After The Infrastructure Game,I Became The Creator

After The Infrastructure Game,I Became The Creator


6 Chapters Ongoing Status


The end of the world came, the land was barren and food was scarce. The nightmare beasts destroyed the earth and hunted the living. Living had become the luxury of all things. And when the world fell into the abyss of despair, a miracle suddenly appeared.

The messenger generously rescued the living creatures, hunted the nightmare beasts, and established the last pure land in the last days.

Humans called it – the city of hope. — The socially anxious He Fang had been in his house for three years, and his daily business was to eat, sleep and play games.

One day He Fang suddenly went out and found that there were very few people on the street, and all were handsome men and women.

Suddenly a ragged beggar rushed out, hugged his leg and cried: “Lord, please let me stay.”

Socially Anxious He Fang didn’t know what to do, and hastily pulled up the kneeling beggar and fled the scene of the crime. Behind him, the beggar looked at He Fang’s departing back, he was touched by the Creator, it was like getting purified. The crowd looked at the beggar with envy and jealousy. “Lucky guy, to have gotten the Creator’s mercy!”

“Let him work for me, with him, maybe I’ll have a chance to get the Creator’s gaze.”

Back in the house He Fang cried and ordered a milk tea to comfort his wounded heart.

The Main Lord had mercy on the world, accepting the humble to worship and harvest faith. However, the perfect Main Lord wore a yellow takeaway uniform when no one was around, and his fierce beast became a small tram. The takeaway car with two small wheels ran fast to deliver to the creator.

The Main Lord looked in the rearview mirror, combing his long blonde hair, as he worriedly asked the beast: do I look good today? Can I attract the Creator and start a delivery boy love story?

A few moments later he returned, filled with disappointment: he didn’t see me, he asked me to put the take-out outside again ooooooooooooooo.

— He Fang opened the infrastructure game he had been playing for three years — the doomsday city-building.

The statue of the main lord within the game was crying.

He Fang: “Is this some kind of quest? Is there another disaster somewhere? Or did the nightmare beasts attack the humans again?”

Mandatory quest: comfort the weeping Lord (please offer your precious kiss to soothe the Main Lord).

He Fang climbed up to the huge statue, stood on its shoulder, put his hands on its cheeks and kissed the corners of its eyes.

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