The public security in japan was different from the law-abiding criminal police.

They often spread their wings on the edge of the law, and it was normal to slip through doors without locks.

That was to say, Jiang Xia thought, if Toru Amuro really wanted to investigate, he would have gained something in the face of an ordinary murder case.


Although Amuro Toru was a policeman at heart, he was a ruthless organization cadre on the surface, and he shouldn't show any interest to help in ordinary murder cases.

But at the same time, he did have the title of "detective".

And Jiang Xia felt that in this world, anyone with a bit of detective buff just needed to kick them a little toward the edge of the case...

Then they would get involved and investigate the case by themselves and find the truth without complaint...it's a worry-free tool.


Thinking of this, Jiang Xia gave the photo and told Amuro Toru's case in detail.

He began to hint: "If you know that a person has committed a murder, and even guessed the general process of his murder, but there is no physical evidence, what should you do?"

Amuro Toru picked up a photo and looked at it: "Well, It is difficult to completely erase the traces. Now that the modus operandi can be deduced, follow the suspect’s action trajectory at that time, try to figure out his thoughts, simulate his behavior, and replay his actions... You can grasp the evidence of that incident from it "

Jiang Xia: "..." 

It seemed that Toru Amuro had no intention of getting involved.

Jiang Xia patiently continued to hint: "What if I still can't find it?"

"Then I won't look for it." Toru Amuro threw the photo on the table and said indifferently, "Not all cases can be solved."

He, Rei Furuya, was a professional undercover agent.

Each identity had a personality corresponding to each identity.

——Rei Furuya was Rei Furuya, Toru Amuro was Toru Amuro, and Bourbon was Bourbon.

Each of them was different.

Facing Jiang Xia, a member of the organization, Toru Amuro spent a fraction of a second choosing the vest. Then he felt that the identity of "Bourbon" was the most suitable.

However, after finishing speaking, Toru Amuro looked at Jiang Xia in surprise.

He didn't expect Jiang Xia to be so persistent in solving the case.


After agreeing to Jiang Xia's part-time job, Amuro Toru searched for Jiang Xia's relevant information from various red and black channels.

Then he discovered that Jiang Xia's experience was indeed not much different from what he said.

Psychological problems did exist, and there were medical records to prove it, which was the base of Shirley's fuss.

There was another surprising point - a year ago, after returning to school after being discharged from the hospital, Jiang Xia's grades began to climb.

Finally climbed to the top and didn't come down. Regardless of the quiz or the end of the mid-term, all get full marks.

Toru Amuro fell silent facing the pile of bug-like transcripts.

At that time, he suddenly realized that he seemed to have picked up a talent.

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