Fu Tu Ta

Fu Tu Ta

Forbidden Love 浮图塔

8 Chapters Ongoing Status


Xiao Duo is a eunuch who serves as Admiral Dong Chang who is known for being brutal and cruel in executing palace criminals. He helped King Fu ascend the throne to become Emperor.

At King Fu’s request, she saves Yin Lou, the late emperor’s concubine, and arranges for her to become the new Empress. Due to the unstable political situation, Yin Lou stays at Xiao Duo’s residence temporarily.

Both have their own past and understand each other. Initially Xiao Duo forced her to become Empress to repay her services but Yin Lou never wanted to become Empress and wished not to enter the palace.

A trip to Jiangnan brings the two closer and begins a forbidden love. Things are getting more complicated and one mistake can lead to death.

Moreover, Emperor Fu who was crazy about Yin Lou was worried that Xiao Duo’s influence as Admiral Dong Chang was too great to endanger his throne.

For the sake of the greater good, Yin Lou sacrificed himself and decided to enter the palace. He let Xiao Duo misunderstand him. The two people who initially fell in love must now endure pain and suffering.

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