All walks of life would always have some advertisements.

For example, on the colored pages of this detective handbook, there were advertisements for several local detective agencies.

Jiang Xia flipped through the pages, and his eyes quickly stopped on one of the pages.

The photo shows a small but beautifully decorated shop.

On the signboard of the store, "Amuro Detective Agency" was impressively written.

Jiang Xia stared at the word "Amuro" in the advertisement and was lost in thought.

The surname Amuro is not common.

Put it together with "detective", it was easy to think of a person.

——Toru Amuro.

Toru Amuro is also a member of the Black Organization and a cadre with a code name.

His code-named is "Bourbon", good at gathering intelligence.

However, in fact, Toru Amuro is an undercover agent sent by the National Police Agency. His real name is Rei Furuya, and he is dedicated to the country.

Jiang Xia: "..."

If you can find a way to sneak into Toru Amuro's detective agency, he doesn't have to worry that after becoming a "famous detective", the organization will covet himself and the agency, and then implicate the innocent boss—because "Bourbon" itself was considered a member of the organization.

And if he thinks about it carefully, if he can sneak into Toru Amuro, there will be other help.

——The identities of the peripheral members of the organization didn't have much secrecy at all, and they would be easily punished by law in the future.

But if he becomes Amuro Toru's teammate... Maybe he can become a fake red party in the future.

The success rate was not high.

But people had to be brave enough to try, and there was no loss in trying.

And the risk of this attempt was actually very low.

——Toru Amuro 

is a policeman in the Kexue world, and even if he thinks Jiang Xia is suspicious, he is unlikely to shoot him to death without any evidence.

In addition, even in order not to expose the undercover identity, Toru Amuro would not let the police arrest an ordinary peripheral member who had come to him.

Coupled with the affinity of the psychic teacher making others easily got a good impression, and Jiang Xia's luck had also always been good...

The more Jiang Xia thought about it, the brighter the future becomes.

He borrowed the detective handbook.


That afternoon, Jiang Xia followed the address on the advertisement and found Amuro Detective Agency.

As a result, when he got closer, there was a "Closed" sign on the door.

...well, it was understandable.

Generally, shops had a "regular holiday", one or two days off every week. Maybe Amuro Detective Agency's regular holiday, unfortunately, was today.

It didn't matter if he couldn't see anyone, just went back another day.

Jiang Xia returned home calmly.

He went again the next day.

The "Closed" sign was still there, unchanged.

... two consecutive days off?

Jiang Xia stood silently for a moment in the swishing cold wind, condemning this unprofessional work attitude in his heart.

After some reprimanded from a passer-by, he waited nearby for a while, but no one came to work.

Jiang Xia could only go home first.


Just like this, a week passed, and it was "closed" every time.

Looking at the prime location here, Jiang Xia felt sorry for the agency.

But after thinking about it, he didn't think it was a problem - Toru Amuro alone received N shares of salary alone, and he has two reliable employers who could reimburse all expenses. The rent of this office was probably calculated on the organization's head...

A week later.

Jiang Xia habitually drove to the door of "Amuro Detective Agency", glanced at the signboard habitually, and turned the motorcycle to leave habitually.

After turning his head, he suddenly felt that something was wrong.


Jiang Xia turned his head back abruptly.

He saw that the lock on the gate was gone, and the "Closed" sign was gone.


Jiang Xia looked at the open office and was a little moved for a moment.

There was a feeling of visiting the thatched cottage three times and finally seeing Zhuge Liang at home.


Ten minutes later.

Jiang Xia sat on the sofa inside the office.

Amuro Toru, like other serious detectives, brought a cup of tea, put a registration form in front of him, and then sat across from him with a polite smile:

"Our office is quite busy, so we may not be able to accept your commission. But according to your needs, I will recommend other suitable firms for you - the detectives there are all experts in solving related problems."

Jiang Xia: "..." Busy? Your firm was clearly out of business 99% of the time.

He silently picked up the pen and filled in his name, mobile phone number, and email address on the form.

The rest of the entrusted content was left blank.

Then let's come to reality.

Amuro looked at the large blank column and stretched out his hand to see it.

Before he could open his mouth, he heard the person on the opposite side say, "I'm not here to entrust——I want to work part-time."

Toru Amuro was taken aback.

After a moment, he picked up the registration form and threw it into the shredder next to it.

Then he turned to see off the guests: "Sorry, we don't recruit people." 

As he spoke, Toru Amuro made a gesture towards the door that seemed to be "this way please", but was actually read as "Hurry up and get out".

Jiang Xia sat on the sofa without moving:

"But I feel that your store is very short of manpower - the door is closed several times when passing by. But you still insist on advertising in various places, don't you think it's a waste."

Jiang Xia said at the same time, put the borrowed detective handbook on the coffee table, and began to promote himself:

"My reasoning ability is very strong, and I don't have any requirements for salary, you can pay it at the minimum hourly wage."

Toru Amuro looked at him silently for a while, suddenly walked to the door, and clicked the door to lock it.

When he turned around again, he had a gun in his hand.

His expression also became dangerous, like Gin smelling a traitor.

Instinctively, Jiang Xia sat up straighter than before and glanced at Toru Amuro.

Then he was disappointed to find that although the expressions of these two people were similar, there was no murderous intent on Toru Amuro.

"..." Oh, a fake wine.

The child ghost on the shoulder also sighed.

Toru Amuro didn't have the ability to read minds, so he didn't know that Jiang Xia secretly dislikes him.

Seeing Jiang Xia's reaction, he only thought that his deterrence had worked.

So he continued: "About the waste you mentioned just now..." Toru Amuro said in a cold, imposing voice, "If I can catch a thief with ulterior motives like you, it's actually worth it."

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