Chapter 18: Taking Shower

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“I used to be a camp settler,” Jiang Cheng replied.

Yang Kuifeng was enlightened. “You have no idea how severe the current drought is. Artificial rainfall only works when there are cumulonimbus clouds or water vapor in the air. But as you can see, there aren’t any clouds in the sky. There are very few water molecules in the air, which means it’s impossible for us to produce artificial rainfall.”

“No vapor?” Jiang Cheng said, frowning. “Do you mean the water on the ground disappeared into thin air?”

“That’s the question we’ve been trying to answer,” Yang Kuifeng replied, “Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer yet.”

Yang Kuifeng paused for a moment, then added, “If you can help us process all the bison meat, that’s fine too. But the three of you can only use 50 catties of water. We won’t add more water even if you’re not clean enough.”

“Alright,” Jiang Cheng agreed, feeling relieved. He thought to himself, ‘At least that’s something.’

Only the heavens knew how long it had been since he and Tong Xiaorou had taken a shower. He had been holding back his urge to make out with her.

Yang Kuifeng quickly called for help using his communicator. Within moments, a power armor carrying an intermodal container, arrived.

“The bison meat is all inside?” Jiang Cheng was stunned. “You want me to do it there?”

“No, that’s your shower room.” Yang Kuifeng said.

‘Huh?’ Jiang Cheng was dumbfounded. He had hoped to have a chance visit the Terrawheeler, if only for a moment. Just catching a glimpse of the interior of that sophisticated vessel would have been sufficient.

“Make sure not to urinate or defecate in there. We need to recycle the shower water,” Yang Kuifeng cautioned. Jiang Cheng was astounded at the level of thriftiness displayed by the shelter folks.

Soon, the power armor carrying the shower room came over. The power armor pilot first looked at the campfire, then placed the container-like shower room on a flat area.

Then, with a wave of his hand, the pilot took out a 50-catty can of water. He also took out a high-tech water heater and a water pump and began to assemble them.

Jiang Cheng looked at the pilot conjuring something and said in surprise, “Is he an Evolver too? Perhaps an Evolver with dimensional skill?”

“He’s using a Dimension Folding Bag made from the stomach of the Voraxsilk1,” said Yang Kuifeng with a smile. “Humans tend to awaken during life-threatening situations. So, Evolvers are a very rare existence among shelter folks like us.”

Perhaps Yang Kuifeng was afraid of being underestimated, he added, “However, there’s one from our shelter. His skill is transportation. His combat strength is not high, but he can store a large number of heavy weapons in a transportation space. Unfortunately, human evolution is unexplainable. We are currently unable to formally involve ourselves in research related to it.”

Jiang Cheng was taken aback. Then he thought to himself, ‘But… a Dimension Folding Bag!’ Even if it was made from material harvested from an evolved beast, it was still very impressive. Moreover, since other Evolvers also had dimensional skills, there was no need for Jiang Cheng to hide his ability to use Item Box when he processed the bison meat later.

At that moment, the other power armor pilot pulled out two small bottles and began to explain, “This one is shower gel and this one is shampoo. Here’s how you use them-”

“I know. I’ve used these before.,” Jiang Cheng interrupted with a smile. These shelter folks were incredibly thoughtful, and he appreciated their kindness. Jiang Cheng then thought back to his former self’s interactions with other camp settlers in the past, where he had to be wary of them to avoid getting tricked or swindled. In comparison, the shelter folks were a breath of fresh air. Their kindness made him feel guilty even at the mere thought of stealing anything while processing the bison meat later.

“Here’s the toothpaste and toothbrushes. You know how to use them, right?”


“Excellent,” the power armor pilot said. In just a few minutes, Jiang Cheng was all set up. The efficiency of the shelter folks was impressive.

“Your clothes are in the shower room. We’ll bring the bison meat here while you’re taking a shower,” Yang Kuifeng said.

“So, am I to process the meat here?” Jiang Cheng was caught off guard, thinking, ‘It turns out that they never have the plan to let me visit the Terrawheeler.’

“You don’t want a large number of Wildlings to know about your ability, right?” Yang Kuifeng chuckled, “So this place is perfect.”

Jiang Cheng thought to himself, ‘What a “thoughtful” guy,’ but was rendered speechless. ‘His words sound weird, though.’

