags and bottles on the coffee table. The table was full of unwashed bowls. Lu Yong was currently busy with work, but he usually hired a cleaning lady to clean and do other things. However, since Shen Wenqiu came in, he did it himself.

Lu Yong walked over and touched the blanket. The blanket was cold. The person who should have buried his head in it and slept had been away for a long time.

Did he leave straight away as soon as he got the journey expenditure?


Lu Yong was at a loss. He went downstairs and walked around, not knowing where to find Shen Wenqiu. Shen Wenqiu’s phone broke and he didn’t even have a way to contact him.

Modern technology is so advanced, but why did the connections between humans remain so fragile?


Lu Yong sat where Shen Wenqiu usually slept, his ears seemed to be buzzing all the time, and he couldn’t sleep. He even thought of going to the police, but in what capacity could he call the police? He didn’t even have the confidence to claim to be Shen Wenqiu’s friend.

Besides, Shen Wenqiu just didn’t want him, and it’s not like anything was wrong.

It was two o’clock in the morning.

Lu Yong heard the faint sound of the door opening.


He immediately got up and walked over to turn on the light.

With a “pop”, the light was switched on.

Shen Wenqiu was standing at the door, reeking with the smell of tobacco and alcohol. With dull eyes and a wretched face, he looked like a walking corpse. He yawned, and asked lazily, “Why are you still awake?”

Lu Yong clumsily followed him and asked, “Xiao Baa, where have you been?”


Shen Wenqiu casually replied, “I went out to play. I’m so unlucky.”

Shen Wenqiu didn’t wash up, and fell tiredly on the sofa, scratched his belly and said, “I’m sleepy. I want to sleep. Turn off the light.”


Shen Wenqiu curled up, closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

He felt Lu Yong walking next to him, and even if he couldn’t see, he could feel Lu Yong exuding a terrible aura, making him feel chills.


Are you angry? It’s the right thing to be angry.

Come ask me if I went to gamble.


Shen Wenqiu waited, but he heard the sound of Lu Yong walking away. After a while, a warm, moist, soft towel was placed on his cheek.

Then he walked away again. Lu Yong sat down at the end of the sofa and held his ankle.


Shen Wenqiu couldn’t continue to pretend to be asleep. He blushed and asked in a muffled voice, “What are you doing?”

Lu Yong said, “Wiping your feet.”


Shen Wenqiu suddenly kicked his leg. “You don’t mind getting dirty, do you?”

Lu Yong didn’t speak, but looked at him quietly.


It would be better to scold him directly. Shen Wenqiu said coldly, “I really hate it when you do that.”

“Don’t be stupid, okay? The last time we met was ten years ago, but I am no longer who I was ten years ago. I was not for a long time. Do you still think I’m a good person?”


Lu Yong stood in the dark, looking at him steadily, and said in a deep voice, stating the facts, “I don’t think that way.”

“I know you are a rotten guy.”

The author has something to say:

①From data.

The gong in a white coat is my eternal fetish addiction. I’m good now.


In Chinese, he and she sound the same, so Ding Nian doesn’t know the bad woman is a guy.

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