Chapter 8: Roast Meat; Leaving

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After a long while, when the noise outside disappeared and it was quiet again, Jiang Cheng turned around and looked outside through the light of the campfire.

Many tree branches fell from tens of meters away. The largest one was even half a meter in diameter.

As for those things, they had been brutally destroyed, leaving flesh scattered everywhere.

“What the hell are they?! ”

Jiang Cheng’s heart skipped a beat. He remembered that the trees nearby were not small. The smallest one was one or two meters in diameter.

However, those trees were so easily shattered.

It was hard to imagine how powerful the two monsters were.

Because he wasn’t sure if all of those evil things had left, he didn’t dare to put away the campfire, so he let it burn.

This Green grade campfire had the ability to ward off evil spirits.

Although it might attract wild beasts or other people, Jiang Cheng would rather face wild beasts or other humans than encounter those things before.

He didn’t dare to change his position because he couldn’t move while the campfire was burning. If he encountered those two things on the way, he would be dead.

Taking this opportunity, he opened the interface of the campfire and looked at the cooking option. With a thought, he chose to cook the roast meat.

The wolf meat they had collected previously was not much. There were only about twenty pieces, one piece per catty. Twenty pieces were streaky pork and three pieces were tenderloin.

After all, the giant wolf was as thin as a stick. Although it looked huge, it did not have much meat.

In addition, the ones that were collected were all high-quality. They were collected along with the salt in the residual blood, leaving behind the dregs. Therefore, it was already more than good enough to get more than 20 pieces.

Because the cooking function was carried out directly on the interface, everything was silent.

He could cook a piece in a minute.

After all the meat was cooked, Jiang Cheng thought for a moment and took out a piece. He turned around and handed it to Tong Xiaorou. “This is wolf meat. It’s freshly roasted and a little hot. You guys can share it. Save some for now. We’ll be full when we find more food. ”

“Meat…” Tong Xiaorou’s breathing instantly quickened. She hesitated for a moment before looking at Jiang Cheng. When she saw the gentleness in Jiang Cheng’s eyes, she was moved and took it.

“Meaty…” Yaya also widened her eyes in surprise and looked on with a face full of desire.

Such a big piece should be enough for them to eat!

The roast meat was very strange. It did not emit any fragrance.

Tong Xiaorou didn’t think too much about it. She gave half of it to Yaya and then took a bite eagerly.

The next moment, her eyes widened.

“Nom… Nom…” Yaya was the same. She couldn’t stop after taking a bite.

Jiang Cheng was puzzled. He also took out a piece and ate it. He was also stunned when he took a bite.

“D*mn! It’s so delicious. Is this really roast meat? ”

There was salt, and it was very crispy and tender. It even had a little juicy feeling. It did not look like an old wolf’s meat at all.

It was as if all the fragrance had fused into the roast meat, so it could not be smelled from the outside.

Before this, Jiang Cheng had already mentally prepared himself to swallow it even if it did not taste good. He didn’t expect the roast meat to be so delicious.

“Is it because of the Green grade campfire?”

Jiang Cheng was deep in thought, then he chomped down on the food.

Tong Xiaorou, on the other hand, burst into tears again. She couldn’t remember the last time she ate meat. She thought, ‘It’s been three years ago, or maybe it was four years ago that I’ve completely forgotten the taste of meat.’ Realizing that she was having this kind of roast meat that even Jiang Cheng found delicious, she immediately felt a sense of satisfaction and happiness at this moment. She was so touched that he cried.

“Delicious… It’s so delicious…” Yaya was the same. The little girl had almost never eaten meat since she was born. It was her first time eating such food, and she was so excited that she almost buried herself in the roast meat.

“Eat slowly. There will be more in the future.”

Jiang Cheng looked at the two girls who were moved to tears and smiled. However, he did not slow down and finished the 500 grams of roast meat in a few big mouthfuls.

It was really super delicious. He still wanted to eat it after eating it, but he held back. He didn’t know if he would be able to find food successfully in the future.

He had to save some of it.

However, roast meat was delicious, but it made one thirsty.

At this moment, he thought of the water bag that he had exchanged for with the remains of the giant wolf’s corpse. He flipped his hand and took it out. He shook it and realized that there was really water inside.

He opened the stopper and hesitated for a moment. He still brought it closer to his nose and smelled it. To his surprise, it actually carried the smell of wood.

“Could it be the juice of some kind of tree?”

It should be drinkable.

Jiang Cheng was worried that it was some kind of strange liquid.

As for whether it was poisonous, in times of extreme water shortage, only those who were truly desperate would poison the water they had painstakingly obtained. After all, even poisons were very precious in this time.

“But at most half a catty. I won’t drink it. I have to save some.”

Ignoring Tong Xiaorou and Yaya’s eager eyes, Jiang Cheng put it away again and said to the two girls, “We can only drink it at critical moment unless we can find water source.”

It was nighttime now. Although it was uncomfortable to be thirsty, at least he would not die.

