Chapter 26: The Demon with Red-Black Wings

“… I had no idea there was more up there—nothing higher than this has ever occurred to me…”

Brandt muttered in a daze, but Anastasia had anticipated this.

After defeating a powerful monster, a demon will come next, which was the pattern in her last life.

The demon is most likely protecting the dungeon core at the end of the stairs.

However, there is no monster outbreak, and the situation is calm.

What’s the point of fighting demons and destroying dungeon cores?

Should we defeat any demons that stand in our way since we plan to defeat the Demon Lord in the near future?

Anastasia looks at the stairs and wonders.

“…There’s probably an enemy stronger than the current dragon at the end of those stairs—I’m also sure there’s a dungeon core…”

“You said that if the dungeon core is destroyed, the dungeon will vanish, but the knowledge stored in it will be accessible—I’m curious what knowledge is kept in this tower’s dungeon…”

Brandt is thinking.

Anastasia wondered if he wanted to gain that kind of knowledge, but Brandt’s face was filled with fear and disgust, not anticipation.

This dungeon, where living blood is drawn, is clearly malevolent. Perhaps that’s what he’s thinking.

“It contains the knowledge of the demon tribe—so it’s a malicious magical power…”

“Demon tribe?”

Anastasia closes her mouth as Brandt mutters in a frozen voice.

Brandt has a strong hatred for demons, which is understandable given that he is the avenger of his parents

“… Is there a demon at the end of those stairs?”

“I think it’s very likely…”

Anastasia answered Brandt honestly, looking directly at the stairs.

She was afraid Brandt would be consumed by rage, but it was probably too late to hide it now.

“…To be honest, I’d like to go up those stairs right now and kill the demon—if I had been alone, I would have done the same thing. But now I’m a little more patient. Will we win? —And even if we return safely… I can’t let Anastasia-san be a part of my vengeance…”

Brandt muses with bitterness in his eyes.

Anastasia expected him to run up the stairs at this point, but she was surprised to see Brandt thinking rationally instead.

Anastasia’s presence must have given him pause.

“Demons are also my enemies; let’s go.”

Anastasia taps Brandt’s back, assuring him that it’s okay if he’s not consumed by rage.

“… Are you certain? —If something dangerous happens, I’ll buy you some time, and I want Anastasia-san to escape via [transfer].”

“If that happens, I’ll bring Brandt-senpai along—we should be able to [transfer] at least one of us—leave it to me; I’m quick on my feet.”

Anastasia responds lightheartedly to Brandt’s solemn determination.

Brandt relaxes his shoulders and smiles slightly.

“Thank you very much—shall we go?”

They proceed up the stairs.

The room beyond that was significantly smaller than the hall on the twelfth floor. Nonetheless, it was large enough for a dance rehearsal without being too cramped.

All four walls had round windows through which sunlight fell on the central pedestal, where a floating, faintly glowing red orb is located.

However, no other figures were visible.

“…I had no idea you’d make it this far…”

A voice echoed through the room just as they thought no one was there.

an amused but somehow cold voice.

“Where are you…!”

Brandt braces himself and yells.

“Well, well, you’re an impatient one—because you brought your princess, I would advise you to be a little more composed.”

A mocking voice reverberates throughout the room.

Brandt’s face contorted in irritation, but he didn’t respond.

“Well, well… Or, if you’re talking about impulsive behavior, his mother was the same… Did he get it from her mother? —Yes, they have a similar face—he was very young at the time, but he now looks exactly like her.”

As the voice continued, Brandt’s expression faded.

Anastasia’s heart pounded at the realization that she had not anticipated this.

Naturally, they were both prepared to face the demon as Brandt’s parents’ avengers.

However, Anastasia was only thinking about a run-of-the-mill demon, and it was not a true resolution.

The owner of that voice is most likely not your average demon, but the person responsible for Brandt’s parents’ deaths.

As Anastasia and Brandt stood there, speechless, something rose from the shadows that had fallen before the dungeon core’s pedestal.

It assumes human form and transforms into a tall young man with reddish-black hair.

With contemptuous glances, the young man’s handsome face grinned.

“Little prince, you’ve matured—It’s great to finally meet you again.”

With a cracking sound, the shadow of a young man spreads.

The young man’s back sprouted large red and black wings, the demon tribe’s symbol.

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