Holding a bouquet of morning glories, the doctor had already felt familiar with Jiang Xia.

When Jiang Xia started talking, he finally remembered—the young man had appeared in the newspaper a few days ago, successfully solving several cases.

The doctor thought, "Could I get aid from this detective?" With that thought, Dr. Ogawa immediately became enthusiastic.

He explained in detail:

"This flowerpot was sent to the front desk by a person who called himself 'Mr. Tanaka.' Every year on August 3rd, he sends one."

—And it's not just the flowers.

Starting about two years ago, every month, Dr. Ogawa would receive old toys and 1 million yen sent by "Mr. Tanaka."

Up until now, he has received a total of 25 million yen.

Previously, Dr. Ogawa had always considered these gifts as expressions of gratitude from an anonymous patient—having a 5-year-old son, it seemed normal to receive toys along with the money.

Who would have known that this month, along with the money, a letter signed "Tanaka Taro" was sent?

The letter said: "The 25 million has been paid in full, and I'm here to take what belongs to me."

...The vaguely malicious tone in the letter made him feel uneasy.

Dr. Ogawa immediately panicked and sought the help of a detective. Just a little over ten minutes ago, he had found the detective agency of Mouri Kogoro.

Upon Mouri Kogoro's reminder, Dr. Ogawa remembered that there was a painting worth over 20 million yen hanging in his office. It is possible that "Mr. Tanaka" had set his eyes on that painting when he mentioned "taking what belongs to him."

So now, this group of people rushed to the hospital.


Mouri Kogoro stood on the hospital's steps, gazing at Dr. Ogawa as he explained the situation to Jiang Xia. He sensed a competitive atmosphere, driven by the thought of not wanting to lose to the younger generation.

With a calm expression, Kogoro Mori cleared his throat and interjected into the conversation between the doctor and Jiang Xia, "Sending the same flower every year should not be merely out of interest; it likely has some specific meaning."

Jiang Xia nodded approvingly, "Morning glories do indeed have some special floral meanings. 'Ending,' 'bound by love,' and..."

Suddenly, he lowered his voice, his tone becoming eerie, " 'I am entangled with you.' "

Listening nearby, Mouri Ran exclaimed, "!"

Could it be that this flower was sent by a patient who died on Dr. Ogawa's operating table...

Kogoro Mori didn't believe in ghosts but rubbed his chin in confusion, "The first two meanings are common, but the last one, 'entangled with you'... Did you make that up?"

"No, I have received morning glories before," Jiang Xia said as he unwound the twined vines and found a hidden card, looking at the words on it.

"At that time, there was also a note like this among the flowers, but it wasn't signed, and it said, 'I am entangled with you.' And I was indeed entangled for a while, so it left a deep impression."

Conan thought, "Why do you always have such unusual experiences?"

And also, he was entangled before but not anymore...

Shall we go to Tokyo Bay and dig up some concrete that has Jiang Xia's fingerprints on it?


Mouri Kogoro's thought process wasn't as whimsical as Conan and Ran's.

After listening to Jiang Xia's words, Mouri Kogoro methodically began his deductions: "Sending the same flowers every year, it's unlikely to mean 'ending.' As for the remaining two meanings, whether it's 'bound by love' or 'I am entangled with you,' they both carry a sense of ambiguity, so... "

Being an expert in catching cheaters, Kogoro Mori couldn't help but throw a soul-probing question at Dr. Ogawa, "Are you being threatened by someone because of an affair?"

Dr. Ogawa shook his head desperately, "I have never cheated!"

"Sending flowers generally signifies gratitude or love," Jiang Xia said, "If it's meant as a thank-you gesture, it's indeed strange for the sender not to reveal themselves. We can temporarily exclude that possibility. As for love..."

He looked at Dr. Ogawa.

Dr. Ogawa was startled, and he shook his head even more vigorously.

Jiang Xia withdrew his gaze, "Alright, let's exclude that too."

"If it's not either of those," he raised three fingers, then put down two of them in order, "there's actually another purpose for flowers—memorial."

"Flowers offered on the anniversary of someone's passing are generally chrysanthemums or lilies. However, in recent years, many people have chosen the deceased's favorite flowers or seasonal blooms."

Jiang Xia calmly revealed, "Morning glories bloom mainly in the summer months, July, August, and September, among which August 3rd falls."


As Dr. Ogawa listened, his face turned pale.

Receiving memorial flowers while being very much alive was truly spine-chilling. Could this person using the alias "Mr. Tanaka" be trying to harm him??

With that thought, Dr. Ogawa's hair stood on end, and he looked to Jiang Xia for help:

"As expected of a detective who makes it to the newspapers. After just a brief conversation, you've already analyzed so much. If we keep talking for another hour, maybe you can directly expose the true identity of 'Mr. Tanaka'?"

Under his hopeful gaze...

Jiang Xia pondered and suggested, "Since 'Mr. Tanaka' is still sending you toys, perhaps his intentions are related to a child. Why don't you think back and see if there's any connection between you and him near a child?"

"A child..." Dr. Ogawa murmured to himself, suddenly realizing something, his face changed drastically. He dropped the bouquet and rushed towards the archive room.

As he ran, Conan and the Mouri father-daughter duo were taken aback and instinctively followed.

The stairs were suddenly left empty.


Jiang Xia glanced at their disappearing figures and leisurely adjusted his collar as he walked down the stairs.

Successful escape from the hospital√

And, if he was correct, this trip would yield more than just Dr. Kazato's clues.


Upon leaving the hospital gates, Jiang Xia didn't go home but went to a park.

As he entered the park, Bai (the child ghost), who was still reminiscing about the murderous aura, suddenly froze. It seemed to have sensed something and quickly sat upright, fixing its gaze on a certain direction.

Following Bai's gaze, Jiang Xia walked a short distance and saw a kindergarten.

The kindergarten had not yet finished for the day. Sitting on a bench, a middle-aged man was outside the gate emitting a strong murderous aura.

Seeing him, Jiang Xia was certain.

... It's indeed a person related to this case.

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