During the day or when they were on the road, this bit of water would be life-saving.

“Understood.” Tong Xiaorou was very sensible and didn’t look at it anymore.

Although the six-year-old Yaya was sensible, she could not help but continue to stare at him.

The longing look in his eyes made Jiang Cheng’s heart waver.

However, he knew the severity of the situation. He ignored the eager gaze and said, “You guys continue to sleep. I’ll go out and take a look.”

With that, he turned around and left the tree hole with his Tang Dynasty Sword.

He wanted to familiarize himself with the sword and see if he could increase his strength through gathering.

He had felt a little proud after becoming an Evolver, but the presence of the monsters and those evil things had made him realize the danger of this world was far beyond his imagination. Without powerful strength, he could not be at ease.

Because of the campfire, the area within ten meters was brightly lit and did not seem dark at all.

After coming outside, he could vaguely see that several large trees in the distance only had tall stumps left. The crowns had disappeared.

It was obvious that the two monsters had fought in the air.

Jiang Cheng first looked around vigilantly. After making sure that nothing was approaching, he began to practice his sword.

He didn’t know any sword techniques, so he only practiced slashing from different angles.

He either switched his hands or held a sword with both hands. He used whatever strength he could muster.

In the tree hole, after Tong Xiaorou finished eating the roast meat, she felt a sense of fullness that she had not felt for a long time. She could not help but hug Yaya and cry silently.

“Sis, you can have mine …” Yaya hesitated for a moment and handed over the remaining piece of roast meat.

“No need. I’m full. You can have it, Yaya. You’re a good girl, ” Tong Xiaorou said softly. She hugged Yaya, laughing and crying at the same time. She couldn’t remember the last time she had eaten so much, let alone eating such delicious roast meat.

Although she was still in a famine environment and danger was everywhere, when she thought of Jiang Cheng’s changed attitude, she felt at ease for the first time. It seemed that as long as Jiang Cheng was around, she could survive even the greatest difficulties.

Outside, in front of the campfire, Jiang Cheng struck out with his sword repeatedly, patiently practicing his sword.

His way of attacking was completely without any rules. He just attacked as easily as he could repeatedly.

After an unknown period of time, the sky was already slightly bright. The omnipresent cold aura seemed to have begun to ebb.

Jiang Cheng was already sweating profusely. After practicing his sword technique for a while, he felt that his body was dehydrated before he stopped.

After taking a short rest, he was about to take advantage of the fact that the sky was not completely bright to collect some materials when his ears suddenly twitched.

Vaguely, he seemed to hear voices and there seemed to be a fire in the distance. His expression changed slightly and he hurriedly called out,” Get up quickly. Someone is coming. We have to leave immediately! ”

Tong Xiaorou and Yaya, who had just fallen asleep in the tree hole, were awakened.

Jiang Cheng waved his hand and put away the campfire. The area under the tree instantly fell into darkness.

Just then, Tong Xiaorou crawled out with Yaya in her arms.

Jiang Cheng put away his long sword, took Yaya, and pulled Tong Xiaorou away in the opposite direction of the voice.

Not long after the three of them left, a group of people with torches, swords, and rifles rushed over.

“It’s just ahead. There was a huge commotion last night…”

A group of people quickly approached. They were Elmwood Camp settlers. When they got closer, they noticed the messy ground and broken trees, illuminated by dozens of torches.

“Whoa, must have been some serious Evolvers to cause this destruction. At least Rank 3 or 4, maybe even higher.”

“I don’t think even a Rank 4 Evolver could do this. The damage looks like it’s from someone at least Rank 5. You can see the treetops exploding without any sign of a ground fight.”

“Rank 5?” Many of them gasped.

“What’s this?” A man came forward and checked a fallen branch. “There are some burn marks here. Hiss… They’re cold. Do you think it could be from the Glacifemina?”


The surrounding people looked at each other and suddenly stopped talking. They turned around and left the area quickly. Despite a few individuals noticing the hole under the giant tree nearby, nobody paid it any mind — they believed that the presence of Glacifemina in the vicinity would have rendered any occupants hopelessly doomed anyway.

The sky was already bright enough for them to see the ground clearly in the woods.

Jiang Cheng carried Yaya and ran with Tong Xiaorou for several kilometers before stopping. He looked behind and said, ” They haven’t caught up, but we can’t stop. Elmwood Camp settlers are going to kill us all. We have to leave this area. ”

“Okay, we’ll follow your lead,” Tong Xiaorou replied quickly. She didn’t have a strong opinion. Moreover, Jiang Cheng had changed, so she trusted him completely, and wherever he went, she would follow.

Jiang Cheng nodded and pulled out his long sword to continue leading the way.

After another three or four kilometers, the three of them spotted three guys coming from the side as they passed by a massive tree.

The first guy in the group had a steel knife, while the other two were carrying wooden spears. They all looked a bit taken aback when they noticed Jiang Cheng and the girls. However, their expressions quickly changed, and they were eyeing them up like prey.

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