Chapter 40: The Deputy Administrator

A light bursts out of the distorted room.

Anastasia feels the impact as if it were hitting directly at her insides, closes her eyes and holds them tight.

The shock quickly wears off, and Anastasia opens her eyes, feeling slightly nauseous.

Brandt is still standing, but the two girls have collapsed. The girls appear to be unconscious.

And there was a blue sphere floating in front of the transfer stone.

“Warning. Cease your attack and retreat. or be eliminated.”

An inorganic voice sounds from the blue sphere.

“I have no intention of attacking.”

Brandt says it instantly and backs away from the transfer stone.

Brandt returns to Anastasia at the entrance of the room.

“Certainly, there was no intention to attack. Then why did you persistently and repeatedly eliminate the monsters and attack the transfer stones?”

The blue orb asks a question.

Anastasia and Brandt look at each other.

“The only reason I defeated the monsters so many times was because I wanted to train. The attack on the transfer stones was an accident. The two who attacked the transfer stones were the ones who fell… but they really wanted to attack someone else.”

Brandt explains, though with a touch of irritation toward the end of the sentence.

Of course, it’s not against the blue sphere, but against the girls.

“I understand; that was just a coincidence. If the two lying on the floor are only resilient enough to withstand a shock wave of that magnitude, then it’s no wonder they were so psychologically controlled. Let me ask you one more question. Are you willing to go back quietly?”

“Yes, I intended to go back in the first place.”

As Brandt answered more questions, the blue sphere flashed, somewhat contentedly.

“Good, we’ll treat it as a random event. Wait a moment while we adjust the transfer stone.”

Anastasia is surprised to hear the blue sphere say so and is kind enough to let them use the transfer stone.

Based on the conversation so far, it is likely that the blue orb is the administrator of the dungeon.

And from her experiences in her last life, the dungeon administrator must have been a demon.

“… Are you the administrator of this dungeon?”

asks Anastasia.

“I suppose you could call me that. But the rightful administrator was my master. I am rather a deputy.”

Without expecting an answer, the blue orb replies lawfully.

“… Is your master… A demon?”

Anastasia asks further questions to see if this might be the case.

Brandt next to her twitched, but had nothing to say.

“Demon. My master did not like that name. He used to lament that demons were the guardians of evil (evil energy or something), and now they refer to the winged ones who have fallen to evil and turned black.”

The answer came back with a story that Anastasia had never heard.

The demons Anastasia knew were black-winged demons who were powerful at magic. But according to this story, there are other kinds of demons.

“… Are you saying that demons are not monolithic?”

Brandt mutters, raising an eyebrow.

“My master was an innocent owner of glowing wings. He created this dungeon to give everyone power against the plague caused by the black-winged ones. Some of master’s peers gave great power to the individual, but here we give as much power to the many as they need.”

An inorganic voice spoke as if it were singing.

Brandt’s mouth was tightly shut as he thought about something.

The first thing that came to Anastasia’s mind was the celestial Selestia, from whom the Holy Kingdom of Selestia was named.

She is a heavenly messenger with silver wings and is said to have given the holy sword to the hero.

She is remembered for her luminous wings and for giving great power to individuals.

“But the number of monsters that can be created is limited. If so many are defeated in such a short period of time, we cannot keep up with them. The total amount of energy flowing into this place will remain the same. That is why we have been trying to limit them by strengthening psychological control, but it is helpful to know that those who can reach this place can resist to that extent.”

And the inorganic voice continues to speak, as if talking to itself.

Anastasia thinks that the girls have lost their minds, probably because of the mental domination.

Anastasia is also a little affected, and Brandt doesn’t seem to have changed much, probably due to differences in magical resistance.

——And there is another thing that worries me.

The total amount of evil energy flowing in was casually mentioned, but I’m curious if it comes from a large source somewhere.

If the flow is stopped by the destruction of the dungeon, where does the energy that has lost its way go?

In Anastasia’s past life, the monsters got stronger and more numerous as she got closer to the end of her journey.

——At the time, I only thought that the monsters got stronger because of the demon king.

Anastasia shudders as she feels as if she’s about to find out the real answer.

“Well, the adjustments are complete. you may return.”

A voice brings Anastasia back from her reverie.

Anastasia looks up from her prone position and sees the moving stones glowing faintly.

Normally, the transfer would be triggered by a touch, but the flow of magical power has already begun to surround Anastasia and the others.

Soon they will be transferred.

“… Tell me the name of your master!”

——You have only one chance at this moment.

So thought Anastasia, and out of her mouth came the question about the name of the administrator of this dungeon.

——I don’t know why it came out, I don’t know myself.

And it’s a question to which you can’t expect to get an answer.


There was still no answer, and the transfer was triggered.

The view in front of her is distorted.

And then…

“…I will answer in the name of a fragrance similar to that of a familiar face. My master’s name was Lapis, and people called him the Azure Magician.”

Just before the transition ended, a soft voice was heard.

Anastasia is surprised that there was an answer, as well as by the name that came up. But the name also makes sense.

Lapis, the Azure Magician, was the name of the founder of the Magic Academy.

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