After Reverse Transmigration, I Became the Four Arch-Enemies’ White Moonlight

After Reverse Transmigration, I Became the Four Arch-Enemies’ White Moonlight


16 Chapters Ongoing Status


Jin Yanliu, the man with divine facial features, mega-rich, is viral at the age of twenty.

One day, he finds out that he is actually living in a book called “Taking Turns to Dote on.” In the book, his body is the one that someone else’s soul will transmigrate into.

According to the plot, the soul will spend his money, enjoy his fame, and use his beauty—to seduce the four big shots within the story.


It wouldn’t matter if he didn’t know, but he’s got to fight back since he knows already!

As a result, Jin Yanliu set his eyes on the four big shots from the novel.

The first big shot: His step brother who looks mellow and calm on the outside but is actually sick and dark with paranoid and fanatical deviations.

The second big shot: his well-known archrival in the showbiz world.

The third big shot: The cautious leader of his anti-fans and has extreme fighting strength.

The fourth big shot: The tyrannical, cold blooded disabled bigshot who never experienced any warmth.

Jin Yanliu personally groomed them all to be his worst enemies.

After doing so, he set free his inner self, became unbridled with arrogance and squandered money. Soon, he went from the legend of the entertainment industry to the joke. Finally, he jumped into the river, just as the novel had foretold.

Transmigrate! Transmigrate! Better transmigrate fast so that you could receive this mess and be oppressed by these big shots!


Why isn’t he transmigrating?! Why?!

Befuddled, Jin Yanliu was quickly surrounded by the big shots.

They stared at him with red eyes filled with hatred, yet they couldn’t help but yearn for him.

F*ck. A bit too exciting, this is.

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