Soon, the two power armors left.

Jiang Cheng immediately became excited. He put away the campfire, then impatiently pulled Tong Xiaorou and carried Yaya. “Let’s go take a shower together. We’ll save some water and keep the rest for ourselves. ”

Instantly, Tong Xiaorou’s face immediately turned bright red, but her dirt-covered face made it hard to tell.

“Yay, I can take shower!” The little girl had no idea what Tong Xiaorou was thinking. She was very excited when she knew that she could take a shower.

“Alright, let’s all take a shower together and change into clean clothes.” Jiang Cheng couldn’t wait to bring the two girls into the shower room.

During the shower, Jiang Cheng took the opportunity to scrub Tong Xiaorou’s back for her. It was the first time he had noticed how beautiful she was since he arrived in this world.

However, not everything went according to plan.

There were two floors in the shower room. The lower floor was only 20 centimeters high, and it was used to store shower water. After the shower water seeped in through a gap, he could not steal it.

Therefore, after taking shower and brushing their teeth, even though they had tried his best to save water, they were too dirty. In the end, Jiang Cheng only managed to steal ten catties of water. He could not steal the water stored inside the lower floor of the shower room.

Jiang Cheng was left speechless, “He must’ve been guarding against me!”

The shower water was still drinkable after being distilled. It could be a lifesaver in critical moments.

The shower room was built tough — dismantling it using his gathering skill would raise suspicion.

‘It seems that shelter folks are not stupid. Perhaps they have yet to experience the cruelty of the wilderness and have strong self-defense, so they seem a little naive,’ Jiang Cheng thought.

It took them more than an hour to use up all three bottles of disposable shampoo and shower gel before the three of them were completely clean.

Their clothes were new, still in their packaging, and surprisingly, they fit perfectly. Even underwear and shoes were provided. Each of them received two pairs of different style comfortable shoes suitable for walking. It was a complete package.

Jiang Cheng couldn’t help but marvel at the kindness of the shelter folks. He hadn’t even thought to ask for underwear and shoes, but they had provided everything. ‘They’re too kind. Really kind people!’

Except for the inner wear, the clothing was all meant for summer, likely due to the hot weather. Jiang Cheng received a white T-shirt, a long-sleeved white shirt, and black pants; Tong Xiaorou got a pair of dark blue jeans, a pair of brown casual pants, and a beautiful white, long-sleeved T-shirt with a lace hem and collar. Yaya’s outfits were all in pastel color. They were lovely, perfect for a young girl.

There were probably children on the Terrawheeler as well. Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to make such clothes so quickly.

As Jiang Cheng had seen a Dimension Folding Bag, he guessed that there must be many people living in the Terrawheeler. There might be a lot of resources stored in Dimension Folding Bags to make room for everyone to move around comfortably.

Finally, after taking the shower, they kept a few items, such as the disposable toothbrushes. The three of them looked spectacularly refreshed and renewed when they emerged from the shower room. If anyone had seen them, they would not have recognized Jiang Cheng and the girls.

After they stepped out of the shower room, Jiang Cheng’s eyes were fixed on Tong Xiaorou with excitement. She was even more beautiful in person than he had ever imagined. Although her skin was tanned from the sun, her facial features were delicately refined with a small nose, big eyes, and a small cherry mouth. The only critique he had was that her figure was slightly underdeveloped and too slim, but everything else was beyond perfect.

Jiang Cheng felt he was lucky to come to this world. He used to be a 29-year-old single man in his past life. In this life, Tong Xiaorou was a godsend, and he was only 20 years old in this life, which was nine years younger than before.

Meanwhile, Tong Xiaorou blushed with embarrassment, feeling weak in the knees since she could hardly stand. During the shower, even though it was not the right place and Yaya was present, Jiang Cheng had touched her body repeatedly, making it almost impossible for her to keep her balance.

Despite everything, Tong Xiaorou couldn’t bring herself to be disgusted by his advances since he was her fiancé and treated her so kindly. To be honest, she was ecstatic that he liked her. However, despite her happiness, she still felt bashful. Not all Wildlings were devoid of modesty. Besides, when they had plenty of food and were warm, they were more prone to indulge in carnal desires.

She was nervous around Jiang Cheng’s intense gaze, causing her entire body to turn red with heat, rendering her incapable of even looking at him.

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